What Tool Do Mechanics Use To Remove Lug Nuts?

A mechanic’s life is full of all sorts of tasks, some boring and some very exciting. One of the most interesting parts of being a mechanic is lug nut removal.

Do you know what tool mechanics use to remove lug nuts? The best tool for removing lug nuts is an impact wrench.

If you mostly find yourself engaged in auto repair or DIY projects that include tightening and loosening nuts and bolts, you are likely to know the rough moments for your hand.

Consider the handheld tool designed to do quick work to task, sparing you a great deal of strain. Moreover, you can also find different versions of the same tool, like the cordless version or the corded tool.

However, homeowners prefer corded tools, whereas you will get more power from corded tools.

This article will help you understand helpful mechanics and tools to make tasks easy as well as smooth. So, let us dive right in!

Lug Nuts?

Which Tool is Right for Removing Lug Nuts & Why?

You can find hundreds of options to perform your task in the market, but with experience and experiment, we find the impact wrench the most reliable means to remove lug nuts.

Because of its durability and power, it is better and more robust than impact drivers for this task.

With the query like what tool mechanics use to remove lug nuts, people usually remain curious about why they use this specific tool. So, you must know that the best thing about the impact wrench is that it can provide up to 220lb-ft in torque.

It is powerful enough to loosen even the most challenging and rigid lug nuts. You can utilize an impact driver for this purpose, but an impact wrench is specifically designed to facilitate your task, and you will not have to put much effort to strain your joints.

Moreover, it helps to save time that you can invest in other tasks of the project.

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What Supporting tools are needed Mechanic use to Remove Lug Nuts?

These tools do not come in contact directly with nuts but play a crucial role in utilizing an impact wrench and other tools.

  • drive breaker bar
  • Diameter iron pipe
  • Nut extractor twist socket
  • 3 lb. hammer

How to do this?

Do you find singing impact wrench a daunting task? No, it is not. Using an impact wrench of any size is an easy task as it automatically rotates about its axis.

First of all, you are required to check the size of the car’s lug nuts and then read the manufacturer’s instructions to determine the torque it requires.

Then set the wrench according to the size. By placing it on the lug nut, it will rotate and will open immediately.

It saves the time and effort that you can invest in any other task. Moreover, you can not only take off the nuts but also put them back in their place.

Once tighten them with their hands, they use an impact wrench to fix it for them to the best. The impact wrench will produce the hammering motion to tighten the bolts.

Impact wrenches have a simple utilization process. If you still find any confusion, it comes with user instructions that will make your process easy and time-saving.

impact wrenches

What Size Impact Wrench do you Need to Remove Lug Nuts?

A good and effective wrench for removing the lug nuts can be of ½-inches or ¾-inches. These two sizes provide enough torque to loosen the tightest lug nut without applying excessive force.

½-inch Lug Wrench

It can handle average-sized charts and provide good power and balance. That is the suitable answer of what tool mechanics use to remove lug nuts as it offers a good deal of consolation, and you may accomplish your task without applying a lot of effort and inflicting any harm to the lug nuts.

The general public likes a ½-inch wrench because it can be used in many one-of-a-kind tasks. Moreover, it is available in pistol grip form.

¾-inch Impact Wrench

This impact wrench also comes in a pistol grip shape. Moreover, you could locate them in unique incline shapes. Moreover, it is referred to as a butterfly wrench with a large, flat throttle paddle.

You can tilt the paddle on either aspect which allows you to alternate the direction. You do now not need to move it in the reverse direction.

The foremost aspect of this pneumatic lug wrench is that it provides access to the lug nut, even in small areas. But this length isn’t easy to find, but you can nonetheless get it with a bit of effort.

What Tool Do Mechanics Use To Remove Lug Nuts?

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How much force does it take to Remove a Lug Nut?

You require torque in between 80 to 100lb-feet to remove a lug nut from a vehicle’s wheel. It is the suitable pressure to place the nut in its location and tighten it enough so it will not pop out of its vicinity. Moreover, this force will not prevent it from coming out of its place when required.

If you tighten the lug nut with a lug wrench, do it until the driver ceases to rotate. After that, tighten it one extra round with an available wrench.

For example, a BMW car demands a force between 80 to 105lb per foot, whereas a ford needs around 165 lb.-ft.

The factor is that it is critical to examine the producer’s commands on tightening components. It is because crossing the tightening limit will harm your impact wrench as well as lug nuts.

Final Thought

As cars are a part of daily life, wheels usually become victims of brutal road circumstances and require repair or replacement. That is why people wonder what tool mechanics use to remove lug nuts.

The impact wrench is the best and most reliable suggestion that does not leave you on the way. It is powerful and robust enough to make your task easy and time-saving.

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