What Fuse to Pull To Disable a Car? The Best & Easiest Tips

There are various reasons you may want to immobilize your car using a fuse. Identifying the different fuses could save you from being stranded on the roadside. There are separate fuses valuable to disable a vehicle temporarily, but one of the easiest and safest ones is to pull out the fuel pump fuse. Other notable fuses include the ignition, engine control unit, and coil pack fuse.

Maybe you be trying to protect it from burglary, or someone gained unauthorized access to your, and you want to stop them. Perhaps you just want to know how to disable a car; our article digs to find answers to help you understand more about disabling a vehicle.

What Is the Easiest Way to Disable a Car?

Depending on your motive to disable a car, there are different ways to do it. The examples below illustrate the various options, some of which don’t require you to access the hood.What Fuse to Pull To Disable a Car

Remove the Car Battery

Removing the plugs from your battery is one of the easiest and most common methods to disable a car. Avoid using your hand as a safety measure.  That is because batteries contain corrosive components, and you may be injured in the process.Remove the Car Battery To Disable a Car

Some experts recommend disconnecting the negative then the positive terminal. Likewise, the reverse procedure is applicable when reconnecting.

Block the Exhaust Pipe

The exhaust pipe releases combusted air and allow room for fresh air to get into your car’s engine.  However, there will be no combustion and power generation when the exhaust blocks. You can use a baseball, tennis ball, or a sizeable potato. Often, the engine starts shortly then goes off later. Meanwhile, a prolonged blockage may impact your engine operations permanently.

Deflating the Tires

Blowing out the car tires is one of the easiest ways to disable a car temporarily. Twist the caps for the tire valves to release the air slowly. You can still drive a car with a flat tire, but it will damage the rim and the tire. In most cases, people do not do that.

What Can I Unplug to Make My Car Not Start?

Take Out the ECU Fuse

The engine control unit, also known as the engine control module, functions as the nervous system. The ECU is the brain of the engine and ensures it performances smoothly.Take Out the ECU Fuse to Make My Car Not Start

The ECU fuse is located in the power distribution fuse box. Use the fuse diagram often found on the hood to identify the fuse. A removed ECU fuse makes the car not start.

Remove the Fuel Pump Fuse

The fuel system transports fuel from the fuel tank to the engine cylinder. However, whenever you unplug the fuel fuse, you’ll temporarily hamper the car from starting.

The effect is that you’ll not hear the fuel pump run when you start the engine, and the engine will not start the car.

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Unplug the Spark Plugs Cables

Spark plugs wires distribute sparks to the plugs from the distribution coil. However, interfering with the spark plug system may result in damaging the car. Replacing spark plugs is also expensive and often is available in pairs.

Remove the Coil Multi-Pack Fuse

The multi-coil pack system is found within the ignition system. By disabling the multi-coil pack fuse, your car will not start.

Block the Air Filter

The engine requires air to circulate and generate power when combined with the fuel. But, when the air filter is clogged, you will not operate optimally and destabilize the engine’s operations.

Eventually, your car will not start. You may as well risk damaging your engine.

What Happens if I Remove the Ignition Fuse?

The car’s engine will fail to pick up, and all you hear is a click sound when igniting your key. The ignition fuse controls voltage transfer from the battery to the starter fuse.What Happens if I Remove the Ignition Fuse

You locate the fuse using either the car manual or the labeling component found on the fuse box lid. You can always consult a mechanic or manual to locate the ignition fuse.

Each vehicle is unique, and manufacturers will place the fuse box differently. Cars often have two fuse boxes located under the steering wheel and near the battery. Make sure your vehicle is switched off or gear set to parking mode.

Can a Fuse Stop Your Car From Running?

Yes. However, there are multiple fuses found in your car, and their functionality and make vary for each vehicle. Each electrical connection is connected to a fuse, and a broken fuse will stop your car from running.

How can you deal with this? Locate the fuse box in your car. Inspect the various fuses using the vehicle owner’s manual. Check out for a blown or damaged fuse. Using a fuse puller, extract the spoilt fuse and find a replacement.


Every car usually has a fuse box, but their location is often different. You may need to examine your vehicle and understand the various fuses.

Unplugging your car fuses may harm your electrical system. Consult a mechanic whenever you are unsure before removing a fuse.

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