What Does a Service Suspension System Mean?

If you are a lover or owner of a car, you may have heard about the service suspension system. Sometimes it may be from the repairman who tells you the suspension system is faulty or from a friend or colleague. A service suspension system is an essential component of every vehicle. Your air suspension system is an essential component of your car and needs as much attention as the other parts.

This article contains all you need to know about this integral part of a vehicle that has multiple functions.

What is Service Suspension System?

The service suspension system, or the steering and suspension system, is a collection of different parts that function to maintain the stability of a car’s direction, overall driving performance, and driving comfort. The system works to help drivers get a grip of the vehicle’s control while going. The suspension system converts forward energy from road bumps into vertical energy, which moves along the vehicle’s frame. Several components, including the shock absorber and coil springs, help reduce the road’s impact on the car.What is Service Suspension System

The suspension system can wear down due to erratic, off-road, or everyday driving; hence, you need to replace your suspension system’s components regularly. Low power steering oil, loose or lousy steering pumps, leaking power steering rack, and worn-out control arm bushing are some reasons for inadequate suspension systems. Some signs make you know that your suspension system is not working correctly.

When your car begins to pull towards one side, or you notice defects on your steering at lower speeds, your suspension system could be having issues. Also, if you experience rough and unstable rides, stiff steering wheels, and shakes on your reels, it could be due to a faulty suspension system.

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What Does It Mean When Your Car Says Faulty Suspension System?

When your car says you have a faulty suspension system, you may need suspension service. You can get your suspension serviced at any trusted local auto parts dealer close to you. When your car warns you of a faulty suspension service, it tries to avoid future breakdowns that often lead to more damage to other car parts. So when you see that notification, do not hesitate to hit the auto parts store for a quick fix.

What Does Service Air Suspension System Mean?

The air suspension system comprises height sensors, four bags at each wheel, and an air compressor. Each time you start your vehicle, the air suspension system quickly checks the bags for leaks. When you see the air suspension warning light, it means the compressor isn’t supplying as much air as it should, or there is a leak in one or more airbags.What Does a Service Suspension System Mean

If your airbags aren’t working, you need to be careful on rough roads and bumps because the suspension won’t deal with impacts properly. Furthermore, if the compressor isn’t working and the bags are not inflated, you should park the car until it is repaired.

How Do I Know if My Air Suspension System Is Bad?

The easiest way to know if your air suspension system is faulty is to check the dashboard for the warning system. You will also notice that your car no longer absorbs shocks after impacts with bumps or bad roads.

What Are the Implications of Driving a Car With Faulty Air Suspension?

Driving a car with a faulty air suspension system has various implications. First, you will not enjoy the drive since the suspension system cannot absorb impacts from bad roads and other road abnormalities. Aside from your drive being bumpy, you risk getting injured should your car be involved in an accident.What Are the Implications of Driving a Car With Faulty Air Suspension

When your car’s air suspension is not functioning correctly, the best thing to do is park the vehicle until you’ve got the issue resolved. There is no need to take risks that may lead you to some serious repercussions.

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How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Faulty Suspension System?

The price for each suspension system varies per brand, and it also depends on the component you are changing. Shocks, coils, airbags, and other parts all have varying prices. Similarly, where you choose to replace the components also plays a part in determining the overall price.


The service suspension system comprises many systems that ensure a seamless drive. The system provides directional stability, comfort, and balance for drivers. While many components make up the suspension system, servicing ensures each part works fine. These parts are easily replaced and can be done at local auto repair outlets.

You can replace the electronic struts or air springs/shocks using a conversion kit that includes conventional coil steel springs. Replacement is always the key to a faulty suspension system. Although you could use your vehicle in that condition, it is not advisable.

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