What Cars Have The Most Expensive Catalytic Converters?

The cost of replacing catalytic converters is prohibitively expensive. Unfortunately, they degrade so frequently that you have to replace them eventually. So, if you plan to buy a car and evaluate maintenance costs, add a significant amount for the replacement of catalytic converters. One more headache is catalytic converter theft.

Let’s jump in a little deep to know what cars have the most expensive catalytic converters.

What Is a Catalytic Converter?

The part of the exhaust system that reduces emissions is known as a catalytic converter. On the face, it functions a little like a muffler, but the internal structure makes all the difference.

What Is a Catalytic Converter

On the inside, there is a honeycomb-like filter with-in precious metal. All the emissions pass through this filter, react with the catalyst, and become less toxic to the environment. Moreover, they can choke if your car emits too much CO2.

Cars With the Most Expensive Catalytic Converters

A universal catalytic converter can be a good option to go with. A universal catalytic converter can fit in multiple cars. However, there are some car-specific converters in the market too. So if you have a question about what cars have the most expensive catalytic converters, let us have a look at them:

Cars With the Most Expensive Catalytic Converters

Ferrari F-430

For a long time, the crown of the most expensive catalytic converter belonged to the Ferrari F-430 and it still does.  The cost of an F-430’s most expensive catalytic converters is $3770 but wait! This car has two catalytic converters, therefore, shooting the price to almost $7500. All of these costs exclude labor costs.

Lamborghini Aventador

Although Lamborghini is a more reliable brand than Ferrari, their parts are cheaper than the rival supercar makers. However, one of the most expensive catalytic converters of Lamborghini Aventador can set you back $6500 without labor costs.

Ram 2500

Pickup trucks are famous for their rigidity and longevity. But, most of them come with a diesel engine that emits toxic gases. Therefore, only a heavy-duty catalytic converter can withstand the emissions. On the other hand, its costly catalytic converter can also fit the whole dodge Ram lineup.

This is why one of the most expensive catalytic converters of Dodge Ram 2500 costs just about $3500.

Ford F-250

The most costly catalytic converter of the Ford F-250 can cost you around $2800. Because the vehicle is massive heavy-duty, it needs a high-value catalytic converter to meet carbon emission regulations. You can also buy the most valuable catalytic converters in scrap.

Ford Mustang

Ford is famous for using high-quality catalytic converters in its vehicles. The catalytic converter price of the Ford Mustang is $1600, which is a significant discount from our prior picks. However, you can buy a used catalytic converter of Mustang for roughly $800-$1200 on the open market.

Their scrap catalytic converters can still bring in reasonable prices.

Only Precious Metals Can Be Used as a Catalyst

Sadly, precious metals like platinum, palladium, and rhodium are the only catalysts used in a catalytic converter. Each one of these metals is quite costly. Palladium costs far more than gold, at $2,332 per ounce, and platinum is currently priced at $1,135.

While extremely valuable, rhodium is quite unpredictable, with prices ranging from $10,000 to over $21,000 per ounce. A scrap catalytic converter is worthy only because of these metals.

Catalytic converters are designed to be as compact as possible and to use the precious metal in a small amount. These cost-cutting methods in the catalytic converter industry have limitations, and even a tiny quantity of these metals can be extremely costly.

Is There Any Way to Increase Catalytic Converter Supply

No, there is no means to increase the supply of the catalytic converter. Catalytic converters currently use more palladium than any other industry, accounting for a third of platinum generated each year. In order to put it another way, catalytic converters will not get any more affordable any time soon.

The only way to increase catalytic converter supply is to use catalytic converter scrap. A large quantity of stolen catalytic converters is sold on the black market. Some catalytic converters stolen from the cars are smuggled to other countries.

How to Knows When It Is the Time to Repair Catalytic Converter

Here are a few indicators that your catalytic converter may need to be replaced.

How to Knows When It Is the Time to Repair Catalytic Converter

Bad Fuel Economy

Not every time, but most of the time, when your car is giving a low fuel average, it is the fault of your catalytic converter. When an average catalytic converter dies, your vehicle’s emissions are free to flow from the exhaust pipe without any filtration.

This enables a heavy flow of emissions that eventually fuel combustion. Hence, your car starts to drink more gas and emit more gases. Even some of the most costly catalytic converters can cause bad fuel economy.

Check Engine Light

A malfunctioning catalytic converter is one of the concerns that will cause the “check engine” light to illuminate. The “check engine” light will display if the engine senses that the catalytic converter isn’t functioning correctly or catalyzing the exhaust gases properly.

What causes this to happen? Because the oxygen and air-fuel ratio monitors measure the gas concentration in the exhaust pipe, they monitor the catalytic converter’s performance.

Rattling Noise From the Exhaust Pipe

Different issues with your car might trigger a rattling noise, but it’s most likely your catalytic converter. Its mesh can crumble or split apart if it becomes severely damaged inside due to high fuel additives, where the rattling noise arises.

Can You Drive the Car Without Any Catalytic Converter?

Some states do not do emissions testing, and you can drive the car even if your converter fails. Other states, like California, have severe automobile emissions laws.

Failure to fix a faulty converter will almost certainly result in failed emissions check-in areas with these more demanding criteria.

Moreover, specific converters are built in such a way that if it fails, your vehicle’s exhaust passage will be reduced, possibly causing your engine to fail. Unless you really cannot afford a replacement, we don’t recommend anything like that.

Which Catalytic Converters Have the Highest Amount of Platinum?

Some owners sell catalytic converters as replacement parts for other vehicles. Many people would rather sell the precious metals found in this part. Catalytic converters commonly use 1.5 to 2 grams of palladium. Moreover, BMW catalytic converter is known to have the highest amount of platinum.

Which Catalytic Converters Have the Highest Amount of Platinum

For some premium segment vehicles, twin catalytic converters are required. As a result, in these particular situations, owners will earn substantially from the sale of their precious metals.

Of course, selling these precious minerals from a catalytic converter is not simple. There must be a precise and stable method for separating palladium from the other metals.

Some ways are too difficult and costly for an average person to use. This is why many are hesitant to sell palladium or platinum because of the lengthy process necessary to obtain them.

Therefore, big companies hunt out a large quantity of palladium for future catalytic parts in the automotive market. This large-scale buying of this material cannot continue forever. There isn’t enough palladium on the planet to keep automobiles running forever.

There might be more cost-effective and efficient ways to design a decent catalytic converter. Likewise, platinum is readily available for a fraction of the price of palladium. Furthermore, its performance is highly effective for many modern cars of today.

In either case, large-scale manufacturing reconfiguration will require billions of dollars. This entire process also takes a long time to complete.

As a result, several major manufacturers are exploring better alternatives to platinum and palladium today.

Is There Any Gold Content in the Catalytic Converter?

Catalytic converters are not built of gold. The size of the catalytic converters varies widely depending on the vehicle type. But on average, the converter weighs slightly under 1 kg, and the precious metal proportion is between 0.2 and 0.5 %.

What Are the Catalytic Converter Prices of a Prius?

Toyota catalytic converters are relatively cheaper. Since the Toyota Prius catalytic converter has more rhodium, palladium, and platinum than other cars, it is among the most popular models for catalytic converter thefts. A brand new one costs roughly $2000.


If you were looking for what cars have the most expensive catalytic converters, we hope you now have your answer.

A catalytic converter is undoubtedly an expensive part, but it seems priceless if you consider its functionality. Catalytic converters protect our already toxic environment from getting even worse by filtering out harmful gases.

Even if your state does not have any emission rules, we suggest you be a responsible citizen and install a catalytic converter.

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