Types of Subwoofers for Cars- Everything You Need to Know

There is no need to introduce the word subwoofer and the device. Every music lover knows the device as a part of enjoying music. The main difference between the factory sound system and the subwoofer is the delivery of quality sound. Subwoofers are designed to reduce low frequencies of the sound by which the sound feels with very deep bass and becomes more enjoyable.

This device is very common in all car music systems now a days. This is because of the enhanced sound quality inside the car. Considering the installation procedure and size, there are a few types of subwoofers for cars in the market. The right type of subwoofer may be the best one for your car. Let’s have a look at the types of subwoofers.

Types of Subwoofers for Cars:

The main purpose of the car subwoofer is to deliver deep bass by reducing low-frequency sound. All types of car subwoofers do the same purposes. But the music lovers want the best quality sound and find tinny differences during their selection. We have, therefore, categorized the subwoofers into two types according to the installation procedures. The types are:

  • Active Subwoofers
  • Passive Subwoofers

Let’s have a detailed discussion on the types of subwoofers.

Active Subwoofers:

This type of subwoofer is also known as the powered subwoofer and is commonly used in car subs. This subwoofer has an in-built amplifier and is available in one sub box. The built-in amplifier takes less power from the receiver to deliver the output sound.

The installation process of this subwoofer system is also very easy; just connect it to the car power system and same the sound system or pre-amp.

Active subwoofers are generally larger in size and take a lot of car space, therefore, it set up in the trunk of the car or inside the car which has enough space inside. If you have a fewer space in your car, this type of subwoofer is not perfect for you.

On the other hand, this type of subwoofer is more expensive than other types.

The remarkable side of this system is you need not buy an external amplifier for this subwoofer and the overall cost also balances for the reason. The system is also very easy to install; you do not need an expert to install the system, you can install it yourself.

Standard Subwoofer:

This subwoofer is also known as the passive subwoofer. In this system, there are external amplifiers and speakers. The amplifier uses the power of the car to generate the output sound.

The standard subwoofer needs less space to set up inside the car. The system doesn’t come with an enclosure and this is why it needs limited space. You can fit the speakers in car doors, front panels, or back dash.

The standard subwoofer is a little harder to install. The speakers of this system are like regular speakers. You can use the car sound system to play the speakers but to get the best quality sound and bass you can use an external amplifier in the system. There are good sides as well as bad effects of the system. The good sides are:

  • You will get great sound quality with the system.
  • You can use more speakers to get better or louder sound.
  • You will get the deepest, tightest, and most accurate bass in this system.
  • You can easily fit its speakers at the car doors, back dashes.
  • The bad side of the system we found are:
  • The system uses more power of the car and ultimately creates more pressure on the car battery.
  • The amplifier of this system takes more power of the car sound system and this may affect the car audio system.
  • The installation process of this system is not as easy as an active subwoofer system and you need experts to install it accurately.
  • Passive subwoofer system costs a little higher.

Passive subwoofer systems may also have many types according to their installation process. We have also find the following types of the system as follow:

Subwoofers for Cars

Car Factory-Made Subwoofer:

This type of subwoofer system comes with the car according to the type, model, and specification of the car. In short, the system is the in-built subwoofer system of the car. You do not need to install any external or internal accessories in this system. Just play the audio system and get the output of the subwoofer system.

As it comes with the car, this system does not hamper the car battery or any other parts. But, music lovers do not always get satisfied with the in-built subwoofer system and this system can not deliver high-quality output sound or bass as expected. Whatever, the system is widely used because of the reduced hassle of installation.

Bass Tubes Subwoofer:

This system is very perfect use the limited space of the car. In this system, a tube is enclosed with the speakers to make smooth bass of the speakers, and the tubes are set inside the car using the gap spaces of the car properly.

Shallow mount subwoofer:

This type of subwoofer system is very attractive and is very popular with music lovers. The system is set at the tight spaces of the car like under the car seat or back dash. The sallow mount subwoofer system is not easy to install and needs experts for installation.

According to the size of the subwoofer here are also a few other types as follow:

inch Subwoofers:

This type of subwoofer comes from the range 6-inch to 6.5-inch. This size is the smallest among the sizes available in the market. For its smaller size, this size subwoofer system is very easy to install on the door of the car or at any other tinny space.

8-inch Subwoofers:

This size of subwoofer system is very popular and widely used in the car. You may have all the required sound output in this system. This system delivers tight and accurate bass.

10-inch Subwoofers:  

To have deep sound bass, the 10-inch subwoofer is very perfect. Because of the size, this system is very popular and widely used in the car audio system.

12-inch Subwoofers:  

For more bass and higher quality sound, the 12-inch subwoofer is ideal. You will have higher quality sound and deep bass in this system. This system is a little larger but delivers awesome output sound. A detailed description of the 12 inch subwoofer will guide you to get the best sound system.

There are also 15-inch and 18-inch subwoofers and customized systems are available but these systems need more car space and only a few people use the systems in their cars.

Types of car Subwoofers 


Subwoofers deliver a higher quality sound and music lovers can not think of their cars without a subwoofer in their car. The types above are the details of the subwoofer system available in the market and you can select the right type according to your car specification and taste of music.

We warn you to take the assistance of an expert if you do not have sound knowledge to install an audio system. A simple mistake may damage the whole audio system and the car battery.

Hope the types of system will guide you to make you select the right system for your car and will please you with the quality bass.

Enjoy music, enjoy bass.

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