List of Truck Bed Accessories and Their Usage (Beginner’s Guide)

When you purchase a truck, you may notice that there are many different accessories that you can add to it, especially on the bed.

These accessories may not only help you; they will keep any valuable that you are carrying in the bed protected and safe.

But if you are entirely new to truck accessories, this may be the article to help you.

Most Popular Bed Accessories & Usage

Today, we bring a list of the most popular accessories for your truck’s bed that will not only prove useful, they will also make your vehicle look impressive and more complete.

So, stick with us! I’m sure that you won’t love to miss some of the items on the list.

  • Tonneau Covers

This might be the most common and versatile accessory on the list. This is not a simple cover that you install on the top of the bed, there is much more to it.

To begin with, this can be a great accessory if you need to carry stuff that you don’t want to get wet or full of dust.

It will also keep them safe from thieves, since you may need to open the tailgate with the truck key before you can open the cover.


But the feature that makes it unique and popular is that it may save you a few bucks. Yeah, sounds crazy right?

Well, it is pretty logical when explained.

Without a cover, the truck’s bed may create drag since air might get stuck there while driving. But with a Tonneau cover, the airflow goes smoothly over the vehicle.

This translates to reduced drag, and a decrease in gas usage.

An average truck can save up to 250$ in gas a year, which is a lot if you sincerely consider how much money you spend on gas.

  • Bed Extenders 

If you need extra space to haul things, this is the perfect accessory for you.

There is a large variety of bed extenders that are used to haul many different items. You don’t need to have them attached at all times.

Whenever you need to carry or drag something that extends out of your bed, lock it on with the clamp or latch included and drive off.

If you have a truck with a small bed, this will be a good purchase. It is most likely that if you have a small vehicle, you don’t haul big stuff every day.

So the fact that these extenders can be attached in a matter of minutes without much effort makes the ideal accessory.

  • Cargo Ladder

You may already know how hard it is to get in and out of the truck’s bed, especially if the truck has a high suspension.

If you usually have stuff on top of the bed that is difficult to get down because of the height or the weight of the package, don’t worry!

This will help you solve that problem. It is a foldable ladder that can be attached to the sides of the bed or the end of the tailgate.

To use it, just unfold it and secure it to the floor, so it does not wiggle as you go down.

This will also help you reduce the strength that you need to input on the package to bring it down since you can have a better posture when grabbing it.

  • Drawer System

This may be by far the coolest looking accessory on the list. These drawers will come out of the end of the bed, and they are pretty long so you can hold a lot of stuff in them.


A lot of people use them to store tools or any hardware for construction, but it can be used for clothes or food.

Yes, I just said food!

You’d be impressed with what some people can do with these drawers. In some cases, people would bake or cook food and showcase it on these drawers.

However, the only drawback to quote about this is the price. They might be a bit expensive, but it would worth it if you give these drawers a good use.

  • Saddle Bags

Last but not least, are the saddlebags. These may seem like a simple attachment, but if you give them the right use, you may find a unique way of storing things.

These are mounted on the rails of the bed and are not very distinguishable if you see the truck from behind.

They can take a substantial amount of weight for their size, and they are in most cases weatherproof.

Many huntsmen and construction workers use these since they can access specific tools or equipment in a fast and organized manner.

But in reality, with a bit of imagination, anyone can find a good use for these.


Amazing right?

And these are only the most familiar ones!

You’d be impressed by how many attachments you can have on your truck. But in the end, what matters the most is that you find everything useful, without ruining the aesthetic of your truck.

Did we miss any item? Please, let us know in the comment section!

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