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As you know, gas prices have risen a lot and saving a few bucks here, and there will not damage your economy.

One of the things on which you may spend more money is gas, especially if you have a truck.

What if I let you know that you can save gas and money by purchasing a simple Tonneau cover?

Rumor has it that a Tonneau cover will help you save money; thanks to the effect that this has on your truck. But does it truly elevate the gas mileage?

Stick with us, and you will find out every detail about this!

Why Should You Buy a Tonneau Cover?

If you just purchased a truck, you should look for all the possible accessories that you could add to it. In most cases, the best accessory that you can buy is a bed cover.

This will not only be able to protect whatever you are carrying on the bed, but it will also help you improve your fuel consumption.

There have been a variety of tests that prove that adding a bed cover to a truck will save you plenty of gas in the long run. As you may know, trucks can consume a lot of gas.

If you just recently bought a truck, you may want to measure how much you can drive with a specific amount of gas, so you have a better idea of your truck’s overall gas consumption.

Why Should You Buy a Tonneau Cover

A Tonneau cover will also help you protect all the stuff that you carry on the truck’s bed from rain or dust (as long as your things fit on the bed while the cover on).

Another perk of having a Tonneau cover is that it reduces drag so that you will have a smoother drive.

This may sound a bit ridiculous but think of it. The wind is no longer “holding your truck back,” so as long as your truck is in excellent conditions, you will feel it smoother on the highway.

Will I Save Money If I Buy A Tonneau Cover?

Well, it is not a rumor or a myth. Many experts have proven in many cases that a Tonneau cover will save you some gas. Maybe with some truck models, you’ll save more than with others, but you will save a few bucks nonetheless.

On the most part, this will depend on which kind of truck you have, and the size and type of the bed cover.

Most trucks are designed to be aerodynamic, which allows air to flow evenly over all the vehicle. This means that there will little to no drag in the front part of the vehicle.

The problem begins when we get to the bed!

In most vehicles, the drag created by the bed is enough to cancel the aerodynamic design of the front of it.

Will I Save Money If I Buy A Tonneau Cover

The truck bed will reduce the airflow since most of it will get caught on the inside of it. The most efficient solution to this would be to open the back of the truck, but if you are carrying something, this would not be the best idea.

Here’s where the Tonneau cover comes to play. The cover will help you eliminate any drag since it will allow constant airflow through all parts of the car.

You must take into account that you should look for the right cover for your truck as well since some of them will work better than others.

The bigger the truck, the bigger the bed, and a bigger bed means a more significant drag. This means that if you have a big truck, you will save a bit more money than with a smaller model.

Smaller models will also save gas since the Tonneau cover will reduce drag. But these models also consume less gas, so you may not feel that much of a difference.

An average truck driver can save up to 250$ a year, which is a lot when you come to think of it. This represents 7 to 10% of your truck’s gas consumption according to many studies.

Is There Any Proof That This Works? 

You may already know this, but many professional truck drivers work along a large group of engineers to create an aerodynamic and durable truck. And as you may notice, most of these trucks have no bed or have a cover on top of it.

These allow drivers to experience a reduced drag and smoother handling of the vehicle.

Think of it, as high-speed air may start to gather at the bed of the truck, and at one point this may create a force that may cause the front wheels to elevate from the floor.

Bottom Line

There are numerous reasons as to why you should get a Tonneau cover for your truck. It will not only keep your stuff safe, but it will also help you save a few bucks, that with the prices of gas nowadays, can come in handy.

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