Does Using Car Heater Waste Gas? – Improve Gas Mileage

Does Your Car Heater Waste Gas

With skyrocketing gas prices around the globe, everyone is looking for a fuel-efficient car. If not fuel-efficient, everyone is looking for tips to maximize their gas mileage so they won’t have to spend extra money at gas stations. A car’s heating mechanism and gas consumption are a big concern for such people. But should you …

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How to Jump a Starter Relay?

How to Jump a Starter Relay

When igniting a vehicle, it involves various parts and among them is a starter relay. This is a small important component found in your car’s starting system. Moreover, the starter relay behaves like an electrical circuit breaker or circuit completer between the starter motor and the car’s battery. At other times the starter relay acts …

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Does Synthetic Oil Burn?

Does Synthetic Oil Burn

You look under your car bonnet to find black smoke belching out. Does synthetic oil burn, or is it just your imagination? Well, it is not just you. Synthetic oil can burn just like normal oil but with a higher smoke point. Since synthetic oils are thinner than conventional oils, they can burn and blow …

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How to Fix a Brake Line: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Fix a Brake Line Quick

Tinkering with your car’s brake line can seem daunting — you don’t want to make a mistake that could put you and your loved ones in danger the next time you hit the open road. But if you take it one step at a time and follow a reliable guide, repairing a brake line can …

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How Much Do Cars Cost to Make?

How Much Do Cars Cost to Make

Car manufacturers keep sensitive manufacturing costs to themselves to avoid competition. Therefore, regular customers can’t know for sure how much do cars cost to make. Still, industry reports and other figures may help create an accurate estimation. You can build a Toyota cheaper than a Lamborghini. Like other commodities, the higher the quality is, the …

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Can Low Oil Cause a Car To Shut Off?

Can Low Oil Cause a Car To Shut Off

Car engines comprise the necessary components to make a car work. Engine oil (also called motor oil) is used in many pieces of machinery to lubricate metal moving parts. It also helps reduce heat produced by the moving components. When the oil runs low, it can cause a vehicle to shut off. But first, what …

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How to Remove Crankshaft Pulley Bolt Without an Impact Gun?

How to Remove Crankshaft Pulley Bolt Without an Impact Gun

If you’re a car enthusiast, you probably know the frustration of trying to remove a crankshaft pulley bolt without an impact gun – it can be an absolute nightmare! But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. In this blog post, we’ll show you exactly how to remove that pesky bolt and get on with your …

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How Much Does A Carburetor Cost?

How Much Does A Carburetor Cost

Although carburetors are phasing out of advanced vehicles, many older ones still depend on this traditional engine unit to work well. A damaged or failed carburetor affects driving and may also reduce fuel economy. It can also potentially lead to more engine problems down the line. If you are looking for effectiveness, absolute performance, or …

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How Long Can A Mechanic Keep My Car? [Answered]

How Long Can A Mechanic Keep My Car

Are you a car owner asking yourself, “How long can a mechanic keep my car?” Well, the good news is that you are not alone. Many vehicle owners question how long their automobile may remain at the mechanic’s workshop or whether their vehicle can stay at the garage overnight — unfortunately, no one-size-fits-all answer for …

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