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If you own a Tonneau cover, you may know that it is vital to ensure it is waterproof.

After all, if you are driving a truck, there is a huge probability that you carry something in the back that you don’t want to get wet. Right?

Sadly, not all bed covers are completely waterproof. Because of this, many people have taken the matter into their own hands and added a few features to make them entirely (or almost entirely) waterproof.

Because of this, we bring a few tips that you could use to make your bed cover a bit more waterproof than it already is.

Keep reading since you may be surprised by some of these tips!

How to Fix Any Leaks on My Tonneau Cover

Most Tonneau covers come with a seal or a rubber side to keep water from entering the bed, but these seals are not enough in most cases.

Even with multiple seals, water will filter eventually, but there are a few solutions to this.

Water Pipe Insulation

This may be one of the most popular solutions since it is so fast and economical to install on your truck. In most scenarios, water may filter through a gap or unsealed space.

Because of this, you may want to find a way to seal these gaps yourself.

These water pipes are made from rubber, and you can find them in almost all hardware stores.

These are usually pre-slit and may also have some adhesive on the edges, making them easier to install.

They are pretty cheap and easy to use. You need to adjust them under the edges of wherever the water is filtering, and as soon as you cover the bed, you will see how these pipes create a secure and tight seal with the cover.

Extra Seals

This can be a fast and straightforward solution if the leakage is not that big. You will have to add a few more seals to the space where the water is leaking.

You can discover these in any hardware store, and they come in various sizes. Remember that a big seal may not be the best option in any scenario.

If the seal is too big, it may move the seals around it, leading to more leaks.

Bed Seal Kits 

These kits are, without a doubt, the best option in most cases. They have everything you need to completely seal and waterproof your truck’s bed.

It has everything from extra seals to foam blocks that will help you seal the underside of the bed rails.

You may have to look a bit more to find these, but once you find them, you won’t need anything else to fix any leakage.

Bed Seal Kits

They have an instruction manual, which will guide you through the process.

Some of these kits also include a drainage system. This is a great plus since they help dispose of the water that may begin to gather on certain parts of the bed.

Nonetheless, their only drawback is that they are a bit more expensive.

But in the end, they are worth those extra bucks if it means that it will keep the inside of the bed completely dry.

Tests to Check If the Cover is Completely Sealed Or Not

Once you are finished fixing all the unsealed parts of your truck’s bed, you might want to test them.

Mostly because you don’t want to be caught off guard the next time you drive through a storm or heavy rain.

Because of this, you were testing them just after you have finished may be a great way to ensure that what you did works.

To begin with, you could try looking for any parts where the sun filters through.

Park your truck outside on a sunny day and close the cover. If any space is not covered, the light will penetrate through, and the trunk inside will not be as dark.

The problem is that you see it from outside with the tailgate unlocked, which means that your eye can deceive you.

But don’t worry, since there is a way to be entirely sure, but if you are claustrophobic, you won’t like it.

To be sure there is no light filtering, you may want to get a look at the inside when everything is closed. To do this, you could climb under the bed cover and have someone else close the tailgate.

If it’s dark to the point where you can’t see your hand, we are good, and your cover is completely waterproof.

If not, you may have to continue working on patching those gaps.

Another way you could try this is a bit simpler, but if you fix the gaps, you might have a lot to clean. You’d have to throw water on top of the cover and see if it keeps the inside clean.

Ensure the water is disposed of correctly and does not gather on the cover. This may lead to stains or ruined seals; you sure don’t want that.

Bottom Line

These are just a few tips that may assist you in stopping your Tonneau cover from leaking.

Bear in mind that users have combined a few of these tips to ensure that nothing filters on the bed, even dust. So, go ahead and get creative!

Let us know in the comments if we missed something! Or, if you found this piece helpful, share it with your fellow people. Cheers!

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