Why Does My Steering Wheel Shaking And Making Noise?

A common car problem is that the steering wheel starts to shake or create odd noises.

There are many reasons why your steering wheel may be shaking, vibrating, rattling, or making strange noises. We will have a glance at some of them below;

Steering Fluid Issue

If your car emits a squealing noise every time you turn the wheel, it could just be that there is no power steering fluid in the vehicle. Otherwise, the vehicle’s fluid is overused and needs to be flushed out and replaced.

Power steering fluid transfers power from the steering rack in a car to your hands on the wheel. This fluid is essential to keeping your vehicle’s steering rack in working condition.

Steering Fluid Issue

If the steering rack – also known as the rack and pinion – breaks, it can cost upwards of one thousand five hundred dollars to be fixed.

If your car’s steering wheel is shaking vigorously when you drive, it is essential to find the problem and solve it ASAP.

This is probably your issue if the wheel shakes at moderate speeds but not at faster speeds. Simply leaving it can create much bigger problems which means more money.

Tire Issue | The Most Common

The most common reason a steering wheel would be shaking is that the tires are out of alignment. This may be because you are using cheap tires.

You have had your tires for too long and need a replacement, or the tires could be at different pressure levels.

If you plan to buy cheap tires, you may think you are saving money, but in reality, cheaper tires will need to be replaced more often than premium tires which can cost you hundreds of dollars.

If your tires are old or worn out, the car will lose traction to the ground and force the engine to work harder, which uses more gas and creates more wear and tear on the engine.

Tire Issue

This will create many expenses for you later in the life of your automobile and may also have something to do with the car’s brake rotors.

The brake pad squeezes the brake rotor to stop the car from moving. If you are feeling your car shake whenever you step on the brakes, this is likely the issue.

And, if this is your issue, then it is one-hundred-percent crucial that you have your car checked out.

Although it is possible to continue to drive with worn-down brake rotors, it can cause the brakes to be much less effective or even completely useless.

This will lead to accidents that can wreck the car or lead to injury and even death.

Brake Callipers Issue

Brake calipers can also cause a similar effect. Brake calipers act as pistons that push the brake pads against the brake rotors every time the brakes are engaged.

If your car starts to shake more and more as the car goes faster and faster and there is a burning smell after a little while, then it is probably because a brake caliper is stuck in the engaged position.

When the brake caliper is stuck in the engaged position, it is permanently pushed against the brake rotor even when the wheels spin.

The constant friction will destroy the entire braking system in the car if this problem is not dealt with quickly.

Replacing the entire braking system can cost well over five hundred dollars.

Steering Rack Issue

If your car is making noise and shaking when you turn the wheel, it may be the steering rack. If your car has a hard-to-turn steering wheel, a grinding noise when turning, or is leaking power steering fluid. This is most likely your issue.

The steering rack connects to the pinion, which connects to and turns the wheels. Unfortunately, replacing a broken or faulty steering rack can cost upwards of one thousand dollars.

Although this is expensive, every car must have a functional steering rack since the steering wheel may lock up without a proper steering rack, and you would lose all control over the car.

This is dangerous as you could get stuck in a big metal tin can traveling at high speeds.


A shaky or noisy steering wheel can be attributed to many problems. Unfortunately, none of these problems is small enough to be ignored entirely.

Most of these problems require the help of a certified professional as they can be extremely complicated to solve.

If you or someone that you know has an issue with their vehicle, make sure to get it checked out, or else it may come back in the future to haunt you.

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