Spray In Vs Drop In Bedliner: Who Wins?

Are you considering getting a bedliner for your pickup truck? Weighing the options between spray in and drop in bedliners? Let’s discuss the pros and cons of each, so you can make an informed decision.

Spray-in Bedliners: This type of bedliner is formed with a special process. Pressure is applied to an application gun to spray a liquid mixture into all the crevices of your truck bed. It forms a layer of protection over the entire area. This includes sides, floors, tailgate edges, and any other areas that come in contact with payloads during transport.

Drop-In Bedliner: Drop-In Bedliner offers more protection from scratching or chipping of painted surfaces. It is a thicker plastic liner with channels for drainage, ribs for skid resistance, pockets for excess weight distribution, and raised surfaces for cargo convenience. It is also designed better to absorb shocks from impacts. For example, using elevated mud flaps or other wall structures.

Drop in bed liner

Benefits of Spray-in Bedliners

Spray-in bedliners provide top-notch protection for vehicles. They’re more resilient than drop-ins, and have better defense against weather. Plus, they can be tailored to any make and model, achieving a superior fit compared to drop-ins. Let’s take a closer look at all the advantages a spray-in bedliner has!

  • Resilience: Spray-in bedliners are more resistant to wear and tear than drop-ins.
  • Weather Protection: Spray-in bedliners provide better defense against weather.
  • Custom Fit: Spray-in bedliners can be tailored to any make and model, achieving a superior fit compared to drop-ins.


Spray in bed liner

Spray-in bedliner is known for its endurance. It creates a whole lining that covers the entire truck bed, which reduces the chances of splits and cracks that can happen with drop-in liners. It fits better, and won’t slide or move when you’re loading your stuff.

  • Plus, since it’s seamless, there’s no space for dirt, water, or grime to get in.
  • It’s also resistant to abrasives like sand, so it looks great for a long time.
  • Lastly, it’s easier to clean, as dirt can’t stick as much.


Spray-in bedliners offer ultimate customisation. They’re light and durable, making them perfect for those wanting to spruce up their truck beds or jeeps. The spray-in bedliner provides superior protection from damage, wear and weather. It forms a strong bond with the vehicle’s existing surface, preventing peeling, cracking and rusting. Plus, it can be easily coloured to fit your desired style. Get a custom look that makes your vehicle stand out!


Spray-in bedliners are designed to provide superior protection compared to drop-in liners. They are stronger, thicker and more durable than anything else available. Plus, they form a chemical bond with the bed of your truck. This means they won’t chip, scratch or crack due to extreme temperatures or rough cargo.

Spray-ins also have an incredible degree of abrasion resistance that drop-ins can’t match. Drop-ins can be scuffed and gouged over time, but spray-ins stay unscathed. Additionally, the bonding solution creates an airtight seal that safely contains any corrosive liquids in the cargo hold.

Benefits of Drop-in Bedliners

Drop-in bedliners are ideal for shielding your truck bed. They are simple to install, cost-efficient and can last a long time. They stop any debris and help protect the paint on your truck bed.

Let’s analyze the advantages of drop-in bedliners:

Easy Installation

Drop-in bedliners are a favorite for truck owners due to their simple instalment. You can easily take them out of the box and drop them in, no fuss! Furthermore, instructions are included for added convenience. After that, you can secure the bedliner with clips, bolts or straps to make sure it stays put while on the road.

Since drop-in bedliners don’t require any specific installation process or tools, they are great for vehicle owners who want to quickly improve their truck’s performance without spending too much time and energy. Also, the cost of installing drop-in bedliners is usually way lower than spray-on bedliners, because they don’t require material transportation or equipment rentals.


Drop-in bedliners are an inexpensive choice compared to spray-in or roll-on bed liners. The initial cost is generally lower. With good upkeep, these liners can last many years and give superior security for your truck’s paint and bed. They come in various price ranges, so you can find one to fit your budget.

Drop-in bedliners have two styles: rigid plastic and flexible rubber. Plastic drop-in liners are stiff and durable. The ridges on the top hold cargo, adding better grip on tougher surfaces.

Flexible rubber drop-in liners offer more cushion than the plastic ones. They can bend when offroading or carrying heavier items. This is ideal for hauling heavy objects like building materials, ATVs, without damaging your truck’s paint or cab.

Easy to install, drop-in bedliners don’t require any tooling. Many brands include mounting hardware to attach the liner to your truck’s frame for extra stability and protection against scratches, chips, rocks, etc.

Variety of Colors

Drop-in bedliners come in many colors! From classic black to camo patterns and beyond. You can customize your pickup truck or SUV to fit your personal style. Depending on the liner material, you can even get textured colors from smooth to rough. A variety of colors are available to complement your vehicle’s style. Get creative! Make it truly unique!


Protecting your truck bed? Two options! Spray-in and drop in. Pros and cons for each. Let’s compare. You’ll know which one to pick!


Two kinds of bedliners exist for truck beds: spray-in and drop-in.

  • Spray-in is more durable, protecting better against rocks, water, and other elements. It also better fits the contours of the truck, sealing cracks to prevent rusting.
  • Drop-in liners are easier to remove for repairs, but they don’t protect against scratches and dents as much. When two drop-in liners touch when loading/unloading, they may scratch each other’s surface.

Both types can offer long-lasting protection if taken care of. Spray-in bedliners have better scratch resistance, adhesion to avoid rust, and overall coverage compared to drop-in.


Customization is a big factor when choosing between a spray-in and drop-in bedliner. Spray-in liners let customers customize their truck beds’ lining. It can be in black, white, brown, tan, or gray. People usually add texture for a slip-resistant finish. Drop-in liners are pre-molded and only come in black. They are easier to install and cost less.

You should consider installation cost and customization options to decide what’s best for your pickup truck.


Spray-on and drop-in bedliners provide protection for your truck’s bed. It depends on what you intend to use it for which one is better.

Spray-in liners offer superior protection. They are applied with more pressure and thicker product. This gives a uniform and long-lasting protection, with no weak spots.

Drop-in liners also provide protection. But they have seams around the bottom edge, which can cause peeling or cracking over time. You must maintain them, as they fit loosely in the truck bed. If you want to remove the drop-in liner, there may be damage to the bed that needs to be repaired before reinstallation.

Both types of bedliners protect your truck’s bed from dents and scratches due to cargo or harsh weather. Both of them ensure your truck looks good for many years!


Installing a bedliner? You have two choices: spray-in or drop-in. What’s right for you depends on your budget, desired protection, and how much time and effort you’re willing to put into the project.

Spray-in liners need professional installation. Specialized equipment, designs, and features (like sound dampening) are available. This is costlier than drop-in liners, as tools and materials must be bought separately.

Drop-in liners can be installed in about an hour. Just set the liner into the truck’s bed liner pocket, then attach it with supplied bolts or clips. It’s cheaper than spray-in, but usually doesn’t come with soundproofing or body armor protection.


Spray-in and drop-in bedliners can come in different types and qualities, resulting in a wide range of prices. Generally, spray-in bedliners cost more due to the preparation and installation process. Drop-ins are cheaper, but not as durable. Auto parts stores across the country offer both.

When choosing between spray-in and drop-in, it’s important to consider the cost, your vehicle, budget, and any special features or designs you want. If you need something long lasting, go for a spray-in bedliner. But if you’re looking for something quick and affordable, a drop-in is the better option.


Spray-in bedliners come in a variety of colors – black, white, gray, and even designs like wood grain or camo. Drop-in bedliners, however, typically only come in classic black.

Color is a great way to customize your truck and match the rest of its aesthetic. Plus, darker colors are better at shielding against dirt and grime. Lighter shades, though, can help avoid heat buildup from UV rays on long drives in hot climates.


The choice between spray-in or drop-in bedliners depends on many things. These include cost, DIY capability, performance, and look.

  • Spray-in may cost more, and require help for installation. However, it makes a better seal and has better insulation.
  • Drop-in bedliners are cheaper, and can be installed by the user. If you want extra durability, customization, or protection against sliding cargo – you should get a drop-in liner too.

In the long run, either method will save money.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a spray in and drop in bedliner?

The main difference between a spray in and drop in bedliner is the application method. A spray in bedliner is applied directly to the truck bed and offers a seamless, custom fit. A drop in bedliner is laid over the existing truck bed and offers more protection from scratches and dents.

Is a spray in bedliner more durable than a drop in bedliner?

Yes, a spray in bedliner is generally more durable than a drop in bedliner because it is applied directly to the truck bed. Furthermore, it is more resistant to scratches, dents and UV damage.

What are the benefits of a spray in bedliner?

A spray in bedliner offers a seamless, custom fit to your truck bed. It is also more resistant to scratches, dents and UV damage than a drop in bedliner. Additionally, it is easier to clean and maintain than a drop in bedliner.