How Much Does It Cost To Replace a Serpentine Belt?

Serpentine Belt is a critical accessory in the engine system of a vehicle. It drives the parts of a vehicle which are responsible for vehicle movement on the road.

Power steering, water pump, and air-conditioner are some of the main parts which run in the car with the help of a serpentine belt.

Evidently, if some kind of failure occurs with regards to the operation of the serpentine belt or it is knocked out of position, the result will hinder the proper functioning of a car.

In most cases, if the belt breaks down, the vehicle becomes immovable. Therefore, it is necessary to take good care in terms of servicing of the engine system of your vehicle.

Also, checking the functioning of major parts like a serpentine belt before it calls for repair or a complete replacement is essential.

When to Go for Replacement?

The serpentine belt gives away a lot of signs before failure. It is important to notice these signs and take the lead to head for a mechanic to avoid a sudden breakdown.

If you get squealing sounds from the engine of your car, experience problem in operating the power steering, if AC stops working, or if there is overheating in the engine; get these issues immediately addressed.

When to Go for Replacement

Else, you will be running the risk of bringing your vehicle to a completely unusable state.It is better to get the regular service done for your vehicle within the duration defined by the manufacturer.

This way, any issues related to the functioning of engine parts or whatsoever are taken care of in the right time, instead of pushing the performance edges of the devices and accessories running the car.

DIY or Hire the Service?

The serpentine belt, although critical as far as the on-road movement of the vehicle is concerned, is not very difficult to repair or replace.

The name of the belt itself is derived from its singularity, and serpentine is laid in the engine system replacing the multiple belt system.

In older automobiles,it used to be tedious in terms of servicing and repair & replacement jobs. Additionally, it was more power consuming too.

If you find yourself proficient in the subject of automotive, you can replace the belt yourself or else a car mechanic is always there to help you get rid of the problem.

Serpentine Belt Replacement Cost

The expense to replace a serpentine belt in the car depends widely on the type of model you are driving. Plus, the repair shop you choose to get your vehicle repaired.


Generally speaking, as per the common surveys, the replacement cost of serpentine belt varies in the range of $60 to $200 including material and labour.

The belt cost being $25 to $75 and labour charges varying between $75 to $120 per hour.

It takes almost one hour for the entire replacement process of the serpentine belt. So, the above-mentioned figures will pretty much cover up.

Allied Expenditure 

The transportation of vehicle from the location where it broke down will add to the above figures.

Depending on the distance from your home or office or somewhere middle of the road, the towing charges of the vehicle may be added as around $200 tentatively.

The traffic conditions may add a little to the above figure if the time taken to transport the vehicle from one point to another is beyond estimated.

On inspection, other parts of the engine system, working or not in conjunction with the serpentine belt, may also be in need of repair.

You do not want the towing and repairing of your car to be an everyday part of your busy daily schedule.So,you would obviously decide the repair to be taken up for all the broken parts.

This will add to the cost you considered that was only for the replacement of the serpentine belt. However, the base amount will obviously depend on the model of the vehicle plus the part which is damaged.

Duration of repair also plays an important role here. There are auto repair shops which charge extra for repairing your vehicle on priority and delivering the service less than defined time.

If your need is urgent, you might as well take these extra charges also in account. The expedition charges also vary in different shops.

Local Survey is Important

Before going for the replacement of your serpentine belt, you may better take quotations from 3-4 auto repair shops and check their performance reviews from among the locals.

A survey of your own will provide you with the current updated estimate of the prices prevailing in the market for the belt and its replacement both.

Local Survey is Important

If you are in luck, you may get a discounted deal also if the auto repair shops are running some. Search engines will make this job easier for you and may help you in striking a better deal by providing details about a number of repair shops around you with multiple reviews about them.

In fact, you will find all the related data also which is required to be taken into account before you go for replacement of your car’s serpentine belt.

Purchase of the Belt

You can purchase the belt online as well as visiting the stores. It is an easily available auto part. The belt is not specific to any manufacturer’s brand. You should be able to find a good serpentine belt in any national retailer’s store.

And if you are well aware of the specifics of a serpentine belt to be fitted in your car, you may purchase the same online also. Online deals as you might have noticed, generally turn out to be more reasonable.

Now, knowing that the serpentine belt is a critical part of the vehicle’s engine system and contributes actively in the running of the vehicle, it evidently cannot be overlooked.

Although if even after taking all the cautions and maintenance, a situation arises that you have to replace the serpentine belt; the accessory is easily available in the market and not difficult to repair and replace at all.

Also, the cost of repair or replacement is also pretty much reasonable compared with the repair costs of other engine parts.

So, there is nothing much to be stressed about, if your vehicle is confronting a failure of Serpentine Belt.

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