Reasons for car overheating: Know How to fix It

It is important to know how to fix car overheating. It can be very dangerous if you don’t take care of it right away. You should learn what the warning signs are so that you know when a car overheating needs your attention.

In this post, we will discuss car overheating and guide you to fix it.

What is car overheating?

Car overheating is when a car’s engine temperature reaches its maximum allowable operating temperature, which could damage the car.

When a car overheats, the car will shut down automatically to avoid any further damages to the car. If you are planning a long trip or need your car for another important purpose then this is not good news at all.

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Reasons for car overheating

There are many reasons car overheating can happen and we will mention the most common ones below:

Hot temperature:

Car overheating can happen because the car is parked in a hot area.

When the car gets hotter, the car will start to lose its coolant and run out of antifreeze which reduces the car’s capacity for cooling down itself.

The engine needs to be cooled regularly with water or other fluids so that it doesn’t overheat.

Low car coolant levels:

Sometimes, car owners do not refill their cars with water or antifreeze which leads to low fluid levels inside the engine, this also causes car overheating as well. This will require you to take your car in to an auto shop so that they can fix it professionally without damaging any other parts of your car.

It would be best if you had some experience doing this kind of repairs yourself but hiring a professional tends to cost more money than just buying parts that might need replacement.

Faulty car radiator:

Car radiators are responsible for heat dissipation, if your car is overheating then it might be that there is some problem with the car’s cooling system which includes the radiator.

Faulty thermostat:

Car thermostats turn on car radiator fans to cool the car when it reaches a certain temperature. When this part is faulty, the car will not be able to regulate its proper temperature and as such car overheating will happen.

How do I know if my car is overheating? 

When you notice that the temperature of the car engine has started going up and there’s steam coming from under the hood, then this means that the car cooling system is not working properly which means car overheating might be the case.

If the car’s engine is running but there are no signs of steam coming from under the hood, this means that the car overheating has already happened as the car does not overheat without any reason or root cause.

What do you need to fix overheating car?

The first thing that you will need is a mechanic’s professional opinion and help. He/she can tell more about how to fix overheating car problem. The second thing that you may require is car diagnostic tool. It can help a lot in car diagnosing and car repair process.

overheating car

How to fix overheating car?

Fixing a car overheating is not as easy job as it sounds. But if you have the right tools for checking, measuring, and repairing then it will be much easier for you to handle the problem of your own car.

It is important to know when car overheating needs your attention otherwise you may face car engine damage which can be very expensive and highly inconvenient for you.

Since we know the reasons for car overheating, below we will guide you how to fix them.

Hot Temperature

If your car overheating is caused by the hot temperature, you will need to take car into a car shop and have them fix it for you. You cannot do this on your own as car’s parts are very sensitive and require professional work done in order not to damage the car.

Low Fluid Levels

If low fluid level is causing car overheating, what you can do is top the car’s fluid levels up with car antifreeze or car water. You can also do this on your own but for safety reasons, we would recommend having a professional take care of it for you as car parts are sensitive and require the right amount of pressure to be applied in order not to damage them.

Faulty Car Radiator

When a car radiator is faulty, car overheating will happen because the car’s engine temperature cannot be regulated. To fix this issue, you can repair the car by replacing a faulty part or take your car into a professional to have them do it for you as fixing car parts requires experience and knowledge of how each one works in order not to damage any other car parts.

Faulty Car Thermostat

To fix car overheating that is caused by a faulty car thermostat, you will have to replace the part with a new one which might require some experience in car repairs as car parts can be delicate and they need pressure applied at certain angles and amounts of strength so not to damage car parts.

What to do to avoid car overheating in the future?

You can avoid car overheating by taking the car to a car shop for regular check-ups which will help with car diagnostics of your car. This way you know when any issues are arising and then deal with them accordingly before they become serious enough to cause car engine damage or affect other parts of the car.


When to fix car overheating?

If you hear any noises when your car is running then it’s time for a checkup. If you notice that there are warning lights on your dashboard like “check engine”, “coolant”, “radiator” or car overheating then it is the time to get your car checked.

Where to get car overheating help?

If you want car overheating issues to be addressed and fixed professionally without having any damage done to car parts, then we would recommend that you take your car into a car shop that specializes in car repairs or better yet an auto body repair shop where they deal with this type of issue all the time.

How much does it cost to fix car overheating? 

Fixing car overheating will cost you anywhere from $50-$200 depending on the type of issue that’s causing car overheating. If your car is still under warranty, then it might be covered by that but if not then the costs are up to you as they vary based on what needs to be fixed or replaced.

How long does car overheating take to fix? 

If car overheating is something that can be fixed through car diagnostics, then it should only take 30 minutes as the issue will require some small repairs and parts replacement which is easy enough for a professional mechanic to do within such a timeframe.

However if a car cooling system needs full car repair or a car engine needs replacement, then it might take car mechanics a day to have your car fixed.

Final thoughts on fixing overheating car

There are many car overheating issues that can arise in cars. Fixing car overheating is not something you should attempt to do on your own as car parts are delicate and require the right amount of pressure applied at certain angles with correct strength so as not to damage car parts.

If you want any car repairs done professionally, then we would recommend car shops or car mechanics as they have experience and knowledge of car parts so as not to cause car engine damage. As car overheating can be a serious issue, it is best to deal with car issues right away before they escalate into something worse.

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