Is PermaPlate a Ceramic Coating?

Is it even possible for any of us to go outside without using a vehicle? It is common in most households to own a car. Even if we are reluctant to accept it, it is hard to ignore the situation where people use cars even to go to a nearby destination.

This article is not about traveling by car but how to keep them in the condition seen in showrooms. Even though this is impossible to a certain level, we try our best to clean our cars from time to time. Vehicles are exposed to dirt or tiny rock chips despite these preventive measures. To solve this problem, PermaPlate is our ideal savior.

What Is PermaPlate Coating?

PermaPlate provides you with the option of a variety of protective products for both interior and exterior parts of your vehicle. The main aim of using PermaPlate is to keep your vehicle in a shiny appearance that makes it look luxurious and maintains value for your money. Car manufacturers and dealers have been using PermaPlate for over three decades.What Is PermaPlate Coating

PermaPlate has exceptional protective products, a three-year warranty, and excellent customer service. It protects the interior of your vehicle from fingerprints and stains and exteriors from glass cracks or dents.

Some of PermaPlate’s products include:

1. PermaPlate Paint-Guard

This makes sure that your vehicle gets proper durable finish protection that prevents fading due to oxidation caused by UV rays. It contains a fantastic formula made through rigorous testing that keeps the paint surface in place. Since its introduction, this product has flourished and become a success due to its quality.

2. PermaPlate Leather-Guard

In brief, leather-guard works similar to sunscreen. It protects your vehicle’s interior from fading, drying, and discoloration due to the sun and extreme temperatures. It is a leather and vinyl protector and is the most recommended product on the market. PermaPlate leather-guard is suitable for vinyl seats, interior trim, and dashboards.

3. PermaPlate Fiber-Guard

Fiber-guard is the best option for you against spilling and staining the interior of your vehicle. It has a polymer-based coating which helps to keep stains and spills from both oil and water-based substances. There will be enough space between the fabric strands that will remain open because of the bonding of the fiber-guard to individual fibers. Hence, spills get into the air pockets between fibers and make cleaning easy.

4. PermaPlate Sound-Guard

Sound-guard is a dense, highly adhesive coating applied to your vehicle’s undercarriage. This helps dampen the vibrations caused by traffic noises and offers insulation for extreme weather conditions.

5. PermaPlate Rust-Guard

You can gain a rust-free vehicle, especially the interior surfaces and other areas, by using a coat of PermaPlate rust-guard. It has an advanced chemical formula and protects areas that come in contact with rust caused by trapped moisture due to condensation.

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How Long Does PermaPlate Last?

PermaPlate typically offers a warranty of between two to seven years, depending on the plan chosen by the vehicle owners. They provide two coverage options. The Appearance Protection Program has a selection of warranty options of three years, five years, and seven years and a Basic Appearance Package with a two-year warranty.

The duration of protection provided by PermaPlate largely depends on the way you use your vehicle and the environmental conditions. Therefore, it could vary from one vehicle to another. Still, you are safe from these environmental or accidental causes with a warranty for a little longer.

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Is PermaPlate a Ceramic Coating?

The brief answer is no. PermaPlate and a ceramic coating provided by car dealers are different even though both serve the same purpose. Companies like PermaPlate claim that their coating is an exclusive formula for long-lasting protection.Is PermaPlate a Ceramic Coating

On the other hand, the dealer will apply a ceramic-based chemical polymer solution by hand to protect the vehicle from outside elements like water and dirt. Both of these accomplish similar tasks and are equally expensive. Still, most people believe that a professional ceramic coating might give you a better result and last a little longer.

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How Can You Tell if You Have a Ceramic Coating?

You can find this out by taking your vehicle for a ride. Before the ride, spray the car with water. If your coating is ceramic, the water beads will start to flow from your vehicle like a stream.

However, in the absence of a ceramic coating, these will cling to the surface of the car. Generally, as the ceramic coating loses effectiveness, water will continue to attach to your vehicle. You can also enquire with your car dealer during the purchase.

Can You Wax Over PermaPlate?

Wax is not detergent-resistant and mainly has a chance to get removed after the first wash of your vehicle. Moreover, it does not bond with the paint of your car. Using wax over PermaPlate will not damage the application or affect your warranty with the company.

Although there is no issue in doing this, you don’t have to coat wax if the vehicle is already covered with PermaPlate. You can use PermaPlate maintenance and renewed products instead of wax.


In conclusion, PermaPlate is a good option for protecting your vehicle. Like any other product available in the market, PermaPlate also has advantages and disadvantages.

While it is costly and could be reviewed as not so beneficial by some customers, it is still in the market for over three decades now. This explains how valuable this product is despite a few of its shortcomings. At the same time, there are other alternatives available for you, so do good research and choose the best option for your vehicle.

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