Is Midas Expensive? The Facts Revealed!

Cars do break down from time to time, and when they happen, finding a reliable vehicle repair shop with fair pricing might not be easy. A quick search on the internet reveals lots of options where you can go for problems like replacing brakes, brake pads, struts, or alternators.

These options make choosing the best car repair service confusing. Midas is one of the famous names out there, and they have many offers ready for you. You may be asking the same question that many people ask – is Midas expensive?

You can get many things on your car repaired at any Midas outlet. For example, you can get your car’s brakes replaced. You can also change your struts or alternator there. This article looks at each of these services in detail below.

This article has everything you need to know about Midas’ services. Here you’ll see how much their services cost. Also, you’ll see other guarantees you get from Midas, which helps answer the question – is Midas expensive.

This way, you’ll know how much to budget for a car repair at Midas and if you’re getting a fair price. As a result, you steer clear of being ripped off by local car repair shops that may give you lower quality for the same price.

How Much Is Midas?

Midas charges you per hour of work, and the repair costs vary depending on the type of service your car needs. The price also covers materials that need to be replaced, such as brake pads or struts. Consequently, the price for each job is different.How Much Is Midas servicing cost

Midas has over 2000 franchised and licensed stores in more than ten countries. For instance, there are over 1400 repair shops in the United States alone. So, you can easily find a store close by for your car repair needs.

Let’s take a brake repair job as an example. Generally, you’ll pay about $80 per hour for labor in changing the brakes. Also, Midas charges around $50 for a complete brake drum replacement service, plus an additional $60 to change the brake fluid.

With this example, you should expect an average cost between $300 – $800 for a full brake repair job. This complete brake repair involves replacing the calipers, brake pads, and rotors. In addition, this brake replacement cost also varies depending on the size, model, and make of your car or vehicle.

Cars models with hard-to-find brake spare parts may cost more, and you may end up paying more than a thousand bucks.

One outstanding reason to choose Midas over other competitors is that they offer a lifetime guarantee for most items purchased from them. So, as long as you’ve not sold your car, you can quickly get a free replacement depending on the shop’s terms and conditions.

In addition, you can also claim free coupons that provide a discount on services at any Midas outlet.

How Much Does It Cost to Change the Brakes at Midas?

Changing brakes and replacing worn-out brake pads is one of the many car repair services you can get at a Midas store.

As stated earlier, you can get a brake replacement for anywhere between $300 – $800. This price also includes labor costs for removing the brakes and installing a new one. As a result, you get charged at once, so there is no need for any extra payments.How Much Does It Cost to Change the Brakes at Midas

When changing the brakes in your vehicle, Midas offers free inspection services where they determine how worn out your brake pads are and the extent of replacement the brakes need. The model of your vehicle also affects the type of service you get.

If your car has trouble coming to a stop after threading on the brakes or makes noise when braking, it may need an inspection.

The earlier you take them to a Midas store, the better as you’ll save the brake pads and calipers from wearing out totally. As a result, you’ll save some money on brake repair.

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How Much Does Midas Charge to Replace Struts?

Struts or suspensions raise your car from the pavement or road surface. Creaks from under your vehicle, especially when driving, show that the car’s struts are weak and may need replacement. Midas also offers struts replacement with a steering inspection service. These two come as a package because poor strut systems also affect the steering and control of your car.How Much Does Midas Charge to Replace Struts

With Midas, expect to pay an average of $500 for the labor and strut replacement costs. The great thing with Midas is that you can always request an estimate of the replacement costs to know the budget you should make for repairs. In addition, you get a coupon from Midas if you book an appointment to replace your car struts.

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How Much Does Midas Charge to Replace an Alternator?

This question is another common one since you may also consider fixing your alternator in the Midas store. They offer an alternator replacement service, but it is not part of the complete brake replacement package. Consequently, you have to order for alternator replacement separately.How Much Does Midas Charge to Replace an Alternator

Getting a new alternator should cost anywhere between $500 – $1000, taking labor costs and the price of the new alternator into consideration. Midas also offers gift coupons that help you claim bonuses for this service, so getting one coupon is a great idea.

How do you know your alternator needs fixing? If your car has electrical problems, the alternator might be the reason for these issues.

For example, having a low battery charge after a day’s ride, failure of the car to turn up, or problems with the electric systems of your vehicle are signs of a problem with your car’s alternator.

How do they resolve this problem? Midas takes your car’s alternator and tests it for signs of damage or poor functioning. If the alternator is still in good condition, you do not get charged for a replacement.

However, if the alternator in your car is having problems, they can replace it with a new one. This way, your vehicle will be in great shape in no time and ready for the road again.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Midas Offer Other Services Other than Brake Replacement?

Yes. Midas also provides quality tires, oil leak fixes, car AC repairs, battery replacement, and car radiator repairs. You can get these services and lots more at any Midas store.

2. Are Midas’ Services Free?

You can get a free vehicle inspection as part of your car repair package. In addition, Midas also gives discount coupons from time to time. Midas does not offer 100% free services since they charge you for labor and the replacement parts.

3. how Much Does Midas Charge for Car Diagnostics?

Midas charges around $50 – $100 per car for diagnostics. This price varies with the amount of work or diagnostic service involved.

Wrapping Up

This article covers the basics you should know about the question – is Midas expensive. The costs of replacing components of your car, for example, the brakes, struts, or alternator, depend on your car’s model and make.

The quality of the new item also affects the total bill you get at the end. For example, ceramic brakes give longer life spans and performance than metallic brakes. So, they are more expensive. Ensure you check these factors when booking a repair service at any Midas store.

Compared to competitors, Midas has fair pricing and offers you superior service. Finally, you also get a lifetime guarantee covering the repair process.

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