Is Arco Gas Good for Your Car?

Since it was introduced into the market, many users have made good remarks about Arco gas. So the answer to the question, “Is Arco gas good?” is yes, the product has become popular among the users, and the brand claims demand for their product is rising.

We know there are so many brands of gas for cars out there, so making a choice may be confusing. However, it helps to know that a brand like Arco has received multiple positive reviews, meaning you have a high assurance it will work well for you.

We looked at the general perspective about Arco gas in public and found that we could trace many reviews to reliable sources. This means the product works as the manufacturers claim.

However, we went ahead to test and observe the product’s effects on cars closely. We can confirm that many of the positive reports about Arco gas are accurate. The negative comments online mostly come from people who made errors while using the product; hence they had bad experiences.

The manufacturers always advise users to seek professional assistance if they are unsure about using these products.


The Atlantic Richfield Company, ARCO, is an oil company based in the U.S. and operates in the North Sea, Indonesia, and the South China Sea. With more than 1,200 gas stations in the U.S. and multiple gas stations, they are established in the gas production and sales sector.overview of ARCO gas

Also, we know that the company was established as an independent oil and gas corporation, formed after the Richfield Oil Corporation and Atlantic Petroleum merger.

However, in 1989, Arco was the first company to introduce a motor fuel called the Emission Control 1 (EC-1) as one of the reformulated gasoline in Southern California. The company believes EC-1 is the cleanest burning and high octane rating gasoline that can help reduce air pollution by 15 percent. Also, later, they reintroduced EC-Premium to fulfill the clean air and environmental support promise.

Although many people considered arco gas substandard probably because it was a bit cheaper than the conventional gasoline sold by other brands, a closer look shows that it could reduce a car’s gas mileage and air pollution.

The arco chemical company used methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE) to make gasoline in view of reducing pollution. They also aimed to produce a cleaner and more efficient burning fuel.

The good news is that currently, all gasoline in California is reformulated, making arco the same as other gasoline brands in the market. So, arco gas will not cause harm to your vehicle; instead, it is the same gas that the general public uses. Also, MTBE is no longer permitted in gasoline because it promotes water pollution.

Why is ARCO Gas Cheap?

ARCO is cheaper than other more prominent brands because they don’t accept credit cards, and they take only cash and debit cards. Debit card processing fees are much lower than credit card processing fees.Why is ARCO Gas Cheap

According to the company’s team, the average consumer saves around 5-10 cents per gallon compared to other major brands of gasoline. That is about 2% savings on purchases from ARCO.

From all indications, these huge price savings from the arco are possible because of the company’s business model. First, arco collects no processing fees for credit card payments because they don’t accept them for transactions. With this arrangement, arco can save about $0.30 for every credit card transaction fee its competitors have to pay. Therefore, your gas is cheaper because you buy the product with cash.

Moreover, ARCO charges a $0.45 debit card transaction fee which completely covers their debit transaction fee. So, a customer paying with cash will purchase more gas than they would have purchased if they were paying the transaction fee.

Thus, ARCO can sell more gas to each customer by providing more value through cash sales. Remember, the debit card fee is transaction-based, which helps drive more purchase volume.

Another benefit the public can enjoy is that ARCO gas sells at a lower rate, leading to increased sales per customer. Since they charge a $0.45 fixed cost transaction fee, ARCO believes that its customers buy twice as much gas as at other stations on average. In other words, ARCO gas stations can serve more customers and sell more gas than other stations. This efficiency also translates to lower prices.

From the preceding, do you think ARCO gas is harmful? We know that since it is the company’s business model that reduces the cost of gas and not the gas they sell, there’s nothing to suggest that their gas is terrible.

Since ARCO offers gas at a significantly lower price, you often wonder whether it’s safe for your car or not. The federal government has strict guidelines for almost all the products in the market, including gasoline. Therefore, they have established strict business standards, and these brands must meet them before selling gasoline in the U.S.

So, all gas you find in the United States is of the same quality.

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Is ARCO Top Tier Gas?

The Marathon Petroleum Corporation owns ARCO. It is a top-tier licensed fuel retailer operating in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

Marathon is a leading tier company because it sells high-quality gasoline, and the gas contains detergents as additives that help the car’s engine function better.

The top-tier product meets a gasoline standard recommended by nine of the leading vehicle manufacturers in the world. By implication, all ARCO gas grades must be treated with the recommended blend of detergent additives certified to increase fuel efficiency.

Also, as a top-tier gas, ARCO offers the following benefits to your car engine.

  • Fuel Economy: Arco gas helps to optimize fuel economy, which can keep your car engine running more smoothly and efficiently.
  • Engine Performance: Arco gas exceeds the current Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) minimum additive requirements, thereby helping your engine run at peak performance.
  • Engine Protection: It contains a mixture of additives that blend perfectly with other liquid components to deliver stellar engine protection.
  • Reduced Emissions: Deposits do not affect the car engine alone but adversely affect the environment. The makers have formulated a top-tier gas like ARCO to remove unwanted buildup and deposits, reducing emissions.
  • Cleaner Engine: One of the significant functions of ARCO gas is to keep the car engine clean and without issues. Arco blends its top-tier gas with a standard additive that keeps your engine free from sludge and impurities. So, the mechanical parts can produce clean and harmless combustion.

A group of professional auto manufacturers wanted to produce a fuel blend to make their cars perform optimally. So, they exchanged and cross-fertilized ideas and created top-tier gas.

Following independent research conducted by American Automobile Association (AAA), they discovered that cars working with such a high grade of gas produced fewer carbon deposits in the combustion chamber, intake valves, and injectors.

Furthermore, they discovered that products like ARCO gas could clean the engine more efficiently. Therefore, the association is advising car owners and motorists to use gasoline that meets top-tier standards for excellent engine performance.

Which Gas is Better, Chevron or ARCO?

Some companies add extra additives and detergents over or at par with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements. Therefore, every gasoline on the market must contain the minimum amount of additive detergents as approved by the federal government. Though the primary minimum gas level is the same everywhere in the country, you can pay higher for premium gas.

Some companies even add more than the required amount to differentiate their brands from others. Therefore, the question is; among the branded gas from Exxon, 76, Chevron, and Shell, which is better than arco gas?

The answer to the above question is that while the amount of additives and detergents in each brand differs, arco is on the same level or standard as other top-performing gasoline brands in the country.

Also, ARCO currently produces top-tier gasoline. Therefore, those consumers who ignored the brand previously have now returned, based on the increasing demand for their products.

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Who Has the Best Quality Gas?

If you want to purchase gasoline from a famous gas brand, their fuel must contain additives to stand out in today’s competitive landscape. These additives are compounds that work to boost the longevity of your car engine while increasing power and improving fuel economy.Who Has the Best Quality Gas

Many fuel retail stations source their gasoline from the same place, and the formula doesn’t change much. Also, top-tier fuel retailers use additives in their unique blend to extend the car’s engine lifespan. Such additives include detergents, corrosion inhibitors, and friction reducers.

The work of the detergents is to remove buildup or deposits and prevent them from forming within the car engine system. Likewise, the corrosion inhibitors could minimize the corrosion rate of any metal part they touch. Moreover, friction reducers reduce the wear and tear on the car engine, helping it last longer.

Besides, various additives exist, and they work to increase your car engine’s performance and prolong its life. In the same vein, over 50 licensed top-tier detergent gasoline brands exist in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.

Most people decide to purchase gas only at big oil company fuel stations believing their gas to be of the highest quality but not cheap. However, according to the research findings conducted by Edmunds, gasoline consumers do not put their cars at risk by filling them with cheaper gas.

The truth is that most car owners will not observe any difference in performance just by buying cheap gas. In the same way, no top-tier brand has the best gas on the market. That said, your average car probably runs smoothly on ARCO gas and other top-tier gas brands.

Overall, for any brand to qualify as having the best quality gas, its products must meet the minimum EPA requirements.

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ARCO has set up a fantastic brand, and they are building the best reputation on the market. They aim to provide more value to customers who have high expectations of obtaining gasoline of excellent grade from the company.

Also, the brand offers high-quality gas at a cheaper rate. In other words, ARCO gas provides excellent value for less.

The truth is that arco gasoline will always be an excellent choice, and it is a top-tier gas which indicates that it meets all the ASTM and EPA standards for quality. So, Arco gas offers what modern vehicles require to run smoothly.

More so, the additive levels in ARCO gas are adequate to maintain fuel injectors and keep them clean. ARCO gas stations exist across 14 states in the United States, and they are plans to open gas stations in other states.