How to Unlock a Ford F150 Without Keys?

If you are locked out of your car, it can be difficult to return to it without professional assistance. However, there are methods for unlocking a Ford F-150 without using the key.

The majority of them necessitates the application of tools, some of which are everyday home objects. The others are more sophisticated, and locksmiths employ them.

So, thankfully, there will be no need to break your Ford F-150 windows to get inside, nor should you have to wait for and engage a locksmith to do a task. If you’re a locksmith, then keep reading since these tactics apply to you as well.

There are alternative techniques for opening a Ford F-150; they are pretty economical and straightforward to execute once you have the necessary tools. These include:

  • Auto Jigglers
  • Slim Jim
  • Paper clips
  • The Strong Method
  • Wire Hanger
  • The Window Method
  • Calling a Mechanic

Tools Used to Unlock a Ford F-150 Without Keys

1. Auto Jiggler

A Ford F-150 auto jiggler is the easiest and quickest way to get into the vehicle without a key. This tool resembles a key. Once jiggled in a lock, it unlocks the vehicle without the need for a key. Follow these straightforward steps to utilize an auto jiggler:

Auto Jiggler

  1. Get an auto jiggler similar to the shape and size of your Ford F-150’s key to ensure it fits inside the lock.
  2. Check that the jiggler is correctly positioned in the lock.
  3. Move the jiggler around inside the lock and turn until the door unlocks if it fits perfectly.

An auto jiggler is a fantastic accessory that you can use on locks other than automobile doors, including your front door if you have locked yourself out

2. Slim Jim

A slim jim is a small, thin metal strip that acts as a key for ford trucks. According to Google threads, Slim Jim is challenging to use a slim jim correctly, and locksmiths and law enforcement officers usually go through lengthy schooling to understand how to operate this equipment without destroying a vehicle. Due to this fact, it’s best to use slim jim on F10’s rear sliding window panels instead of the door. Because of this, there is much less chance of harm occurring.

Slim Jim

You must still be cautious with this method since you might accidentally trigger the side-impact airbags on a newer model, which will cost you far more than a locksmith would. Here’s how to use a slim Jim to unlock your vehicle through the back window:

  1. Reach the truck’s back window
  2. Using your finger, pull off the black rubber weather stripping that surrounds the window.
  3. Through the rear sliding window, thrust the Slim Jim, placing the curved section first.
  4. Bring the Slim Jim to yourself by slowly nudging it downwards. Be sure the slim jim’s hook is grabbing the lock’s control arm.
  5. You might have to try a few times, especially if you’re not used to it.
  6. You’ll know it’s unlocked when the lock appears. Wind down the rear window glass and slip through it, taking care not to fall out. Afterward, you can swing your car door open and access it.

3. Paperclips

Although employing a paper clip to open your car door is among the most challenging techniques to master, a paper clip is straightforward to get by and keep on hand.


Here’s how to open a car door with a paperclip.

  1. Bend one paperclip into an ‘L’ shape and fold another paperclip straight.
  2. Insert the folded end of the paperclip into the lock and carefully twist it as you turn the lock.
  3. After that, you may add the second paperclip and look for about five pins that pop up when pushed. Please make sure all the pins are in place by pushing them up.
  4. Use the curved end to turn the lock and press all the pins until you can sway the door open.

This technique works best with strong, solid paper clips that aren’t prone to folding or breaking.

4. String Method

We’ve progressed to the point where we’re brilliant. No kidding, it actually works; all you need is a couple of knots and a little perseverance. It is necessary to have a rope with a minimum length of 36 inches. Here’s an illustration of a perfect string that’s both convenient and easy to locate.

  • Coat drawstrings
  • Shoelaces
  • Sweatpants drawstrings
  • Twine

You’re ready to start unlocking your vehicle after you’ve recognized any or comparable of these strings. Here are the steps to successfully using a string.

  1. Make a slipknot by wrapping the string over your two fingers several times.
  2. Drape the lower section of the string you’re holding around the upper part.
  3. Take hold of the loop with your index or middle finger and pull it through the hole.
  4. Let the end of the string fall under the knot and loosen it by pulling it from the bottom or tighten it by removing the top end.

5. Wire Hanger

Wire hangers have been available for a long time and are helpful. Opening locked automobiles are one of their many valuable capabilities; however, it does take some work. It’s a bit more tricky to understand compared to the other procedures reveiwed in this piece. Explained below are steps you can follow while using a wire hanger to unlock your car.

Wire Hanger

  1.  Make a lengthy rod out of the clothes hanger wire by straightening it completely. At the end piece, leave the bent part alone.
  2. Gently pull the black rubber weather stripping surrounding your Ford truck’s window with your finger.
  3. Insert the wire between the window stripping and the stripping. Depending on where your vehicle’s window is, you can do this from either the bottom or top. Keep the horizontal end in your grip and enter the bent area first.
  4. Select the top of the car window, and you’ll see the cable through the glass. Next, you need to attach the bent end to the door lock switch.
  5. Lastly, once you have a firm grip, pull up on the switch to unlock it and push the door open. If you want the rope to pass underneath, we recommend using the passenger door. The passenger side has fewer wires than the driver’s side. You might not see the wire because it’s hidden behind the door. It would help find the pin to unlock the Ford F-150 truck. Grab the latch at the bent end of the wire and pull behind the Ford truck.

6. The Window Method

This technique is very effective on older, locked ford trucks. You can roll down the windows if they’re not up! Here’s how to unlock your Ford F150 vehicle through its window.

The Window Method

  1. Put your entire arm on the glass.
  2. Move backward and forward between while softly pushing down.
  3. Lastly, slide your arm through the opening when it’s large enough to unlock the door.

7. Calling a Mechanic

If finding a locksmith is difficult, the next person to call is your car mechanic. Mechanics will have the essential equipment and abilities to access your vehicle easily. They’ll usually show up relatively fast to assist you.

However, there’s an emergency, and we recommend calling the emergency hotline for assistance. A child or pet trapped inside the vehicle is one of these scenarios.

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How to Avoid Getting Locked Out

As opposed to finding a way to open your locked vehicle, it’s better to prevent it from happening in the first place. You can prevent being locked out of your car by taking a few proactive steps.

How to Avoid Getting Locked Out

Most of these will require you to change or acquire new routines, therefore, and it will need some practice for them to come into place.

Habitualize Locking the Vehicle From Outside

It’s best to make a habit of locking your vehicle from the outside instead of the inside. It is an excellent practice to get into to prevent locking yourself out. Try to master at home if you’re having trouble locking your vehicle from the outside.

Constantly Move With a Spare Key

Keeping a spare key on you, such as in a handbag or a zipped-up wallet, is one of the easiest ways to prevent getting locked out of your vehicle. There is always an extra set of keys that come with purchasing a car from a local ford dealer. This should always be in your pocket or purse to avoid being locked out.

Take Advantage of a Keyless System

Some ignition systems, such as the ignition switch and pushbuttons, do not require the use of your traditional key before driving. This allows you to drive without removing your keys out of your wallet or handbag, enabling you to have your key inside your bag or pocket at all times. According to Google thread’s show posts, companies like MH Sub I will assist you in finding the best ignition system.

Remote Unlocking

Lastly, if you’ve been in this predicament before and know that these solutions aren’t practical for you, try signing up for a remote unlocking service. All you require is a google login to act on this tip. However, their site initially posts these services. The great thing about remote unlocking is that you can contact them from your cell phone when you are locked out of your car, and they will unlock it quickly for you.


In conclusion, while locking your keys inside your can is never lovely, alternatives are used to unlock your Ford F-150 door without using the keys. These options range from utilizing specialty equipment to using your own hands, but they’re all straightforward. Using any of the methods above can help you unlock your Ford F-150 without the keys; however, the tools mentioned above depend on the kind of Ford F-150 you have.

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