How To Tell If F150 Has Max Tow Package? – Explained

In older times, towing vehicles used to come with normal capacities, and then a professional mechanic will affix them with towing arrangement system.

But now, all modern towing vehicles come with a factory-installed towing package.

If you have an older vehicle, you may think of upgrading it with a towing package; but if you plan on buying a new one, it is advisable to go for one which already has a built-in towing arrangement.

Vehicles with factory-installed towing packages assure that the vehicle is designed for the defined towing capacity.

All the engine parts and the whole mechanism are ready to take the load and torque generated while towing.

Why Go For Tow Package?

Tow packages are designed to supplement the vehicle with an augmented strength to carry the load. In retrospect, all the vehicle’s engine parts are designed to function with the towing load.

The frame of the vehicle, its mechanism, transmission system, braking system, electronic equipment, cooling system, etc., everything is designed to carry the additional towing load, along with the vehicle’s payload capacity.

So a tow package makes it easier for the pickup vehicle to move on the road with extra carriage and for the driver to manage the drive concerning the direction and position of the towed load.

What Is A Maximum Tow Package?

A maximum tow package can be identified based on the load a vehicle can carry.

Otherwise, the advanced engine parts and auto accessories usually come equipped in all modern vehicles irrespective of their use or type, i.e., heavy or light duty.

Why Go For Tow Package

But the towing purpose can only be served well by the vehicle’s maximum capacity to carry an extra load.

So, if you are looking for a maximum tow package, check for the load-carrying potential of the automobile defined by the manufacturer.

The rest of the design of your expected vehicle will mostly come equipped with the technical support required to maintain the balance of the twins, i.e., the tower and the towed, on the road perfectly.

Tow Package in Ford F150

As already mentioned, to check for the best or maximum tow package, look out for the maximum load carrying capacity of the truck.

Ford F150 promises a whopping towing capacity of 13,200 pounds, one of the best in the market.

The auto parts of the machine are also equipped with state-of-the-art technology to take care of the vehicles’ propagation on the road in sync.

Here’s a list of things that you get with a max tow package;

Pro Trailer Backup Assist

Backing up the trailer was never easier. All you got to do is rotate the knob in the desired direction, and the trailer behind your truck will follow the command of your fingers.

Once you rotate the knob left or right, the truck automatically steers such that the trailer positions itself at the right stop behind the truck.

Further, you can coordinate and confirm the positioning with the help of a rearview camera and side view mirrors.


The camera position in the F150 is planned to get the full view around your truck to provide you with the best judgment.

Its set of cameras offers you visual assistance like none other. You can track your position from all angles, including rear images, so that the trailer placement will be better maintained.

Pressure Monitoring for Tires

A productivity screen in the dashboard sends you warnings if the pressure in the tires is going low. The package comes with individual pressure monitors for each tire to alert you about pressure going wrong in any tire.

The pressure measurement will be in numerals to make it an easy reference.

Smart Trailer Tow Connector

A trailer tow connector allows you to stay updated with the status of the connection between the truck and the trailer.

If any connection is going loose or an instrument requires immediate attention, lights give a blinking alert on your screen. You can even track and control the settings of trailer equipment through the connector.

All the features mentioned above and the unbeaten towing capacity of the Ford F150 indicate sufficiently that the automobile comes with highly advanced technical support and possesses the maximum tow package in the range available in the market.

This kind of standard most evidently is maintained in very few brands and designs, and so the F150 stays one of the favorites among people.

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