How To Remove Steering Wheel Without Puller?

A proper how-to handbook can assist you in removing your car’s steering wheel and help you save money that you would spend on expert servicing. This simple-to-follow tutorial will ensure that you do everything correctly and that there is no danger of a mistake later on.

What Tools Are Needed to Take Off a Steering Wheel?

Although the steering wheels of different types and models of vehicles may appear different, the method of removing them is essentially the same. Hence, gather the following tools before attempting to remove the wheel:

Basic Socket Set:

A set of sockets help in loosening, tightening, and removing any nuts or bolts found in a vehicle or equipment. These socket sets can be found from basic to professional-grade, so you will find something to fit your budget range for even the most fundamental tasks and maintenance. Socket sets help save time and energy when completing tasks.

Spanner Set:

Spanner sets often contain a variety of various spanner sizes purchased as a single kit that provides customers with a full range of alternatives and on-hand flexibility for addressing nuts and bolts of any size.


Screwdrivers are hand tools that you can use to insert and remove screws. Also, they are available in various configurations to correlate to the appropriate screw drive.

Steering Wheel Puller:

A steering wheel puller can help you remove the steering wheels from most domestic and imported cars that may or may not have telescoping steering columns. The set includes five sets of cap screws that can be used for different thread needs. Furthermore, the forcing screw has a swivel end that can be turned to protect the steering shaft.Steering Wheel Puller to Take Off a Steering Wheel

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How Do You Take Off a Steering Wheel Without a Puller?

During the replacement of the steering wheel, remove the negative cable to avoid any short electrical connections. Then you’ll need to remove the airbag, which is located at the center of the wheel.How To Remove Steering Wheel Without Puller

Moreover, locate the steering wheel mounting bolt or nut after gently removing the airbag. There’s no need to use a wheel puller if your steering wheel is in its place by a mounting bolt.

After releasing the bolt, carefully inspect the threads to see whether you did any damage when removing the steering wheel.

Then, hold the steering wheel firmly with both hands and pull towards yourself while applying equal power with both hands. If the steering wheel is challenging, alter your hand position and attempt tugging again by twisting and rotating it a little, which should help remove the wheel from the shaft.

Keep an eye out for an alignment indication, which you will require for the wheel re-installation. The sign indicates which way is up. If you don’t see any marks, make one for yourself. (Note: Some shaft splines include a flat point that serves as a marker.)

Once the wheel comes loose, remove the wire, connections, and terminals via the access hole located in the middle of the steering wheel.

How Do You Remove a Steering Wheel Bolt?

After detaching the cables, you should be able to see the central lug nut that secures the steering wheel in place. In most circumstances, you’ll be able to remove it using standard tools.How Do You Remove a Steering Wheel Bolt

However, in some instances, you may require a specific setting since the pattern of the center lug nut may be changed. However, removing it should not be difficult.

To loosen the bolt, move the steering wheel 90 degrees counterclockwise. To make the unbolting operation go smoothly, most automobiles feature a steering lock that must be unlocked. This procedure will further improve by the use of an air impact gun. Alternatively, if you don’t have an air impact gun, you can use a socket or a wheel brace to loosen the bolt.

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Your Steering Wheel Is Now Ready for Replacement

Inspect the steering wheel for damage. If you’re replacing it, verify the unit’s compatibility with the new one.

The clock spring unit consists of a tangle of wiring that remains with the steering wheel in whichever direction you spin it. You can also rotate that in the absence of the steering wheel. However, you must exercise caution when handling the device.

When you are ready to install a new steering wheel or a repaired one, connect it to the wiring and connector located at the steering wheel’s access hole.

In addition, place the steering wheel into the wheel column shaft, keeping it aligned with the indicator mark, and gently push. The alignment can assist you in avoiding future accidents while driving.

Finally, tighten the bolt according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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Removing a steering wheel without a puller can be tricky if you don’t have the right tools or instructions. This guide included everything you need to know about carrying out the procedure yourself; you just have to ensure that you have the right tools on hand that are compatible with your vehicle.