How To Remove House Paint From Car Body?

Your house or building was under construction, and somehow, some paint spilled on your shiny car. You didn’t notice it, and now it has dried up. This house paint has dented the overall look of your vehicle, and you don’t know how to get rid of it.

This can be a hectic situation as most people don’t want to see even a scratch on their car. You are worried that paint removal methods might damage your car’s paint and overall shine. And you are concerned for a reason.

If you don’t know the do’s and don’t of paint removal, you can find your car in a complete mess while looking for expert help.

So, here we are at your rescue! Read on if you care for your car and don’t want to damage its paint. Here are all the methods:

Soap and Water Method

It is the simple and most common method to remove the house paint for the car body. There are no dangers of paint damage if you use this DIY hack. But before proceeding with it, we want to clarify that this method works for oil paint only. For other types of color, you will have to find some other to remove house paint from car body with Soap and Water

To check if this method works, scratch the paint gently with your nails. If it is coming off, then you can proceed with this method:

  • Firstly, pick up a microfiber cloth for the process. Any other fabric cloth can damage the paint, shine, and upper coat of your car’s paint.
  • Soak it into the soap and water bucket and gently rub it over the house paint. At the start, go gentle and then rub it hard.
  • Rinse the cloth time after time to ensure it is clean and does not damage the paint.
  • After removing the paint, park the car in a cool and dry place away from the sunlight. Let the paint area dry up.
  • You now have a like-new paint without even going to a workshop or using any complex compounds.

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Lacquer Thinner Method

So, you touched the paint and found out that it’s stubborn and dry now. Therefore, you can’t use soap and water now. In such a case, you should try lacquer thinner. It is a potent cleansing compound that can help you get rid of hard-to-remove to remove house paint from car body with Lacquer Thinner

Follow these simple steps to use thinner for paint removal:

  • Spray very little thinner onto the microfibre cloth, but don’t forget to have fresh, warm water on board. Clean things up in little chunks. After a while, you’ll notice that the house paint on your car starts to peel away. To avoid eroding your car’s paint, quickly wipe it off with warm water.

Note: You must begin with a bit of proportion of thinner in this procedure. If a bit of amount isn’t enough to remove the paint off your car, you can use more of it. Small quantity’s effects are more accessible to control than a greater one’s.

  • Now, the peel-off area might seem a bit dull or unshiny. To overcome this problem, thoroughly wash the whole car and clean it with soap.

Use WD-40

WD-40 is the most renowned thinner and cleaning agent. It is anti-rust and stains remover from sheets of iron and steel. WD-40 causes almost no harm to your car’s paint if you use it. However, if your vehicle is re-painted, it might dent the paint’s shine. Otherwise, it is highly usable with the car’s original to remove house paint from car body using WD-40

To remove the paint, follow these steps:

  1. Use rags instead of cloth.
  2. Spray WD-40 onto the paint. Don’t spray it on the rags.
  3. Gently rub over the paint with rags.
  4. The removal of paint through WD-40 also depends on the area and thickness of the color. If the color is spread on a big surface, you can rub it hard without worrying about paint damage.
  5. Don’t let the paint-affected area go dry during the cleaning. Keep spraying, again and again, to keep it wet while you clean.
  6. After the cleaning, rinse the area with lukewarm water and wash your car. It’s a guarantee that you won’t find the cleaned area after the wash.

Use Petrol

Another popular DIY method for removing paint from a vehicle is petrol. This compound is both cheap and readily available. It functions similarly as nail polish remover. Follow the steps below to wipe splashed paint off your car:

  • Put a little piece of fabric on the house paint area and massage it softly.
  • Please don’t use too much force on it. The original color on your car may peel off with petrol. Also, it may become scratchy and damaged.
  • Please don’t use too much force on it. The original color on your car may peel off with it, or it may become scratchy and damaged.
  • If you find out that the paint is peeling off, have some water nearby and wipe it off. When you’re done cleaning, rinse the cleansed area.

Use a Scratch Remover

Scratch removers are great for removing scratches, but they can also work as a stain remover in some cases. The only problem with scratch remover is that it takes a lot of time and effort to remove house paint. If you can match the requirements, the scratch remover is the safest option to to remove house paint from car body using Scratch Remover

Scratch remover won’t damage your paint even if you rub it with cloth with extreme force. Don’t be rush to finish it. Try a tiny bit at a time rather than attempting to treat all of the damaged portions at once.

After you’ve removed all of the paint from your car, polish it to return its luster and prevent additional harm.

Use Toothpaste

This might seem odd, but it works. Many DIY experts suggest using toothpaste to remove stubborn house paint stains from your car.

Toothpaste is probably the least expensive way to get rid of automobile dings. As toothpaste is somewhat scratchy, it can remove paint and stains. Put it on a microfibre cloth and buff away the paint marks, possibly erasing the paint transfer as well.

Mistakes to Avoid While Removing House Paint From Your Car

Owning a car is not as easy as it seems. Caring for a car can sometimes be rather time and money-consuming. Automobiles are valuable assets, and you must do all possible to protect their worth and extend their lifespan. An intelligent car owner is somebody who takes care of their vehicle.Mistakes to Avoid While Removing House Paint From Your Car

Understandably, you won’t be able to keep your car’s factory shine after years of use and upkeep. Try to avoid some mistakes by removing stains and paint to avoid irreparably damaging the car’s color.

Here are all the mistakes you should avoid while removing the house paint if you care for your car:

Not Removing Dust

We suggest thoroughly cleaning and rubbing the paint area with water before applying any of the techniques mentioned above. It ensures that no dust is present while working.

Small dust particles can cause minor scratches and shine removal from your car if you rub them.

Parking in Sunlight

Yeah, we know cars remain outdoors most of the time, but try parking them under a shade or garage before cleaning. This is because all the cleaning agents are volatile.

Incorrect Cleaning

In this guide, we mentioned every step in detail. It is sure that if you follow these steps correctly, you will have a car like before.

Final Words

Finally, paint is a significant element in the exterior of your vehicle that requires regular attention and upkeep. You don’t want to damage it a little bit. Therefore, make sure to use proper methods to remove house paint.

Removing house paint from the car body is straightforward. Even a beginner can easily pull it off.

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