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Materials Needed For Putting On Steering Wheel Cover

Add a personal touch to your vehicle with a steering wheel cover! It’s an easy task, but you’ll need a few materials. Grab a steering wheel cover, a screwdriver, and more! Have these items handy before you start. Then, you’re ready to go!

Steering wheel cover

Steering wheel covers are perfect for adding a touch of personal style and comfort to your car’s interior. It’s easy to put one on with the right materials and tools.

Gather the following:

  • A cover that fits your steering wheel.
  • A mechanical/hobby knife for trimming excess material.
  • All purpose scissors for cutting off packaging strings.
  • A utility knife or blade for cutting away stuck material between the air-bag piece.
  • A lint free cloth for wiping down the wheel.
  • A hand towel or rag for pulling and twisting around the wheel.

Now you’re ready to install the cover.

Elastic bands or ties

Elastic bands or ties are a must for installing a steering wheel cover. Usually, five of these come with the cover. They secure the cover to your wheel. If you opt to buy them separately, check that they fit your wheel size. That way, there won’t be any gaps and your drive will be comfy.

Before using the bands or ties, inspect them. See if any of them are weakened or damaged and need replacing.

How to Put a Steering Wheel Cover


Adding a steering wheel cover is a great way to give your car some personality! To do it, you’ll need a few simple tools, like a screwdriver, measuring tape, and the right size of cover. Have these ready so you can easily add the cover. It will make the whole process much easier.

Clean the steering wheel

Before you begin to cover your steering wheel, clean it! Take a damp cloth and a mild cleaner or soap. Scrub off any dirt and dust. Get into all the tricky spots. These must be spick and span when you put on the cover. Wait until it’s fully dry before starting. Then you can install!

Measure the size of the steering wheel

To install a steering wheel cover, you should:

  1. Measure the steering wheel’s diameter in the center with a ruler or tape measure.
  2. Count the number of spokes, or sections, on the wheel. Most covers fit wheels with fewer than 10 spokes and not 4 or 5.
  3. Check the manufacturer’s guide for the chart of product dimensions for different car steering wheel sizes.
  4. If you don’t know the exact measurements, pick a cover size close to the wheel size. This will help you find a replacement if needed and make sure the cover fits snugly without too much slack or overstretching.

Installation of Steering Wheel Cover

Installing a steering wheel cover is easy! You can do it yourself in minutes. Before beginning, make sure you have the required tools and supplies. Additionally, ensure the cover is the correct size for your wheel. With some patience and a few steps, your steering wheel cover will be on and looking great.

Here are the steps to install a steering wheel cover:

  1. Clean the steering wheel.
  2. Measure the steering wheel and make sure the cover is the right size.
  3. Put the cover on the wheel and make sure it is centered.
  4. Stretch the cover over the wheel and secure it with the fasteners.
  5. Trim any excess material.

Place the cover on the steering wheel

Once you have the cover and tools, put it on the wheel. Start with the top, aligning it with the notch. Gently roll down one side. Don’t worry if you hear or feel resistance. That is normal.

Use both hands and start from each side for an even cover. Once all the way around, press each corner firmly. This will stop the cover slipping off when driving.

Secure the cover with elastic bands or ties

You have the steering wheel cover? Great! Now it’s time to fasten it. Elastic bands or ties will do the job. If you got instructions from the manufacturer, just follow them.

Generally, with elastic bands you loop the band around the back of the cover, under the wheel, pull it and secure it on the other side. Ties? Slide them through the holes in the cover’s corners until tightly held. Make sure your cover doesn’t move or slip when you turn the wheel.

Final Touches

Finished fitting the cover? Great! Now, let’s make it look and feel even better. Adjust the cover’s positioning so it fits flat and snug against the steering wheel. Then, secure it in place.

Follow these steps to make sure it’s on correctly:

  1. Adjust the cover’s positioning.
  2. Secure it in place.

Adjust the cover for a snug fit

Once the cover is positioned, adjust it for a snug fit. Use the slots on the bottom of the cover to center it. Turn each of the four adjustable fasteners clockwise until they are snug against the steering wheel. It may take effort and force to pull these tight. Don’t overtighten them; this can cause breakage.

Check that all clips are securely tightened. Flip up any sides extending beyond the steering wheel and fasten with velcro or plastic loops. Test for a secure fit by grabbing either side of the steering wheel and tugging. If it doesn’t move, it is installed correctly!

Ensure the cover is secure and won’t move

Push the cover down until it fits tightly to the wheel circumference. Then, pull any loose fabric around the center, and press firmly until it’s smooth and taut. Check all edges to make sure they stay locked in place. Take a moment to ensure any trim pieces are securely affixed. And voila! Ready for a smooth ride.

Enjoy your new steering wheel cover!

Congrats! You’ve finished fitting your steering wheel cover. Make sure all the screws are tight to stop it coming off when you use it. When it’s all secure, your wheel will have a fashionable new look. Plus, it gives better grip and comfort when driving. Not to mention, it protects your hands from UV rays and cold weather – perfect for your car, truck, or recreational vehicle.

Time to take it for a spin and enjoy the new feel!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: How do I attach a steering wheel cover?

Answer 1: To attach a steering wheel cover, first make sure that the cover is the correct size for your car. Then slide the cover over the steering wheel with the elastic band facing the top of the wheel. Finally, adjust the cover so that it fits snugly around the wheel.

Question 2: What type of material is used for steering wheel covers?

Answer 2: Steering wheel covers are typically made from either leather or imitation leather, though some are made from neoprene or cloth as well.

Question 3: Are steering wheel covers necessary for safety?

Answer 3: Steering wheel covers are not necessary for safety, but they can provide a more comfortable grip on the wheel and can help to reduce the amount of heat that the wheel absorbs from direct sunlight.