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A steering wheel is a kind of steering control in vehicles, ships, and boats. This is the part of the system’s steering that is controlled by the driver. They are used mostly in cars, buses, light and heavy trucks and tractors.

Then, a steering wheel cover is a cover custom-made to fit the steering wheel, just like socks fit your feet.

How to Put a Steering Wheel Cover

The steering wheel covers come in different types. Some are elastic and can be stretched over the wheel for a perfect fit. Others have to be stitched on to hold it together in place.

Here is the break down to how best to do this;

  • Measure your steering wheel’s diameter using a tape measure; most wheels range between 14 – 18 inches. And luckily, most steering wheel covers’ diameters are indicated on the product’s details.
  • Measure the steering wheel’s grip thickness by wrapping the tape measure around the wheel’s grip. This mostly ranges between 2 – 5 inches and is also indicated in the product’s details.
  • Buy a steering cover that matches the measurements you took. Elastic or stretchy covers have a good fit. For the stitching type, exact measurements have to be taken as indicated above. The covers come in different colours, designs, and styles that you can choose from. When buying your steering wheel cover, it is good to find a cover that matches the material of your vehicle.
  • Once you have purchased the steering wheel cover, fitting would not be a problem as most of them come with instructions for installing at the back of the package. Just put it on as you would wear your sweater or jumper.
  • Now, clean the steering wheel cover and the wheel itself using a clean rag to remove dust and dirt that might otherwise remain under the cover.
  • If you are installing a stretchy type of cover, use a blow dryer to soften the steering wheel cover to make it easy to install. Blow each section of the cover for about 5-10 seconds and install it immediately. Do not let it cool. Otherwise, it will harden, and you will have to start all over again.
  • Slide the top of the steering wheel cover over the top of the wheel until fully covered and continue on around. Pulling the bottom of the cover over the wheel may test your mettle. Resist the urge to throw the whole thing away and securely cover the wheel. In case you need to reposition the cover, remove it from the wheel and repeat the steps above.

How to Put a Steering Wheel Cover

If you are installing a stitching type of steering wheel cover, skip the blow dryer part above and continue as follows;

  • Centre the wheel then place the cover over it and ensure that the flaps are in line with the spokes in the steering wheel. It is good to note that some covers come with adhesive tape that can be applied to the wheel to hold the cover better. Most stitching types of steering wheel covers fit loosely around the wheel, so don’t be alarmed if you notice this.
  • Most of the stitching type wheel covers come with the lacing, and if your steering wheel cover did not come with the lacing string, you could still purchase it. In that case, put the lacing string through the needle hole and tie a knot on one end.
  • Sew near the top of the spokes on the steering wheel and push the needle through the hole on one side of the cover on the furthest side from you. Pull the needle so that the thread is pulled all the way through and stops at the knot.
  • Continue stitching the rest of the cover until the whole wheel is nice and warm within its new cover.

Why Put on Steering Wheel Cover?

Aside from looking good, a steering wheel cover adds grip. This is especially good for safety as it ensures you have control at all times. When your car loses its brakes, or you have a tire burst, then the grip function of the cover gives you added control of the vehicle.

Besides, the cover makes driving easy and comfortable when it is very cold. The steering wheel cover does not get cold during winter. Without it, the wheel would feel like ice, increasing chances of improper handling since no one wants to touch a cold wheel.

After all, is said and done, steering wheel covers are pretty easy to install. You can get one that is to your liking at any general store around. Fitting and installation is a breeze as indicated above. For those wintry drives, be sure to have a wheel cover so that you don’t accidentally let go of the ice-wheel and break your neck. Ha-ha!

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