How to Puncture a Tire with a Screwdriver: Everything You Need to Know!

Using a screwdriver for puncturing a tire is challenging since it is not that sharp to slash a tire. However, what can you do when it is the only available piece that you can use for slashing tires? Whether it is for testing purposes or you are trying to prank someone, screwdrivers can be of great help.

We researched all you should know before using screwdrivers on tires and slashing purposes. Additionally, we compiled a list of the most common questions and answers. Apart from that, we have also discussed alternative methods you can use to flatten tires quietly. So, let us dive right into the guide and discover the essential tips.

Can You Pop a Tire with a Screwdriver?

Yes, it is pretty easy to pop a tire using one due to the piercing screwdriver structure. Although it does the required work, it is still not taken as the best option for popping tires. Unlike other substances made of rubber, tires have a thicker outer covering for giving suitable friction on roads and sandy areas. So, it would not help using that tiny amount of force to puncture something like a tire’s rubber.

Can You Pop a Tire with a Screwdriver

Hence, if you think a screwdriver is the only thing you got left with, you can try the method. However, when you push it in the rubber, try to go as deep as possible. Otherwise, the tiny holes would not help. Moreover, the easiest way is to choose the tire’s sidewalls since damaging the thread would lead you nowhere.

The reason relies upon the safety of the material. The tread has a lot of metal wiring just below it, and we do not want to come in contact with that. It is expensive to install the new one, but you would also need to replace the entire tire in the future. Hence, keep these points in mind before you decide to pop a tire.

How Do You Puncture a Tire Quickly?

First, if it is for a simple grudge, we would recommend you avoid getting yourself in trouble. It is, however, important at times to watch out for our safety. Especially the moment when you feel like someone is following you and it seems creepy, and that is when you will want to puncture their tires as quickly and intelligently as possible.

How Do You Puncture a Tire Quickly

Inflating it instantly, however, could create noise, so you will have to decide whether or not to do so. In contrast, the following method is to slowly poison it and leave it there for it to perform the magic. If you choose the first one, you need to be extra careful as it will cause a big sound and might even cause a blowout that might injure you.

For the latter, you may use any sharp substance that you have in handy, for example, a nail, an awl, a screwdriver, or a pocket knife. All you gotta do is slash or push the sharp object with full force, and there you have it. Once again still, we suggest taking the necessary precautions and using this method only for self-defence purposes.

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Can You Stab a Tire with a Screwdriver?

Yes, it is quite straightforward. Stabbing is not needed when you are using the screwdriver itself. Since the sidewalls of a tire are rather sensitive, you need a sharp object to make a hole. However, if you wish to ruin the tire entirely and have no plans to repair it, you may stab it wherever you want to.

Can You Stab a Tire with a Screwdriver

This way, the tire would flatten almost instantly. Moreover, be careful of the blowout in this case. Also, it might create noise if you are planning to stab a tire. Another better option is to pull the valve stems instead, and it is way faster than puncturing the tires for flattening purposes.

How Do You Deflate a Tire Fast?

Sometimes you might feel like the tire is over-pumped with air and needs some deflation. As such, all you have to do is locate the valve. Valves are usually inserted to control the airflow inside, and once you find your tire’s stem, the following procedure is as simple as water. Nevertheless, a screwdriver might deflate the tire, but it would take longer and cause damage.

Try searching for it nearer to the ends, and you will see some tube. That is the opening right there. Now, remove the cap covering the valve, and it should start releasing air. The amount of air you wish to remove would need to be taken into consideration. If you want to deflate completely, leave the valve open for quite some time, and it will do all the work in the meantime.

The time needed for inflation may also vary depending on how often you inflate your tires. However, we do not recommend over-inflating the tires due to the greater expectancy of accidents. Especially in cold weather, a car with overinflated tires can have traction issues on the road. Hence, do it with careful attention and use a tire gauge instead whenever you try inflating.

What Are the Alternatives?

If you are trying to puncture someone’s tire and want to keep it a secret, you can choose to use better options. For instance, nails and pocket knives make less noise and slash the tires open quicker. Some people even prefer using valves stems from doing several cuts on the sides to damage the tire.

However, slashing tires might even lead to a quick blowout, and for longer drives, it would damage the entire tire. So, you would have to replace it altogether. Also, be aware of the area since most places are secured with CCTV cameras, getting you in serious trouble.


Although slashing someone’s tires without them knowing or taking revenge is not a good practice. And it would be best if you avoid doing so. However, the above guide may help you walk through the procedure if it is just for testing purposes. It is essential to note that the slashed tire may be hard to repair, and you might have to spend a lot of money.

You might even hurt yourself since puncturing a tire is not that easy. In addition, several countries have strict laws, and you might even have to go to jail for this action is often taken as a crime. So, just let go of the grudges and move on. Live and let live!