How To Measure Different Wheelbase? [Detailed Guide]

Wheelbase means the length between the front and center of a vehicle’s rear wheels. Do not confuse it with the length of your car; the wheelbase more or less measures how long a car’s passenger compartment is. So you get the idea of how big the interior is.

Moreover, the wheelbase’s length greatly impacts the vehicle’s stability and overall control. Short vehicles lack this. However, let’s see how to measure wheelbase.

Measuring Wheelbase- Things To Know And Understand

Firstly, What is a wheelbase? Do not confuse the length of your car with the wheelbase size. The length of a car is measured from the foremost point to the last point, whereas the wheelbase is the distance between the back and forefront wheels of an auto.

The wheelbase is gauged from the middle of the two pairs of wheels, and the result will suffice the amount of inside space in the vehicle.

Or in other words, the result means the amount of room space in the car.

Short Or Long Wheelbase?

It depends on the type of car you want to get. Both short and long wheelbases can be suitable choices. But the ones with more extended wheelbase size usually have larger track and bigger room inside since the distance is more between the axles.

The ride experience is also better and smoother with a longer wheelbase. Because as the car hits bumps, the front and back wheels will have a considerable time difference. The ride will feel more secure and steady because of the larger trace.

Alternatively, a smaller wheelbase will make room for a smaller inside space as the difference in axle length is shorter.

But if you consider riding your vehicle mostly inside the city, then these short wheelbases will provide maximum maneuverability in city traffic by allowing harder, tighter turns.

Measuring A Wheelbase

Measuring A car Wheelbase

Do the following steps to measure a wheelbase –

Straighten The Wheels

Keep your car on the level ground first. Align the turner wheels and make them point frontward. Then, search for the midpoint of the wheels, specifically in the screws or the wheel nuts.

Find A Straight Stick

Get yourself a metal or wood cane or stick. It’s unnecessary to have measurement markings on it; a straight stick will work fine.

You will not get the correct measurement if you compare the distance between two wheels from the outside. Thus the stick is needed.

Place The Measuring Tool

Get a measurement tool on the middle of the back axle and another on the front. Then streak the spot in the places where the metal or wooden stick properly aligns to the center of the axle body.

Measure The Distance

Finally, get a flexible ruler or a measuring tape to count the distance between the two spots. The interval is the span of your car’s wheelbase.

Do the measurement on both sides of the wheel and then compare them with the manufacturer’s framing. Usually, it will be the same.

The Importance of Wheelbase

Now that you know how to measure your vehicle’s wheelbase, let’s talk a little about why the wheelbase is an important factor before purchasing your car.

A longer wheelbase will give more stability, but if you’re rising in places with high traffic, you won’t benefit much. A car with a smaller wheelbase will limit your interior but give you room for more movement tricks so you can ride smoothly in between the traffic.

Speed-wise, you have more risk riding in a shorter vehicle if you choose fast rides. Since they lack balance, they can easily get wobbly at extreme speeds, which might result in accidents. So choose your vehicle wisely.


It might be the case that while you’re buying a car, you’re wondering what its wheelbase measurement is. It’s important to know as you’re in the process of having a vehicle.

But if unluckily (not really) your car maker failed to give you the wheelbase measurement papers, you can easily do it yourself.

Measuring a wheelbase is not a big deal at all. As you can see in the above steps, anybody could do the job with the correct tools and knowledge.

It doesn’t require you to be a pro in any sense. By performing these simple steps, you can have the assurance that you know how to compute the wheelbase and not just estimate randomly.

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