How To Dispose Of Halogen Bulbs: A Definitive Guide

Halogen bulbs are efficient and durable if you compare it with incandescent bulbs. You can even buy it at a cheaper rate and can save money for your future purpose. It can be used for outdoor lighting, under cabinet lighting, playground lighting, and many more.

But one thing to keep in mind is that the lifespan of this bulb is not very high. You can use it for 800 to 1200 hours maximum. So, this shows that after the time expires, you need to recycle and while doing that you must dispose of it safely.

In this article, you will get to know the important points regarding the way to dispose of halogen bulbs.

Read on to find out more.

What Are Halogen Bulbs?

Halogen bulbs consist of a tungsten filament which is enclosed by halogen gases. When the switch is turned on, the tungsten evaporates, and there is a chemical reaction that happens between the gas and the filament. In this way, the bulb lightens up.


The reason for its durability in comparison to the incandescent bulb is that the heated gas mixes with the evaporated tungsten and gets itself deposited again to the filament so that it can be used further. So this recycling process makes it long-lasting in comparison to the traditional incandescent bulbs.

In case of a regular incandescent bulb, the tungsten attaches to the glass of the lamp during the time of illumination. Proper use of this bulb leaves a black mark on the glass which becomes permanent. With time, the light gets dimmer, and the lifespan decreases.

Though halogen bulbs are more efficient than regular bulbs, the heat energy dissipated by it is enormous in comparison to CFL bulbs (Compact Fluorescent) or LED bulbs (Light Emitting Diode). LED lamps are currently the most demanding bulbs all over the world as it is very efficient and environmentally friendly.

Moreover, the lifespan is enormous compared to halogen bulbs, and it does not dissipate much heat energy. Though this bulb is expensive in terms of price and installation, the lighting system in halogen consumes more power.

As the lifespan of the latter bulb is shorter, you need to change bulbs continuously with the time of its expiration.

A Definitive Disposal Guide

Start your task by carefully removing the bulb from the light fixture. You must make sure that the bulbs are cooled down as halogen bulbs emit heat energy when they are illuminating. When you are completely sure that it is cooled, pull it gently, and if you are finding it tough to pull out, twist it slightly.

Be patient with it and do not drop it or else you will have a hard time doing your disposal.

Once you are done with that task, put the bulb gently in the original box that it came with and if you have lost the box, use the packet of the new one. You can also wrap the used bulb with paper and put it in the trash directly.

Halogen bulbs can be dumped directly into the dumpster as it is considered safe, but it is best if you wrap it first and then do the disposal. There are no federal laws regarding the way to safely dispose of a bulb. As the bulbs consist of halogen gases, it is better to save yourself and the environment from getting harmed.

You can even contact your local recycling center and can find out whether they will accept your used bulbs or not. In this way, you can get your job done without any physical effort from your side.

Benefits of Proper Disposal

You will make your environment greener by preventing any toxic gases from releasing into the atmosphere. Disposal of the bulbs will make sure of that.

Benefits of Proper Disposal

Your activities will influence your family members or neighbors regarding proper disposal, and they also can educate others about it. In this way, a trend will be formed that will help everyone contribute to the welfare of society.

Things To Keep In Mind

Check the bulb whether it is cooled down or not and then pull it out gently.

When you pull out the bulb from the socket, make sure that the switch is turned off, or else you will get an electric shock.

If you have kids, do the disposal in a place that is out of their reach.

Wrap the bulb every time while doing the disposal. Use a newspaper or a magazine paper for this purpose.


As you have read up to this point, you now are aware of the ways you can dispose of a bulb. Stay safe. Have a good day!

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