How To Clean Leather Steering Wheel Easily and Properly?

Where is the dirtiest place in your car, I asked. The steering wheel, they said.

Truer words were never uttered. LOL.

The steering wheel is by far the dirtiest place in your car. The boot has got nothing on it. Your hands waste more time on the steering wheel than any other part in your car.

Thus, the dirt beneath them, sweat and body oils have a great impact on the cleanliness of this most striking part of the car.

You may say that you are a germaphobe and your hands are always clean. True, but did you ever consider that your hand lotion also contributes to the wear and tear of the wheel?

Naah, you didn’t. Because you only think of yourself and not the car.

Let me show you how to clean it up.

Cleaning the Steering Wheel

A clean steering wheel is ideal, not only for aesthetic purposes but also for safety. All the grime and products collected on it affect a driver’s control of the car.

Trust me, a slipper wheel can well be the cause of an accident. So, listen up on how to clean it.

Leather steering wheels are feared by most as they seem to require a lot of maintenance. Fear not, for I have come to help you change that mentality.

Cleaning your leather steering wheel is fast and easy. Give your car a loving rub now and then, and it will give you many years of service looking elegant, shiny and clean.

Below are a few steps that will make your leather cleaning journey fast and easy.

First Things First

Open the door to your car to access the steering wheel. Done? The next thing is to take off all those layers of dirt that make your wheel look old, dull and disgusting.

A dirty steering wheel is no picnic to look at. The healthiest method to do this is to use a damp cotton cloth with a little leather cleaner.

steering wheel

Yeah, a little stretches a long way, so you need not overdo cleaner. However, a leather shoe cleaner is a good alternative where car cleaner is not available.

Wipe the steering wheel gently; leather scars easily as this speeds up its tearing process. Be gentle, and it will reward you for your efforts.

Wipe Off Excess Cleaner Once Done

This is crucial since the excess cleaner makes the wheel slippery, making driving hazardous. Use a clean cotton towel to wipe off the product.

If using the same towel you applied the leather cleaner with, wash it with a little water then gently wipe away the excess cleaner. Using a clean cloth ensures that dirt is not transferred back to the steering wheel and ultimately to your hands.

Dry It Off

Next, take a soft towel and dry off your wheel. Any moisture and excess cleaner that was remained in the preceding step is taken care of at this stage.

Nourish the Leather

Leather requires love and attention. Therefore, in order to maintain its durable and soft feeling, its oils need to be replenished. This can be readily resolved by using a leather conditioner.

Using your hands, squirt a little conditioner on them and gently massage your steering wheel. Hands easily get to the bends of the wheel unlike using cloths for this stage. Another advantage of this is that you get to soften your hands too.

It’s a win-win scenario if I ever saw one (that’s a joke by the way). Allow the oils in the conditioner about half an hour to soak into the leather and do their magic.

Next, wipe off the excess with a clean and soft cloth. Again, wiping off the excess ensures that your wheel is not slippery. And hence, the danger of operating a slippery steering wheel is eliminated.

Final Words

The best way to prevent grime from accumulating on the steering wheel is wiping it off before driving. Making a habit of this keeps the wheel dirt-free and also makes deep cleaning more comfortable and faster.

Besides, you will always be treated to a shiny companion every day and make your life classier and easier in the process. You might also want to use a steering wheel cover.

Leather steering wheels are daunting to many people as they perceive that cleaning them is a hard task. By following the simple steps above, your life will be so much simpler. You will also be able to enjoy the material for a longer time.

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