How to Change the Battery in Chevy Key Fobs?

Keeping a Chevy key fob is undoubtedly cheap and does not require any programming changes. Additionally, it is an excellent replacement for ordinary car locks that might be expensive and time-consuming. The key fob uses a standard battery available at most drugstores.

So, have you been bearing your sluggish key fob? The battery might be to blame! Sometimes key fobs become slow when the battery is on the verge of dying. In this case, you should learn how to change the battery in a key fob.

In this article, we have discussed everything related to the battery replacement of the Chevy key fob.

Chevy Key Fob Battery Replacement

Chevy Key Fob Battery Replacement

Follow these steps to replace the dead battery in your Chevy key fob easily:

  • Start with taking out the metal key by pressing the chrome button on the key fob’s side.
  • Disconnect the circuit board and buttons from the key fob.
  • Now using a small flathead screwdriver, detach the old battery.
  • Attach a new CR2032 3V battery carefully and mind the position of the old battery.
  • Lastly, place and fix the components back in your key fob.

Key fobs may wear or crack over time. However, one can repair the key to avoid the need for a new one, and in case of a dead battery, you should follow the above-discussed process.

What Type of Battery Does a Chevy Key Fob Need?

CR2032 3V is the most common battery used in the Chevy key fob. It is the most famous battery for all types of key fobs globally. The battery will display some numbers that tell the battery’s diameter (i.e. width) and height. In the case of CR2032, it is 20 mm wide and 3.2 mm tall. While C expresses “lithium chemistry battery” and R is for “round.”

Some other standard batteries for key fobs are CR1616, CR2016, VL2020, CR2025, and CR2450.

Should a Key Fob Be Reprogrammed After Changing Its Battery?

Yes, you will need to reprogram the key fob after changing its battery for it to work. Otherwise, you might face issues with keyless entry.

If you face any problem with your key fob after replacing the battery, then start your car’s ignition using the START button on your key fob. Other than that, you should avoid interfering with the key fob’s circuit, specifically with bare hands.

Sometimes a malfunctioning battery may make memory cards stop working. This is the main reason behind faulty key fobs.

How Do I Program a Chevy Key Fob?

To program your Chevy key fob by yourself, follow these steps:

  • Start by unlocking your car manually with your Chevy key.
  • Close and lock all of the doors of your vehicle.
  • Now put the key into the ignition, but don’t start the vehicle.
  • Hold down the unlock button on the driver’s side door and rotate the key to “on.”
  • Ensure that the ignition doesn’t turn on except the interior lights and radio.
  • Turn the key to “off” and then “on,” repeat the same procedure frequently (on-off-on-off).
  • Let go of the unlock button.
  • As soon as you release the unlock button, you will notice door locks activating and inactivating.
  • Now you can start the programming sequence.
  • Grab your Chevy key fob and hold down the “unlock” and “lock” buttons simultaneously.
  • Carry on with it until you see door locks activate and inactivate again.
  • This indicates that you’ve successfully programmed your key fob.
  • Finish the programming sequence by putting your key fob back in the ignition and turning it on.

You can follow these guidelines to program your key fob regardless of the key type. However, if you find any difficulty during the process, you can check out your car’s user manual.

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What Is The Reason My Car Does Not Detect My Key Fob?

When your car stops detecting your key fob, you might get restricted from locking/unlocking car doors and even starting the engine.

What Is The Reason My Car Does Not Detect My Key Fob

These are some possible reasons your car is unable to detect your key fob:

  1. Your key fob’s battery is faulty or dead.
  2. The key fob is cracked or broken.
  3. Your vehicle is no longer programmed with it.
  4. Your car’s battery may be low.
  5. The keyless entry system is malfunctioning.

How to Unlock Your Car With a Faulty Key Fob?

If you want to enter your car with a faulty key fob, follow these steps:

  • Locate the sliding button on the backside of your fob.
  • You can either slide or press the button to remove the key fob cover.
  • Now pull out the mechanical key and use it to unlock the car’s door.

How to Start the Engine With a Faulty Key Fob?

  • Get into your vehicle and look for the “start” button.
  • Now using your key fob, press the start button.
  • Try warming the key fob up with your breath if it is cold, as the cold may restrict the key fob’s function.


You may notice that your key fob’s range starts decreasing, and you can’t use it while sitting at your home to lock your car from a distance. Your key fob may only work from roughly 10 to 15 feet away from your car. This is a sign that your key fob has a weak battery.

You can pursue the tips mentioned earlier to conveniently change your key fob battery for a quick and easy fix!