How To Bypass Fuel Pump Relay On Chevy Truck?

A bad fuel pump relay can diminish your vehicle’s normal functioning and ability. You can face problems starting your car if the pump relay is not failing.

Hence, the best solution is to bypass the fuel pump relay on your Chevy truck. By doing this, you would keep it in a running position.

How Do I Start A Jump Fuel Pump On A Chevy Truck?

Bypassing a fuel pump relay typically means changing the power path from relay to fuel pump. To do so, use a metal conductor to divert the electricity from PCM to the pump relay.

The process to bypass the fuel pump relay is not length. It would typically take you 30 minutes to 45 minutes to complete the process. Follow the most straightforward steps to begin. These are:

How Do I Start A Jump Fuel Pump On A Chevy Truck

Locate The Relay

To locate a relay, make sure you park your Chevy truck on a flat space as unlevel surfaces would make your task difficult.

Now open the bonnet of the car and locate the fuel pump relay. There are many possible places where you can find it in your Chevy truck’s bonnet.

However, it should be near the fuse box, battery terminals, behind the headlamp on the driver side, or in the corner of the engine. The fuel pump relay is a black box made of plastic.

Disconnect Battery Terminals

In this step, you have to detach the battery terminals and disconnect the black negative wire from the terminals.

However, there is no restriction in this step. You can remove both terminals if you find it easy.

In addition, studies about bypassing fuel pump relay advise that it is better to remove negative cable only.

Connect Cables

Connecting cables should cope with disconnecting wires. Therefore, remember what you had done in step two.

Join positive the red wire from the jumper cable to its respective battery.

Make sure no metal or conductor of electricity is near your connecting cables because cable ends can be destroyed if touched by any conductors during the process.

Start Your Chevy Truck’S Engine

Start your Chevy truck’s engine and leave it for 15-20 seconds. Do not drive the car at this point, as it will give the engine some stay and heat to warm up. However, ensure that you connect all the wires correctly.

Thereafter, turn off your truck’s ignition switch. You will undoubtedly feel the difference compared to the old condition of your vehicle.

Light Colors On The Fuel Gauge

The light on the fuel gauge should be green. However, the lights will not necessarily be green after disconnecting and connecting battery terminals. You can observe a wider variety of colors.

The dashboard might turn red, yellow, and green. If the light is continuously green, repeat the connecting and disconnecting steps. There is a chance you have not performed the steps correctly.

How To Know If Your Fuel Pump is Failing

Before you bypass the fuel pump relay on your Chevy truck, you first need to determine if your fuel pump relay is faulty. There are some signs to identify a problem in the fuel pump relay.

How To Know If Your Fuel Pump is Failing

Check if the Engine Light Is Illuminating

A tell-tale sign of a bad fuel pump relay is fuel pressure. A sensor denotes the uneven fuel pressure, and the wrong pressure will turn on the engine light. It is a safety feature in every vehicle and Chevy truck.

Moreover, the voltage level gets skewed if your pump relay is bad. Therefore, the ECU will turn the check engine light on to show the altered status of voltage.

Noiseless Fuel Pump Relay

If you turn on your Chevy truck and there is no sound, it is a sign you have a damaged fuel pump, and you need to do bypass the fuel pump relay. Usually, the fuel pump relay produces a sharp noise, indicating pressure forming in the fuel rail.

Hence, if you do not hear any noise or sound turning on the ignition switch, there is a chance your fuel pressure is not building.

Tools You Need to Bypass a Fuel Pump Relay

To bypass the fuel pump relay, you might need a few tools. To perform the process correctly, you need a set of wrenches, cords, cables, and a new pump relay. In some cases, you might need a new ignition switch.

However, if you face complexity connecting to a motor pump and jump cables, it is recommended that you find a vehicle technician who will fix the issue or guide you in fixing it yourself.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bypassing a Fuel Pump Relay

1. Can You Bypass The Fuel Pump Relay?

Yes, sometimes you need to bypass the fuel pump relay. You can do it by following some basic steps, and you can easily find these steps on different forums.

Above all, the steps include disconnecting battery terminals and connecting correct wires to level the pressure of the gas tank.

2. Can I Bypass A Fuel Pump Relay With A Paper Clip?

Yes, you can jump a relay with a paper clip. If you do not have jump wires or don’t know how to use them, paper clips would work fine.

However, it would be best if you kept in mind that while using paper clips to bypass a fuel pump relay, you shouldn’t ground it. The best way to use paper clips is by shoving them in. Bend the paper clips to an adequate size, and they will work fine.


If you own a Chevy truck, you may want to know how to bypass a fuel pump relay. There are many forums online on how to do so. However, we always suggest getting to the root cause before taking any steps. Additionally, finding the problem takes you halfway to the solution.

Taking good care of the maintenance of your Chevy truck, replacing old parts with new ones, and checking the quality of diesel can help solve multiple problems, such that you may not have to bypass the fuel pump relay on your vehicle.

Furthermore, you should test the quality of its components frequently. Problems related to the fuel pump relay are not difficult to solve, and you need to follow the most straightforward steps to bypass the fuel pump relay.

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