How to Adjust Uhaul Mirrors? – Easy 3 Steps Guide

When driving a vehicle, one of the first rules is that you need to know your blind spots. It is easy to drive a car because you have a better view from the side mirrors.

The case is usually different with a Uhaul truck. It may get a little bit tricky to see the front and behind using mirrors. You need to know how to adjust Uhaul mirrors to avoid accidents and to have a safer trip.

Since trucks are enormous and are so high off the ground, the rearview mirror is usually blocked, which is why truck drivers often rely on their side mirrors.

The side mirrors of trucks are larger than what you see on sedans. Most often than not, trucks have more oversized mirrors extended farther away from the cab.

Adjusting these mirrors to see better is not as difficult as people think, do not be intimidated by the truck’s size.

How Do You Adjust the Side Mirrors?

If you are new to driving a truck, you may follow these simple steps in adjusting your Uhaul mirrors using the four-directional control pad.Adjust the Side Mirrors

Step 1: Adjust the Driver’s Side Mirror

Bend your head towards the window from a seated position on the driver’s side. Make sure the side mirrors are in a perpendicular position to the cab. Pull the mirror in towards you. You can already stop pulling when you see a small part of your truck on the right side of the mirror. Once you have done this, move your head to the normal position. Keep your head straight and start pulling the top of the mirror down so you can see the road, bottom tailgate lights, and the lane that extends down behind your truck.

Step 2: Adjust the Passenger Side Mirror

Once again, make sure the mirror is in a perpendicular position. Look towards the cab’s midsection. Pull the mirror toward you until you see a small part of your truck on the left side. Move your head to a normal position you assume while driving and continue pulling down the mirror until you see the ground next to the vehicle at the bottom part of the mirror. Please note that this mirror has less peripheral visibility, so it should come down lower than the driver’s side mirror.

Step 3: Check Both Mirrors

From your position as the driver, look at the view on both mirrors to know if the view covers up to 200 feet behind the truck. However, if you are not yet comfortable with your view, you may adjust the mirrors slightly upwards and out. But remember that you should still see the road behind your peripheral vision as this is a blind spot.

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How Do I Get My Mirrors Adjusted?

Most truck drivers use convex mirrors in their vehicles, which help increase safety when driving, lowering chances of collision. These are also called blind spot mirrors, which eliminate the blind spots on the left side of the vehicle perpendicular to the rear tire.How Do I Get My Mirrors Adjusted

You can adjust your mirrors independently using the control pad on the driver’s side or manually.

Also, convex mirrors should be far down and far out from the truck to allow you to see the truck’s side and the lane on the adjacent side.

Always remember that convex mirrors should give you complete visibility of the lane adjacent to you and the angle that runs down at the side of the truck, allowing you to see the taillights.

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How to Test if Your Mirrors Are Well-Adjusted?

To do this test, you will need some support. Ask a friend for help. Find a suitable space for your truck in a large parking lot. Let your buddy drive by your vehicle as if he is passing you. Look intently at your side mirrors until the car disappears from the side mirrors, then look at the convex mirror. You should see the car in your convex mirror. If this is the case, it means that your mirrors are well-adjusted.

Can You Adjust the Side Mirrors

Whether driving a regular-sized car or a big vehicle like a truck, you can adjust the side mirrors to better your rearview. Your best bet is to do so while you are strapped in your seat belt since this is the position you assume while driving.


Seeing dangerous things and situations is easier if you have a clear view of your surroundings. Driving a big vehicle like a truck is more complicated than an average-sized car. Calculating the distance of the vehicles and objects around your large vehicle is harder; thus, well-adjusted mirrors are vital. Checking your mirrors from time to time will help you ensure your Uhaul truck has no blind spots. It would be best if you did this quickly before moving your vehicle.