How to Adjust Electric Choke on Edelbrock Carb?

Edelbrock is among the leading designers, manufacturers, and suppliers of the best quality automotive spare parts. This is a US-based company where you will get world-class facilities. One of the products from Edelbrock is the carburetors. Carbs from Edelbrock are for classic cars and other best street performance machines. Furthermore, there are two essential carbs models from Edelbrock. All this fits more engine sizes properly from various manufacturers.

Edelbrock offers electric choke and manual choke design carburetors for accommodating cold starting requirements that require extra fuel. The electric version uses an electrically heated coil which expands while heating for the plate to open. In this article, you will learn how to adjust the electric choke on the Edelbrock carb.

How Do You Adjust Electric Choke on an Edelbrock 1406?

Following is a step-by-step concise guide on how to adjust the electric choke on an Edelbrock 1406. Let’s go through it.How to Adjust Electric Choke on Edelbrock Carb

Step 1:

Open your car’s bonnet and take the air cleaner out. You will find a black and round disc located on the right side of the carb which is held with three screws. Furthermore, you will also get two wires plugged into the disc. These cables deliver the internal heating coil power, which helps in opening and closing the choke plate by expanding and contracting.

Step 2:

You need to loosen the screws holding the black disc in this step. On the top surface of the choke, you will find index marks. The factory preset is at the center between these marks. The engine will get more gas when it’s cold if the choke is indexed to the right side, and the motor will get less fuel when moved to the left.

Remember, you need to change the choke depending on how your vehicle moves when it’s cold. When your truck backfires and stumbles, this is an indication that it needs extra fuel. Alternatively, if your car is non-responsive when you accelerate and bog down, it requires less gas.

Step 3:

Tighten the screw and test your car to confirm if the choke is appropriately set. If your vehicle moves properly after selecting the choke, you are ready to go. However, if it doesn’t, you can wait for some time for the choke coil and the engine to completely cool to make other adjustments.

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Can One Adjust an Electric Choke?

Yes, you can. When you cannot start your car’s engine, first, you need to change the carburetor choke circuit to a cold engine. Remember, the adjustment should be made before you start the engine. The moment your engine has warmed up, even if it ran for 30 seconds, choke fine-tuning will be good. The choke consists of the spring, a thermostatic coil, or a counterweight.Can One Adjust an Electric Choke

It would be best to bend the choke lever to have proper tension to make adjustments. Else you can turn the thermostatic coil with three screws. To achieve this, you should loosen the screws, make adjustments, and when done, remember to tighten them.

The choke will open when you start the engine since it will pull fresh air through the carburetor. Moreover, heat from the machine will be weak to the thermostatic coil or spring.

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How Does an Edelbrock Electric Choke Work?

Electric choke gets its current when the ignition is “on.” This makes the bimetallic coil expand to open the choke. Moreover, the spring will cool down and contract to close the choke when the engine is off.How Does an Edelbrock Electric Choke Work

Below the dark plastic cap, you will get a flat coil spring. The spring has two metal alloys joined to offer various heat expansion values. Every metal expands when heated. These two metals have two different expansion rates; therefore, they will unwind when the spring is hot since one surface is longer than the other. When cooled, it winds back.

Why Do Carburetors Pop?

A carburetor helps in regulating the fuel and airflow to the engine. Modern cars don’t come with a carburetor. Instead, we have automatic direct fuel injection. Cars with carburetors needed cleaning and maintenance for air and fuel to flow properly. When your carburetor produces a popping sound, it’s a result of a backfire. Some of the major causes of this sound are a lean mixture of fuel and air, inappropriate ignition timing, and problems with the fuel system.


Since now you understand that an electric version of carburetors uses an electrically heated coil to expand and contract to open and close the plate. This guide tells you how to adjust the electric choke, you should be able to fix it immediately when your vehicle doesn’t start. With the best quality carburetors from Edelbrock, your vehicle will offer the best performance.