How Much Does A Carburetor Cost?

Although carburetors are phasing out of advanced vehicles, many older ones still depend on this traditional engine unit to work well. A damaged or failed carburetor affects driving and may also reduce fuel economy. It can also potentially lead to more engine problems down the line.

If you are looking for effectiveness, absolute performance, or to repair a beautiful classic vehicle, you will discover a vast range of replacement and genuine carburetors at affordable prices. You can choose from top manufacturers such as Holley, Redline performance, Edelbrock, Motor craft, and Volkswagen.

How a Carburetor Works?

Carburetors vary significantly in terms of complexity and design. The most basic is a vertical air hose located at the top of the engine cylinder, with a parallel fuel hose attached to one end.

How a Carburetor Works

The venturi is like a crimped pipe segment, which adjusts the amount of air that flows through the carburetor’s mouth. The rise in airflow will lead to a pressure difference between the venturi and the floating chamber, resulting in a more significant inflow of fuel.

When Should You Change Your Carburetor?

Knowing that your vehicle’s carburetor is essential for the engine’s performance. Knowing when the carburetor needs to be replaced is vital.

When Should You Change Your Carburetor

Before we talk about how much a carburetor costs, let’s look at the signs that show your carburetor needs a replacement.

Black Smoke

Black smoke is common in vehicle exhaust pipes and generators. When there is a cloud of black smoke coming out of your vehicle, or bike exhaust, know that a high flow of petrol passes through your carburetor, which needs your attention.

Poor Engine Performance

Once your carburetor is bad, the performance rate of your engine drops. There will be a reduction in its efficiency, sluggish acceleration, and less power. These are clear indications that the carburetor is not supplying enough fuel.


A bad carburetor can cause your car to overheat. Your car can overheat and backfire because your engine struggles to perform. If you continue to run a lean engine, this will cause severe damage to the engine.

Bad Fuel Meter

A faulty fuel meter can make it challenging to start your car, plus stalling issues.

Now that you have seen some signs that will help you know a bad carburetor let’s see how much a carburetor costs.

How Much Does It Cost?

The price of most carburetors depends mostly on a car model or make and year of make. The performance you need from your engine also determines the price. Furthermore, to get the best out of your engine, you must get an exact match of the old carburetor.

For example, a Ford EU2000i carburetor varies from the Corolla 1998 model. So a fixed venturi varies from a variable venturi carburetor. There is a difference in manufacturers or brands, as some brands are known for high-quality carburetors.

Carburetor Types and the Right Pick For You

As stated earlier, knowing the type of carburetor in your car is very crucial. There are several configurations and sizes of carburetors. Here are the three general types of carburetors.

  • Constant Choke Carburetor: The fuel and airflow regions of the constant choke carburetor are always kept constant. However, the difference in pressure or depression that propels the air and fuel flow differs according to the engine’s need. This category includes Zenith and Solex carburetors.
  • Variable Venturi: In this carburetor, the fuel supply is mechanically controlled. The airflow regulates the fuel supply.
  • Fixed Venturi: The fuel flow in a fixed venturi carburetor is regulated by the rate of airflow.

How Do You Choose Your Carburetor?

Every combustion engine has a specific type of fuel system. Carburetor engines have a specific induction and collection system designed for each type. Ensure you check the type, model and size of the carburetor designed for your engine to know if it fits and works properly before buying one.

How Do You Choose Your Carburetor

Less complicated system configurations help in the replacement of similar products made by other manufacturers. Cars of the 1940s and 70s are the most prominent ones for replacement carburetors. Putting in a carburetor different from the model it is made for may affect the motion of all the parts operating uniformly in the engine.

It is also vital to consider the size of the fuel nozzles and the valve linkage.

Final Verdict

In summary, the carburetor of your vehicle requires as much care and attention as you can give it. Now that you have read the signs of a bad carburetor, types of carburetors, and costs of a new carburetor, getting a new one won’t be challenging.

We hope this article helps you find a suitable carburetor replacement for your vehicle.