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Tonneau covers are an aftermarket accessory for pick-up trucks. They fit over the loading bed and reduce air drag, improving the vehicle’s aerodynamics. This improves the truck’s fuel efficiency by 3-10%. In addition to saving on gas, they also provide security when parked, protecting against tampering or theft.

There is debate as to how much they really help with gas mileage.

How Tonneau Covers Work

Tonneau covers – what a great way to keep your goods safe and secure in your pickup bed. Plus, they can improve your gas mileage! How do they work? Let’s find out!

What are the mechanics of Tonneau covers? How do they help you save on gas? Let’s discuss!

Types of Tonneau Covers

Tonneau covers come in a variety of styles and materials. Each has its own benefits. Popular types include:

  • Soft Rolls: Flexible vinyl or canvas tarp make up this style of cover. It rolls up or down to give access to the truck bed.
  • Folding Covers: This style is made of two or three rigid panels with metal clamps. It can be opened and folded onto the cab for full access.
  • Cargo/Side Lids: These hinged covers open in a triangular shape for quick access. They protect cargo from weather and theft.
  • Hard Shell Covers: Hard aluminum or plastic materials are used for extra security and protection. They are hinged at one end and tilt up for easy access.
  • Retractable Covers: This type offers wind resistance when driving and opens for full access. A durable plastic shade rolls up into an aluminum canister along one side.

Benefits of Tonneau Covers

Tonneau covers are a hot add-on for pick-up and multi-purpose vehicles. They give drivers lots of advantages. Whether for business or pleasure, tonneau covers can boost security, improve fuel efficiency and make the vehicle look cool.

Why Should You Buy a Tonneau Cover

The covers protect items from the weather and hide them from possible robbers. In addition, they reduce drag when the car is on the road. That helps the car use less fuel and puts less pollution in the air.

Tonneau covers come in many different styles. Folding ones let you access the bed when needed. This makes the car more secure and gives it a great overall look. It’s no wonder why so many people choose tonneau covers to improve their vehicles.

Testing the Impact on Gas Mileage

Tonneau covers have become trendy on many trucks. It’s said they can raise gas mileage by 10%. Do they really work though? I ran some experiments to test this out.

Here’s what I did and the results I got:


A testing protocol was created to assess how a tonneau cover affects a vehicle’s fuel economy.

Baseline readings were first taken from two vehicles to measure the impacts of wind resistance and aerodynamics.

Two more vehicles were used. One was modified with the addition of a tonneau cover. Another set of baseline measurements were then taken.

Mileage readings were taken at two speeds (60 mph and 75 mph) over three days in windy and clear weather conditions for both vehicles.

Data from the tests was then gathered and analyzed through regression analysis. Final conclusions were made based on the data to establish if the tonneau cover had any effect on gas mileage.


Our tests showed that using a tonneau cover on your truck bed can improve gas mileage in many cases. The amount of benefit differs depending on the cover, vehicle type, and speed. Generally, drivers saw up to 10% better fuel efficiency when driving at 65 mph with a basic cargo bed cover.

The type of cover makes a big difference. Soft covers give limited benefits (2-4%) since you need to open flaps or tie them back to use them. Folding covers like tri-fold and folding, however, are designed for easy access without affecting aerodynamics. These offer more benefits (6-10% at highway speeds) when paired with side rails and seals installed inside the truck bed.

Will I Save Money If I Buy A Tonneau Cover

In our testing, we also looked at vehicles with both standard hardshell lids and fold-style covers with side rails and seals in place. Generally, both had around 7% better mileage when driving at 65mph.


In conclusion, tonneau covers have a significant effect on fuel consumption. A properly fitted cover can reduce drag, allowing the engine to use less fuel. Soft cover versions are particularly effective in reducing turbulence behind the cab area. Whether or not a tonneau cover is suitable for you depends on personal needs and preferences.

It’s always worth considering what you can save by fitting a tonneau cover. Decreased drag means less wear and tear on your truck’s engine. Plus, improved gas mileage in most cases. Investing in a quality tonneau cover may be one of the most practical decisions you make for your truck.


Misconceptions exist that fitting a tonneau cover will reduce aerodynamic drag, and improve fuel economy. Reducing drag can help with gas mileage, but the benefit is not known. Some owners reported up to 10% increase, while others saw little difference. Secure the cover properly to get the best performance.

Tonneau covers offer more than just fuel economy. They enhance truck’s look, protect cargo, provide security, reduce wind noise/drag, and have an aerodynamic design. Over time, this leads to reduced mileage costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much can a tonneau cover improve my gas mileage?

A: A tonneau cover can improve gas mileage by up to 10%.

Q: How does a tonneau cover improve gas mileage?

A: A tonneau cover improves gas mileage by reducing drag caused by wind resistance while driving.

Q: What is the best type of tonneau cover for improving gas mileage?

A: A hard tonneau cover typically provides the best results when it comes to improving gas mileage.