How Long Can A Mechanic Keep My Car? [Answered]

Are you a car owner asking yourself, “How long can a mechanic keep my car?” Well, the good news is that you are not alone. Many vehicle owners question how long their automobile may remain at the mechanic’s workshop or whether their vehicle can stay at the garage overnight — unfortunately, no one-size-fits-all answer for this question.

The amount of time a technician will take on your vehicle is determined by the repairs that need to be made. Minor repairs, such as oil changes and tire rotations, might take only a couple of hours. In contrast, significant repairs might take several days, such as engine problems.

The idea is that there is no general answer on how long your automobile may remain at the garage.

Reasons That Might Cause Your Car Delay At The Garage

We might not all be mechanics, but we know when the car has taken longer than it should at the mechanic’s garage. So, what are some of the things that might cause a delay?

Reasons That Might Cause Your Car Delay At The Garage

Major Repairs

As previously stated, important fixes may cause a delay. The more complicated the damage, the longer it will take to repair your automobile. You could sometimes believe you know what is amiss with your vehicle until you get to the mechanic and the staff discovers a more significant problem. In this situation, you will have to wait a lot longer for the issues to be repaired.

Car Parts That Aren’t Available

A mechanic may have to purchase or order particular auto parts to repair your vehicle in rare situations. While certain elements are easily obtainable, others can only be obtained from component vendors across the globe. In this case, there will be a delay in shipping the components, which may delay repairing your vehicle.

An Excessive Workload

A mechanic who lacks adequate resources and staffing may find themselves with an excessive workload in addition to unavailable auto components. There may be a delay in repairing your vehicle since they are also working on other cars in the workshop.

The Mechanic Is Unsure How To Repair The Car

Another reason for a delay might be because the mechanic might not completely grasp how to repair specific damage. With the introduction of new automobile brands with complex technology, a mechanic must constantly refresh his abilities to repair a vehicle correctly.

Furthermore, some technicians specialize in certain brands of automobiles or repairs, so they may have difficulty repairing a car that isn’t their specialty. A BMW mechanic, for instance, may find it difficult to service a truck. Additionally, a mechanic specializing in electrical issues may not be qualified to rotate tires or replace brake pads.

Unintended Damages

Another probable reason for the delay is that the mechanic accidentally damaged other parts while repairing the primary damage. The technician will require more time to fix the damages in this instance.

Unanticipated Situations

There are factors outside the mechanic’s control that might cause a delay. For example, family problems or sickness may force a mechanic to leave your vehicle to attend to more urgent matters.

Overdue Fees

If you fail to pay the full amount for the services, you may be denied access to your vehicle by a mechanic. This privilege is granted to the mechanic to prevent consumers from fleeing before paying for services rendered. This rule is known as the Mechanic’s Lien.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long is too long for a mechanic?

Generally, before you leave your car at the garage, the mechanic will let you know how long the repairs will take. If the mechanic takes longer than the agreed time to finish the repairs on your car, and they have not given any valid reason, they are taking too long.

Whenever you feel the mechanic is retaining your vehicle for an unreasonable time, you should ask another auto shop for their opinion. If you have a friend who has a garage, it can also help.

Gather all the details relating to the repairs you require and provide them to another specialist for their feedback. Even though the terms of each garage vary, there is typically a clear distinction between a fair timetable and an occasion where things have gotten out of hand.

2. Can a garage legally keep your car?

Yes! One of the instances that might warrant this is when you have not settled the repair costs. The mechanic’s lien ensures that your mechanic has the right to keep your vehicle until you pay the full amount of the repair services offered. The mechanic’s lien protects the mechanic against being swindled after offering services. As a result, they have the legal right to hold your automobile until you pay off all agreed-upon debts.

3. How long does a car stay in the shop?

As earlier stated, there is no specific time that a car can stay in a mechanic’s garage. The time is determined by the repairs that need to be done. Make sure you and the mechanic agree on the time it will take to make all the repairs and have your car back.

4. Can a garage refuse to release your car?

Yes. The mechanic can legally hold your car if you have not paid the full cost of repairs.


Many automobile owners cannot be without their vehicles, so delays are problematic. There are various reasons why your vehicle may remain at a mechanic for an extended period. Some of the causes, though, are not the mechanic’s responsibility.

You may take additional steps to avoid having your automobile at the mechanic for an extended period. Communicate, establish a time limit in writing, and, if necessary, seek a second opinion on the repairs your automobile need.

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