Herculiner Hcl1b8 Brush-on Bed Liner Kit Review 2022

Are you wondering if the Herculiner hcl1b8 brush-on bed liner kit will make the right choice for your pickup truck, jeep, or another off-road vehicle?

If yes, you have come to the right place.

After spending 6 hours scanning through Herculiner hcl1b8 brush-on bed liner kit reviews (we read through both negative and positive), we have come up with this unbiased review of Herculiner hcl1b8 to help you decide if it’s the best brush-on bed liner for your truck bed.

In the review, we’ll look at this bed liner’s KEY benefits you’ll enjoy, its advantages and disadvantages, and we’ll answer a few frequently asked questions about it.

Herculiner Hcl1b8 Brush-on Bed Liner Kit

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Features and Benefits:

Tough, textured & protective coating

The MAIN reason Herculiner hcl1b8 brush-on bedliner enjoys explosive popularity among owners is the extremely tough, textured protective coating it forms on your truck bed.

The coating has many benefits, like giving your truck an overall enhanced appearance—just like the professional spray-on liners.

It also helps prevent skidding and slipping in your truck, ensuring your cargo stays in one place. This helps prevent damage to your goods and enhances a quieter ride.

If you usually ride in rainy weather, the skid-proof coating will also help ensure your goods don’t move around your truck bed due to wet conditions.

The tough coating is also responsible for the bed liner’s superior resistance to chemicals, solvents, gasoline, and oil.

This thick liner will withstand years of heavy use and offer maximum protection to your truck bed.

5x thicker than other roll-ons

Thanks to the high rubber content in this Herculiner formula, it forms a coat on your truck bed that’s 5x thicker than most roll-on liners.

Wondering how this helps your truck?

Firstly, the thick coating means you’ll only need to apply a single layer to achieve the desired protection of your truck. This makes the liner more economical than formulas, which might require you to apply several coats.

Herculiner Hcl1b8 Brush-on Bed Liner Kit

Secondly, the thick layer enhances the overall durability (and longevity) of the roll-on Herculiner. With just a single layer application (first coat), you can rest assured that this coating won’t’ easily peel, chip, or bubble.

While still at it, the thick nature of this liner helps diffuse impact in your truck bed, helping keep off dents, dings, and other possible damages to your truck.

Pro TIP: If you want your Herculiner hcl1b8 brush-on liner to seal all the poles and cracks and bond strongly with your truck bed, you should take your time to do the prep work. Proper surface preparation is the SECRET to the durable, effective bed liner.

Delivers excellent rust/corrosion shielding

Another fantastic thing truck owners love about this liner is its ability to protect your truck bed from rusting and corrosion.

Unlike its competitors, this liner has a uniquely designed formula that deeply penetrates the pores and cracks of your truck bed to seal and bond with the surface completely.

The superb adhesion plus the rubber particles of this liner results in the formation of a 100% waterproof seal, which helps keep water off your truck bed and prevents rust from attaching to your truck.

The bonding also further enhances the durability of this bedliner. You won’t witness bubbling, flaking, or peeling cases as in the other roll-on bed liners.

Versatility on another level

If you thought Herculiner was just like any other brush on bed liner—made solely for truck beds—think again!

The manufacturer made this formula for use with various other surfaces such as metal, fiberglass, PVC, wood, plastic, rubber, concrete—and other surfaces where an anti-skid surface is needed.

Moreover, the bed liner comes in black, red, gray, and white color options. this means if you don’t want to stick to the classic black color, you have a variety of colors to choose from.

Above all this, the bedliner is purchasable in varying quantities. This is good news for you because you can buy the amount of liner that meets your needs.

Easy-peasy application

This Herculiner bed liner scores are exceptionally high regarding ease of use and installation.

It comes as a ready-to-use mix, so you can start using it as soon as the kit arrives on your doorstep. Everything you need for the job is included in the kit.

The box includes the following:

  • An application brush: to easily access the tight corners and spots
  • Up to two rollers: for easy, even application
  • An abrasive pad: for hassle-free preparation of your truck bed
  • A roller handle
  • A can opener for easily opening the mix, and
  • Detailed instructions on how to prime your truck bed and apply the product

The Herculiner cures faster when the humidity is high. And once accord, it can take paint to help you achieve a shiny, professional-looking finish.

A quick tip: Following the manufacturer’s instructions is always advisable. Otherwise, you end up with undesired results, like applying three coats, making you feel like you wasted your money. Some customers applied a thin first coat or primer and a thick second coat, making the product insufficient for the vehicle. The best thing you can do is go to their website and watch the video explaining the three easy steps to use the product.

  • ​Slip/skid-proof surface
  • ​Water-resistant coating
  • ​Incredibly easy to use
  • ​Withstands years of heavy-duty use
  • ​It comes in different colors; gray, red, white, and black
  • ​It helps dampen road noise
  • ​Has extended shelf-life
  • ​Holds your cargo in one place
  • ​Professional looks
  • Permanent; can’t be removed once it’s applied
  • ​Red, gray, and black kits cost more than the black kit
  • ​Must be used in a well-ventilated area
  • ​Its smell can linger for up to a week
  • ​The liner can get tack in hot weather

  • A paint tray is not included in the kit

  • ​Almost impossible to remove from your skin

Frequently asked questions:

1. How do I prepare my truck bed for herculiner?

For the best results with this Herculiner bed liner, preparation is the KEY.

This is how to do this crucial step in the right way:

  • Start by masking off the entire surface where you wish to apply the bed liner
  • Next, clean all the grime, grit, and dirt on this surface
  • Grab the abrasive pad (included in the kit) and scuff off the paint surfaces, ensuring you don’t leave any gloss patches
  • Now use xylene or acetone or MEK solution to help wipe down the surface or material
  • After the above step, you can then go ahead and start applying the bed liner as instructed by the manufacturer.

NOTE that this process will take you approx. 4 hours, and you should take your time to do it correctly.

2. How do I get rid of herculiner off my hands?

Herculiner can be almost impossible to remove from your skin, especially if it dries. So, wear nitrile gloves and be careful when applying it to ensure it doesn’t come into contact with your hands.

However, if Herculiner gets on your hands when installing it, we advise you to clean it with xylene immediately before it turns dry. Then, wash your hands with soap and water.

3. Does herculiner last?

Yes, Herculiner lasts for years. The formula contains polyurethane plus rubber granules, which form an extremely tough, thick coating that can last for several years.

However, keep in mind that this bedliner tends to fade to gray with prolonged exposure to the sunlight. You can treat it with a UV protectant to help restore its glory.

NOTE: Although we have mentioned that Herculiner is long-lasting, its durability will largely depend on how you apply it. If you do the prep job correctly and be good with your brush, the liner will last longer while offering maximum protection.

4. How long does herculiner hcl1b8 take to cure?

For a complete cure, you should give it 24 hours. You can also give your Herculiner truck bed liner around 9-12 hours to dry before you can subject it to light use.

Keep in mind that the curing process for this brush-on liner starts when it gets exposed to atmospheric pressure. The higher the humidity, the shorter the curing time.

5. How do you touch up herculiner?

If a section of your bedliner gets damaged, you can touch it with more Herculiner . This comes from the fact that the bed liner excellently adheres to itself.

However, note that you can touch it up with other coatings as it won’t adhere.

For gouging repair, you’ll have to remove the bedliner.

Our verdict

The Herculiner HCL1B8 Kit is a do-it-yourself kit that allows you to apply a durable coating to the bed of your truck or other surfaces. The kit includes a 1-gallon can of Herculiner coating, a brush, and a roller. It claims to provide a non-slip surface that prevents rust, chemicals, and impact.

Herculiner hcl1b8 brush-on bed liner has many features and benefits that make it ideal for protecting your truck bed liner from harsh elements and various forms of abuse.

It forms a tough, textured coating when fully cured that has long-lasting properties. It bonds with and seals your truck bed surface to prevent rust.

Judging from the high ratings from the Herculiner bed liner reviews, it’s no doubt that this brush-on bed liner is an excellent choice for anyone to cover and protect their pickup truck, jeep, or any other off-road vehicle from harsh weather elements and abuse.

The few flaws we have seen regarding this product are easy to fix and shouldn’t stop you from getting this DIY bed liner for your truck today.