Halogen Light Bulb Types That You Should Know About

If you are looking for an old-school light bulb or getting that ancient light experience that you might have seen in movies, then halogen light bulb could be the best choice for you.

Not only will it give you that traditional feel, but you will also be able to save energy consumption. Incandescent light bulbs are pretty much costlier and consume around 30% more energy than halogen bulbs.

So, this shows your money will also be saved along with the power. What a great combination, right?

These bulbs are commonly used in garage, cabinet, etc. and they can be found in different shapes.

Following the article, you will get to know all the information regarding halogen light bulb types. Everything will be covered for your full understanding.

Read on to find out more.

What Is A Halogen Light Bulb, And How Does It Work?

From the name, you can easily decipher that this bulb operates with the help of halogen gas.

This kind of lamp has a filament surrounded by this gas. As the switch is turned on, the filament gets hotter, and there is a chemical reaction between the gas and the tungsten (evaporates from the filament) and due to that the bulb lights up.

The glass is very thick to enclose the gas safely and to avoid any permanent black mark due to the heat and the chemical reaction.

Halogen Light Bulb Types

You will get to see various types of this bulb in the stores and all are made in different shapes. Below, you will get to know the different brands and their usages.

1. T 10

These are one of the most common halogen bulbs of all time. This is very helpful in your daily needs in terms of lighting. The shape is nice and beautiful, and the lighting is top-notch.


You can use it as your desk lamp. The light illuminates brightly. If you prefer to work on your desk and make your whole room dark, T 10 bulbs will come in handy in this case. You also can use it as a light fixture on your wall.

Choose any place in your wall where you prefer to use the light. Drill the necessary areas then make electrical connections and finish it off with fitting the bulb in the socket and you are good to go.

2. T 4

These bulbs are very much in use when it comes to microwaves. The lights that you mainly see when you turn on your microwave to heat your food is due to this bulb. These are long-lasting and efficient when it comes to energy saving.


If you prefer to add some beauty in your room, this bulb can be used as a torchiere floor lamp. The lights illuminating from it will go in an upward direction towards your ceiling, which will give an eye-catching view to anyone.

You can even use it in your kitchen as a pendant fixture and add some beauty along with your cooking skills. For the lighting fixture, T 4 bulbs are also a right choice.

3. A 19

These bulbs are oval in shape, and you might have seen it in different areas starting from your childhood. Along with the lighting system in your wall, these bulbs are also very much in use when it comes to lamps.

If you prefer to use a lamp in any corner of your room to lighten up a small portion, A 19 will come in handy in this case. Along with that, these are also in use in multiple purposes.

4. PAR 14

You can use it as your desk lamp, and the lights would get your job done very smoothly. If you prefer to install multiple views in the same area on your room or any other places, track lighting will be a great idea.


You can wire the electrical connection in a continuous direction in any position of your preferred choice. Fitting the lights and turning it on will illuminate the light in a constant manner. This lighting system will level up the beauty of your room or any place of its installation.

If you are interested in displaying only your family or personal picture in the wall, then accent lighting will fulfill your wish. You will see this kind of light in restaurants and also in different organizations. This kind of lighting system highlights beauty precisely so that it can draw the attention of everyone.

5. PAR 16 and PAR 20

The practical purpose is same for both bulb types. The only difference is their size and availability. PAR 20 is larger than PAR 16, and the former one is very much available than the latter one. These are commonly used in shopping malls and offices and are mainly installed in a hollow place of the ceiling.

PAR 16 and PAR 20

The kind of system that is used for its illumination is recessed lighting. The lights will come out in such a way that it will show that it is emerging from a hole. These bulbs are also used to showcase arts in a different art gallery and even as a spotlight. So with a strategic mind, these can be used creatively if installed appropriately.

6. MR 16

MR 16

These bulbs are pretty good in use as recessed lighting in a continuous form. Like the track lighting already mentioned above, you can apply the same technique in the hollow portion of the ceiling. These are very much common in meeting rooms and other significant areas where there are a massive amount of people in a single place.


  • Halogen light bulbs are much more efficient than incandescent bulbs as it saves energy and money.
  • The lights illuminated are soft.
  • The views spread out instantly with the time you turn on the switch and fades away the time you turn it off.
  • These bulbs are quite popular in automotive lighting (headlamps) and also in under cabinet lighting.


  • The lifespan of these bulbs is shorter if you compare it with LED and CFL bulbs.
  • You can use these smoothly for less than two years whereas LED and CFL bulbs can be used for more than ten years.


You can go for halogen light bulbs if you are looking for a replacement of incandescent bulbs. The performance and light illumination will satisfy your daily needs. Your electricity bill won’t go down that much as the one happens in case of LED and CFL bulbs, but the quality of light won’t let you down for sure.

All the best.

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