Duplicolor Bed Armor vs Herculiner: Head to Head Comparison

Duplicolor Bed Armor is a tough and weather-resistant coating that offers protection and style! Easy to apply and covers up to six quarts of the truck bed surface. Comes with a roller, an application pad, and an abrasive pad for prepping. Let’s take a look at its features and benefits!

duplicolor bed armor


Duplicolor Bed Armor is a two-part epoxy coating. It guards against rust, scratches, and other harm. It is UV-resistant and can fight off oil, gas, and automotive fluids. It can take on sharp rocks, ice scrapers, and other debris. It comes in quarts with an aerosol spray or a rollable kit.

It’s better than Herculiner brush-on bed liner. It is tougher and more flexible. It protects against salt water. The epoxy resin adheres directly, without sanding or primer. It dries fast, so you can customize your truck. It can handle high temperatures up to 400°F, so your original color won’t fade.


Duplicolor Bed Armor offers multiple advantages. Its key feature is its superior quality, due to its special proprietary formula. This formula gives it unparalleled durability and adhesion. Its packaging ensures a consistent finish with every use.

It dries quickly and cures within 24 hours, making it easy to apply to any truck bed or other surface. It can be used on steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and E-coat surfaces without prepping. It’s anti-chip and anti-skid, as well as offering excellent UV protection. Plus, it resists mildew and temperature extremes better than competitive products, making it longer lasting.


Duplicolor Bed Armor has one big downside. Prepping the truck bed before applying the coating is necessary, but can be tedious. If it’s not prepped well, it could cause uneven adhesion or cracking.

Herculiner has issues too. The cured rubberized coating isn’t as durable and can wear down quickly with heavy use and extreme weather. It can give a few years of protection, but there are better alternatives for long-term performance.

Overview of Herculiner

Herculiner is a famous DIY spray-on bed liner for trucks. It’s simple to apply and is known for its toughness. It’s a thicker coating that offers a good grip. You can use it on many surfaces to protect against rust, abrasion, and impacts.

Let’s see what Herculiner can do!


Herculiner is the original DIY truck bed liner. It’s a polyurethane-rubberized mix. Perfect for truck beds, boat decks, and other surfaces that take a beating! It’s ultra-durable, impact-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and weather-resistant. And, it’s non-slip even at -30F.

The brushable form has a black, textured finish. Spray, roll, or brush it on for a pro look. The kit includes a gallon of Herculiner, plus scrubbing pads, brushes, and more. Easy to use at home, and better than competitors like Duplicolor Bed Armor.


  • A super sticky layer prevents chips and scratches.
  • The textured finish makes it anti-skid.
  • Won’t rust, fade, or get damaged by water.
  • Soft texture eliminates vibration rattles.
  • Odor-free drying.
  • Cleanup is a breeze.


Herculiner is an eco-friendly, one-part brush-on coating. It is used on truck beds. Duplicolor Bed Armor and Herculiner both have unique qualities.

Using Herculiner has these advantages:

  1. Durability – It resists corrosion from salt, UV rays, and chemicals.
  2. Abrasion-resistant – It has a hard shell to prevent scratches.
  3. Textured grip – This increases its durability against slipping and scratching.
  4. Eco-friendly – No tar or asbestos is in its formula.
  5. Simple application – You can apply it with a brush or roller in 4 hours. No special tools are needed.


Herculiner is a two-part coating of polyurethane and rubber. It’s great for protecting the paint of your truck bed. However, it has some drawbacks:

  • Durability: Not very strong. Even minor abrasion will cause scratches or wear. Not suitable for heavy-duty activities like rock hauling.
  • Price: More expensive than four-part coatings like Duplicolor Bed Armor. Maintenance can be pricey.
  • Application: Brush or roll on with protective gloves and a respirator. Takes several hours. The bed will be unusable for 24 hours after application, to allow for curing.

Comparison of Duplicolor Bed Armor vs Herculiner

Deciding to purchase a protective coating can be tough for truckers. So, it’s essential to compare Duplicolor Bed Armor and Herculiner. How do they match up? Cost, the application process, color choices, and durability. Let’s dive in and check out the differences!

  • Cost:
  • Application Process:
  • Color Choices:
  • Durability:


Duplicolor Bed Armor and Herculiner both protect truck beds from scratches, rust, and sun fading. But how do they differ in durability?

Duplicolor Bed Armor is an aerosol. It dries quickly and the finish resists scuffs and UV rays. It also has UltraDrive technology, an additive that helps it last up to two years.

Herculiner is a brush-on product. It locks out moisture with self-leveling polymers and contains dura clear protection. This can last up to five years if applied properly.

Ease of Application

When comparing Duplicolor Bed Armor vs. Herculiner, ease of application is key.

Duplicolor Bed Armor can be sprayed or brushed on, giving more options than Herculiner which requires a brush. Depending on the surface, sprayable applications may be better for preventing clumps and providing even coverage.

For Herculiner, multiple coats are often needed for even coverage. On certain surfaces, extra coats can lead to clumps, bubbles, and an uneven finish. Duplicolor Bed Armor usually needs only one coat and no sanding. It covers up to 25 sq ft per can – more coverage than many containers of Herculiner.


Cost is one thing to consider when picking between Duplicolor Bed Armor and Herculiner. A 4×2 kit of Bed Armor is around $80, and Herculiner for the same size kit is about $100. Both require extra supplies, but the type and amount vary. For instance, Bed Armor may need sandpaper or steel wool, while Herculiner requires an acid brush or roller brush plus mineral spirits.

Extra costs must be factored in when selecting.


In the end, Duplicolor Bed Armor and Herculiner are both great for protecting your truck bed from rust, corrosion, and scratches. The Armor has a handy spray applicator making it easier to use. Herculiner might take a bit more effort, but it provides a smoother finish. Your pick comes down to personal preference.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Duplicolor Bed Armor and Herculiner?

The main difference between Duplicolor Bed Armor and Herculiner is the type of coating they offer. Duplicolor Bed Armor is a spray-on truck bed liner that provides a durable, rubberized coating. Herculiner is a brush-on truck bed liner that provides a thicker, textured finish.

What are the advantages of Duplicolor Bed Armor?

Duplicolor Bed Armor offers several advantages, including protection against rust and corrosion, UV protection, and a durable, waterproof finish. It also is much easier to apply than Herculiner, making it a good choice for DIYers.

What are the advantages of Herculiner?

Herculiner offers a thicker, textured finish that is more resistant to scratches and gives the truck bed a more custom look. It also can be applied over existing rust and corrosion, making it a good choice for older trucks.