Does Walmart Take Used Oil?

Have you ever used motor oil and looked to dump it somewhere? Well, it could be better if you sell it and earn a good amount of cash. Several large company retailers take used oil in exchange. Nevertheless, mostly these are the ones who offer oil and filter change for vehicles. Does Walmart take used oil too? This article has all the knowledge to walk you through.

We compiled a list of questions and their solutions in one place. You will find why recycling is better than simply dumping your oil. Plus, how to dispose of your used motor oil at a site like Walmart. Moreover, all other possibilities to use the oil may come in handy. So, let us find the details below.

Why Do I Need To Recycle Motor Oil?

We are all aware of the term ‘oil pollution,’ right? That is what the whole issue is about but let us break it down. When you dump used motor oil on land, it does not wear out as we think it does. Since it is not environment friendly, it stays there. Not only that, this used oil creates serious problems for the wildlife and waterbodies.Why Do I Need To Recycle Motor Oil

This leads to pollution directly or indirectly causing damage to humans. Therefore,  recycling is a preferred methodology for used oil. Moreover, recycling costs less than manufacturing new crude oil and saves money. This approach is much easier and inexpensive if we consider refining the used motor oil.

You might not be aware, but this recycled oil has many uses, especially in large industries. It goes to the fuel stations for heating boilers and space radiators. In addition, we can avoid gas pollution by burning the oil at very high temperatures. Hence, there is no need to throw it away when it is multi-helpful.

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Can I Dispose of Used Oil At Walmart?

Now comes the real question. The short answer is yes, Walmart takes used motor oil. However, it is essential to note that every center may have different policies and regulations. So, it is better to check with them beforehand.Can I Dispose of Used Oil At Walmart

Walmart centers offer oil and filter changing services, plus they take used oil. However, you should not be returning a contaminated container as it would not recycle and is useless. Most outlets do not have a fee for returning. Therefore, you can do it free.

Where they offer services for oil exchange, there is a limit to the number of times you can avail of it. Walmart has a limit of 5 gallons a day for each person. All you need to do is fill them in jugs or gallon containers. When you finish filling, an employee will sign a statement with you. Since they need to screen the oil, you do not have to dispose of it yourself.

This used oil is then sent to the oil refineries for recycling purposes. Also, it helps us cut down on the running resources of crude oil. Apart from Walmart, several other stores take used oil. Hence, if you do not have access to a Walmart outlet, you can check the nearest recycling points.

Some people ask whether they will get paid for returning the used oil, which usually depends on the recycling store. However, Walmart still does not have any policy stating that they pay for returning used crude.

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What Else Can You Do With Used Motor Oil?

Throwing or dumping your used oil is hazardous. Fortunately, now we can make the best use of it. If there is no Walmart near you, or you have contaminated used oil that you cannot return, then check these out. We have mentioned a few for your convenience. Let’s discuss the alternatives one by one.What Can You Do With Used Motor Oil

Cleaning Leather

Oil is an excellent alternative if you want to polish your leather goods. Also, you can use it for cleaning purposes and even on shoes. When applied, leave it for a few minutes before taking the layer off with the cloth. It results in a nice shiny look.

Emergency Heating

If you live in cold areas, we have a piece of good news for you. You can use your used oil to keep yourself warm and use it as a source of heating. It is an excellent volatile substance that heats up quicker. So, if you are looking for instant heating or there is a lot of wind outside, it will help you get started with the burner.

Protect Garden Tools

Similarly, a thin layer of oil coats can help your wooden or garden tools last much longer. Not only that, but you can also apply oil coating to other steel substances to avoid them from catching rust.

Lubricate Equipment

Apart from that, oil is a good lubricant. You can store used oil in small containers and use it for spraying at the door hinges to avoid cracking noise. In addition, you may also use it to prevent friction within sliding substances. However, be careful with the surfaces you apply it on as a lubricant since the chains and several other materials require a good oil blend.


Wrapping It Up

Walmart takes used oil, and it is pretty easy to exchange it to your nearest outlet. However, you should ensure that the oil you dispose of is not contaminated. Often, we add other liquids and fluids to enhance the durability of engines, but they might not work well in such situations.

So, disposing of your oil at a site is much safer for the environment and saves money. The oil you dispose of goes for recycling, which helps us save crude oil resources. Hence, make sure that it does not contain contaminations when you return it. This way, you keep the environment clean, and your budget stays full.

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