What’s The Difference Between H11 And H11b?

Headlight bulbs come in various shapes as well as sizes, and you can identify a bulb using either the bulb size or bulb number. Notwithstanding the technology that has been used in a projector bulb, whether HID bulb, halogen, or LED, bulb sizes such as h11 are always the same. However, despite this similarity, there are slight differences that you might need to reconsider before taking either an h11 or h11b projector light bulb.

About H11

The h11 is a halogen projector light bulb with a single filament. In addition, it has an L-shaped socket. The h11 headlight bulb is widely used for both headlights as well as fog lights. The lighting technology used in the h11 bulbs is LED, halogen and HID. On many vehicles, you may utilize the H11 in either low beam or high beam or fog lights. Furthermore, it is a single beam bulb that can only be utilized in one position.

About H11b

The h11b is also a halogen projector light bulb in all three technologies of LED, halogen, and HID. It shares the same filament properties as the h11.

Differences Between H11 And H11B

Despite similar technical properties, many other operational properties differentiate these two projector light bulbs. These differences are in the following properties;

Differences Between H11 And H11B

1. Filament Life

The h11 has a significantly lower filament life compared to the h11b. According to almost all car manufacturers, the h11b has a filament life of 930 hours, thrice the filament life of the h11, which is 270 hours.

2. Varied Socket Size

The h11 and h11b both feature three tabs, and one tab is usually broader than the other two. This property is the differentiating factor for these two headlight bulbs. The headlight casing for each of these two bulbs is different. Therefore, you can’t fit an h11 into an h11b casing and vice versa.

3. Interchangeability With Different Light Bulbs

H11 bulbs are cross-compatible with other headlight bulbs such as the h8, 9, and 16. If you are using either h8, 9, or 16 in your vehicle, you can comfortably interchange it with the h11.

On the other hand, the h11b is incompatible with any other headlight bulb casing except the h11b casing. Therefore, you cannot interchange the h11 with different headlight light bulbs.

4. Connection Plug

The h11 headlight bulb has an exposed connection plug. The plug is essentially identical to every standard electrical plug seen on typical household electronic equipment. In the h11, it is enclosed in the connector.

5. High Or Low Beam Lighting Bulb

You can use the H11 as both a high and low beam headlight. In addition, you can also use it for fog light. Car owners occasionally use the h11b bulbs as low beam bulbs, which is a slight difference between h11 and h11b.

6. Return Wires

H11 return wires are placed beside the broadest tab, while in the h11b, the return wires are placed on the opposite end of the broadest tab. Consequently, the two headlight bulbs require different and interchangeable sockets.

7. Installation

During installation, you will have to plug the h11 while you would twist the h11b.

Similarities Between H11 And H11B

Both h11 and h11b are single beam headlight bulbs; thus, you need two bulbs per headlight. Additionally, both bulbs come in either LED or halogen projector light bulbs.

How To Choose The Right Light Bulb?

If it is your first time changing a projection bulb, how will you know the right projection bulb to choose between an h11 and h11b? Well, this is not as hard as you imagine.

To start with, check your vehicle’s headlight and mark the widest slot position. The position of the slot is different for the h11 and h11b, which determines the position of the return wire. H11 return wires are placed beside the broadest tab, while in the h11b, the return wires are placed on the opposite end of the broadest tab. Therefore, order a light bulb that is compatible with the positioning of the slot.

How To Choose The Right Light Bulb

If you use the wrong projection bulb, it will not work properly, thus reducing performance. For example, if you wire the return wire oppositely, it will cause your vehicle’s headlight to shadow.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I Replace The H11B With An H11 Bulb?

No, you can’t replace an h11b with an h11 headlight bulb because of the different socket sizes as well as the method of installation.

2. How Do I Convert H11 To H11B?

Although quite technical, you can convert h11 to h11b. You will have to remove the electrical socket of the h11 and replace it with an h11b electrical socket.

3. What Is The Same As An H11 Bulb?

You can interchange the h11 with the h8, 9, and 16.

4. Is The H11 Bulb The Same As H11B?

Yes, the h11 headlight bulb is the same as the h11b. These bulbs are of the same bulb number and share some similar properties except for having slightly different installation styles, varied socket sizes, and placement of return wires.

Final Thoughts

You can get confused with the h11 and h11b and pick the wrong bulb. However, these two halogen bulbs have distinct differences. They have varied socket sizes and installation differences. Lastly, don’t forget to inspect the headlamp socket and headlight housing to install the bulb.

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