How To Measure Different Wheelbase? [Detailed Guide]


Wheelbase means the length between the front and center of a vehicle’s rear wheels. Do not confuse it with the length of your car; the wheelbase more or less measures how long a car’s passenger compartment is. So you get the idea of how big the interior is. Moreover, the wheelbase’s length greatly impacts the …

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What Do Wheel Spacers Do and Are They Safe? – Cargister


Do you feel like your car needs a little something extra? Have you been looking for a way to give your vehicle that added edge it needs? Look no further than wheel spacers! In this blog post, we’ll discuss why adding wheel spacers to your car can make all the difference and give your ride …

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How to Replace Wheel Studs on Disc and Drum Brakes?

replace wheel studs

Driving is both a necessity and a convenience. It has been considered a life skill for decades. In Singapore, a progressive country in Southeast Asia, high school students may not be permitted to graduate unless they know how to drive a car. Driving is also a form of catharsis for many. Because of its undeniable …

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What Can Actually Happen With A Bad Wheel Bearing?

bad wheel bearing

It is safe to say that many people own cars and have no idea about the mechanics that come with them. When your cars break down or have some minor problem, your trusty mechanic is always there to assist; at a very steep price, I’m afraid. Some basic mechanical knowledge is handy, especially if you …

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How To Measure Wheel Offset and Backspacing Properly?

measure wheel offset and backspacing

Wheel offset and backspacing are quite confusing topics. Although there are many controversies, these are extremely important concepts that all mechanics must be knowledgeable about before they start to work on or modify cars. Wheel Offset and How to Measure Wheel offset is how a wheel will sit in comparison to the suspension and body …

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How to Install A 5th Wheel Hitch on a Short Bed Truck?

install 5th wheel hitch

Traveling on highways is nothing uncommon for all of us! So when we are on those wide concreted or black-topped tracks with no access to sideways disturbances, the vision of some bulky trailers being towed down by puny trucks is also prevalent. Of course, if you are to transport the goods cargos by road, the …

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