How Long Do Tie Rods Last? A Guide to Tie Rod Lifespan

How Long Do Tie Rods Last

Ahhh, tie rods. You know them; you love them. Nearby cars can almost sense when you replace one, and your wallet dreads it every time. And this brings us to the question- how long do tie rods last? That is precisely what we’re here to answer. Tie rods support the wheels- they connect the wheel …

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How To Remove Steering Wheel Without Puller?

How To Remove Steering Wheel Without Puller

A proper how-to handbook can assist you in removing your car’s steering wheel and help you save money that you would spend on expert servicing. This simple-to-follow tutorial will ensure that you do everything correctly and that there is no danger of a mistake later on. What Tools Are Needed to Take Off a Steering …

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What Does a Broken Tire Belt Sound Like?

What Does a Broken Tire Belt Sound Like

A tire belt is a critical component for the smooth functioning of your vehicle’s wheels. The belt balances the wheels and helps them perform over different terrain. Without wheel balancing, you will experience a drive that’s not-so-smooth. The belt additionally maintains the shape of the wheels and helps them absorb shocks. It also helps distribute …

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Are Wheel Locks Worth It?

Are Wheel Locks Worth It

Wheel locks are designed to prevent people from stealing your car’s rims. These nifty tools keep your wheels locked in place and consist of four lug nuts. The device has a manufacturer-designed socket with a specific pattern, and you use this socket to remove or install the lock. There is only one kind of plug …

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5 Things You Need to Know About How Long Brake Drums Last

How Long Brake Drums Last

Drum brakes are an integral piece of your car’s braking system. Drum brakes are cylinders placed on the rear wheels of some cars. Unlike brake discs, drums spin with the rear wheels. They engage with the wheel when you push the brake pedal and create friction. The friction slows down the wheels until they come …

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Replacing Wheel Bearings: How To Guide? – Cargister

replace wheel bearing

The reason your vehicle’s wheels can spin freely and without much friction related damage is wheel bearings. These bearings are a set of small metal balls put inside a car’s race (metal casing) which is then set inside the wheel’s hub. You should check your wheel bearings from time to time, as they tend to …

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Difference Between 4 Wheel Drive And All-Wheel Drive


Even few years back, car shopping was so simple. You didn’t have many options other than some SUVs, trucks or pickups depending on what you want your car to mainly use on. But with technological improvements, there are more options today. Now, a big part of the car market consists of either all-wheel drive (AWD) …

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