How to Clean Tires With Household Products?

How to Clean Tires With Household Products

Having a vehicle is all fun and games until you have to maintain it. Cleaning tires is probably the most demanding part of this process. A car tire is prone to grab more dirt, debris, grease, mud, and all that, so it gets tricky. Opting for a car wash service is something most people do. …

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How Many Cars Fit in a Shipping Container?

How Many Cars in a Shipping Container

Container shipping has always been a fantastic option for the safe transport of goods. This form of transportation is widely accepted, from household goods to car shipping. However, one might wonder how ample a container space is and how many cars fit into one. Using shipping containers is an excellent way of shipping one or …

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Does Your Car AC Use Gas?

Does Your Car AC Use Gas

The car is one of the most luxurious conveniences modern inventions have granted us. You can move from point A to B at your leisure. Even if you are taking a cab, a bus, or a train, you are still enjoying ease that people who lived centuries ago did not. One of the many features …

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How To Bypass Fuel Pump Relay On Chevy Truck?

How To Bypass Fuel Pump Relay On Chevy Truck

A bad fuel pump relay can diminish your vehicle’s normal functioning and ability. You can face problems starting your car if the pump relay is not failing. Hence, the best solution is to bypass the fuel pump relay on your Chevy truck. By doing this, you would keep it in a running position. How Do …

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What Cars Have The Most Expensive Catalytic Converters?

What Cars Have The Most Expensive Catalytic Converters

The cost of replacing catalytic converters is prohibitively expensive. Unfortunately, they degrade so frequently that you have to replace them eventually. So, if you plan to buy a car and evaluate maintenance costs, add a significant amount for the replacement of catalytic converters. One more headache is catalytic converter theft. Let’s jump in a little …

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Leather Vs. Cloth Car Seats: Which is the Best Choice for You?

Leather Vs. Cloth Car Seats

When purchasing a new car, there is a lot to ponder, including the make, model, gas mileage, technical specifications, etc. In addition to these technical details, the aesthetic appeal and comfort of the car’s interior are also immensely important. The vehicle you drive represents your personality and your lifestyle. Therefore, before choosing the car’s upholstery, …

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How to Reset Transfer Case Control Module?

How to Reset Transfer Case Control Module

A transfer case control module (TCCM) controls four-wheel-drive automobiles. A transfer case control module comprises a transmission and case controller. You can find it under the steering column on the driver side of each four-wheel-drive vehicle. The system’s main aim is to process shift requests and prevent shift failure. The transfer case shift requests by …

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Pennzoil Platinum vs. Ultra Platinum Synthetic Motor Oil

Differences Between Pennzoil Platinum vs. Ultra Platinum

Motor oil is a vital additive that can ensure your car engine runs smoothly. For easy handling and movement of your vehicle, you must use sufficient oil. Next time on an oil change, you should opt for synthetic lubricants. As evident from the name, synthetic oils are manufactured using chemical compounds made artificially. The number …

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