How To Remove A Stuck Brake Rotor?

How To Remove A Stuck Brake Rotor

Removing a stuck brake rotor has never been an easy task. If there is much rust and corrosion, it might take you some time to free the rotor. However, a little experience and hammering are enough to release the two pieces. Before we talk about how to remove a stuck brake rotor, you should know …

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At What Percentage of CCA Should Vehicle Batteries Be Replaced

At What Percentage Should I Replace My Car Battery

Many people have trouble comprehending what CCA means when shopping for a new battery. CCA stands for cold cranking amps and measures a battery’s ability to supply power to the starter in cold conditions. In cooler weather, a battery has a stricter time supplying power. This guideline applies to automobile batteries as well. CCA assists …

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Will Gas in Oil Harm Engine?

Will Gas in Oil Harm Engine

If you changed your oil lately, did it smell like gas afterward? Will gas in oil harm the engine? This is a rather common problem with gas engines. But you must address it as soon as you become aware of it. You’ll want to find out what caused this problem so you can deter it …

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How Long Do Tie Rods Last? A Guide to Tie Rod Lifespan

How Long Do Tie Rods Last

Ahhh, tie rods. You know them; you love them. Nearby cars can almost sense when you replace one, and your wallet dreads it every time. And this brings us to the question- how long do tie rods last? That is precisely what we’re here to answer. Tie rods support the wheels- they connect the wheel …

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How To Make a Car Memory Saver?

How To Make a Car Memory Saver

You can hardly stay without changing your battery every five years as a car owner, and the effects of a weak battery are just too frustrating to bear. If your engine is not taking longer than usual to start, you are at your technician’s workshop fixing electrical issues. While memory savers are great at storing …

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How to Make a Honda Master Key?

How to Make a Honda Master Key

Most automobile engines will not start if you use a key without a functional computer chip, even when it is a precisely cut key. The need for fully functional keys with a computer chip makes the process of creating a Honda master key quite complex. However, these developments are good since they imply that your …

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Should I Get An Alignment Before New Tires?

Should I Get An Alignment Before New Tires

Your driving habits, worn suspension, or faulty alignment can severely affect the life of your vehicle’s tires. Poor tire alignment will lead to uneven and rapid wearing of your car’s tires. Moreover, a defective alignment may introduce problems like your car pulling right or left, squealing tires, or a noisy steering wheel. It is advisable …

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Why Is My Brake Pedal Squeaking? [SOLVED]

Why Is My Brake Pedal Squeaking

Even if your automobile is modern and properly maintained, you may detect occasional squeaks. This is particularly common in older and high-mileage automobiles because their components wear out regularly. Some delicate components wear out quicker than others due to continual use, and the brake pedal is an example of such a component. Most motorists will …

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