How to Start a Carbureted Car Engine: A Step-By-Step Guide

How to Start a Carbureted Car Engine

  Struggling to make your carbureted car engine start? Don't despair – we have the simple fixes that will have you on the road in no time! Whether you're a novice mechanic or an experienced veteran, this blog will teach you how to get your car running like a finely-tuned machine. Rev up your engine …

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How to Remove a Seized Spark Plug in 5 Easy Steps

How To Remove A Seized Spark Plug

Sparks and gadgets may ignite excitement, but when it comes to spark plugs, a seizure can be discouraging. Refusing to release its grip on the cylinder head, a seized spark plug seems like the end of the road – and the end of your vehicle’s electrical system. But all hope is not lost! While the …

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Does AutoZone Read Codes? What Are Their Charges?

Does AutoZone Read Codes & What Are Their Charges

If you are like most car owners, you might be at the point where you are ready to throw your hands up in frustration and say “forget it” when your car gives you a check engine light. You might be tempted to bring your car in for repairs even when it is not necessary. After …

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How Often Should I Change Antifreeze in Toyota?

How Often Should You Change the Antifreeze

Toyota is one of the most famous car makers in the automotive industry. Specific to the discussion is the periodical change of the coolant that protects its engines. The rule is to change your antifreeze after 30,000 miles. Toyota, however, has specific recommendations on when to go in for a coolant flush service. They also …

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What Is the Cigarette Lighter Fuse Called?

What Is the Cigarette Lighter Fuse Called

Do you ever find yourself behind the wheel and wondering what that small metal object attached to your car’s dashboard is? You know it looks like a metal box with two prongs at the back, and you’re sure it’s important but you can’t quite remember what it’s called. The answer, my friends, is that it …

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Can I Use a Battery With Higher Cranking Amps?

Can I Use a Battery With Higher Cranking Amps

What do you do if your car battery dies in freezing weather and your hands are freezing too? With roadside assistance, you might be okay. But what if it’s the middle of nowhere and nobody can help you out. If you wonder, “Can I use a battery with higher cranking amps to avoid the situation?” …

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Is Super-Tech Synthetic Oil Good?

Is Super-Tech a Good Oil

A super-tech synthetic oil is one of the most widely-utilized high-performance oils for vehicles. However, some individuals do not understand or appreciate the significance of super-tech synthetic oil in improving the longevity and performance of a vehicle’s mechanical components. This article will be a complete guide to addressing whether super-tech synthetic oil is good. After …

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Can I Change the Oil Without Changing the Oil Filter?

Can I Change the Oil Without Changing the Oil Filter

Every car owner knows that they have to deal with constant oil changes every few months. It is what you have to do to get a smooth ride on the road. However, most people ignore or forget the filter change that comes with car maintenance. Now, is it possible to change your car oil without …

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