How Long Does Clear Coat Last?

How Long Does Clear Coat Last

The clear coat is a protective, clear layer of paint that automotive manufacturers apply to cars. The clear coat is a very important part of the car’s paint system, as it protects the pigment color and underlying primer from environmental damage. A clear coat helps to prevent fading caused by UV exposure and oxidation and …

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Is STP Oil Good?

Is STP Oil Good

Every car owner wants a high-performing car. It doesn’t matter if you’re only driving it when going to work, running errands, or as an Uber. Consequently, to ensure your car’s improved performance, you should check that it’s running on good engine oil. You also need to take care of your car’s engine because its performance …

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How Often To Change Spark Plugs?

How Often To Change Spark Plugs

A spark plug is a small device that ignites an internal combustion engine’s air and fuel mixture. Not all engines use a spark plug, but it is a critical feature for those that use it. The ignition causes an explosion that makes an engine produce power. It has a threaded metal shell with a ceramic …

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How Many Miles Should You Get An Alignment?

How Many Miles Should You Get An Alignment

Alignment involves adjusting the wheel system to allow the tires on your car to roll correctly. The alignment requirements of vehicles depend on some factors. But, that should not deter you from doing it regularly. Many car experts suggest inspecting your car alignment every 6000 miles or after an oil change. Also, the automaker’s alignment …

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Car Jerks When Braking At Low Speed

Car Jerks When Braking At Low Speed

Your car lurches when you press the brake pedal, and it has been continuously happening now, right? The situation can be problematic for both the vehicle and the driver, and the main reason is the condition of the brake pads. If you use very old brake pads or have recently installed new ones, you may …

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How To Remove House Paint From Car Body?

How To Remove House Paint From Car Body

Your house or building was under construction, and somehow, some paint spilled on your shiny car. You didn’t notice it, and now it has dried up. This house paint has dented the overall look of your vehicle, and you don’t know how to get rid of it. This can be a hectic situation as most …

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How to Open Gas Tank on Chevy Malibu?

How to Open Gas Tank on Chevy Malibu

If you just bought yourself a new car, learning all its operations in one day could be difficult. For example, you might have trouble understanding how to open the gas tank door. More so, if it is a sophisticated car like the Chevy Malibu, you will want to be careful not to damage it. Opening …

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What Does a Broken Axle Sound Like?

What Does a Broken Axle Sound Like

Axles are shafts that connect to the drive wheels, which means that your car isn’t going to run far without them. The axles serve as a power transmitter, from the transmission to the wheels. Axles bear the entire weight of your vehicle, and they guide your wheels in the direction you want to go. Note …

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How to Wash A Car Without A Hose-Explained In Detail

how to wash a car without a hose

Keeping your vehicle clean is a routine that everyone should follow. Cleaning a car with a hose or high-pressure washer can loosen the dirt and makes it easier to wash the car properly. But not everyone needs that luxury to clean their car. Cleaning a vehicle without a hose sounds complicated, but it’s easy. And …

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Is 2000 Psi Safe for Washing a Vehicle?

Is 2000 Psi Safe for Washing a Vehicle

PSI means Pound per square inch. The perfect amount of PSI is very important for car washing. Low pressure is not enough to clean the car. In the same way, too much pressure will damage the paint on your beautiful car. If you ask, is 2000 psi safe for washing a vehicle? The answer is …

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