How to stop birds from pooping on my car?

Birds pooping on car

Bird poop on your car can be annoying. Here’s how to prevent it: Use a cover. Get a car cover and cover your car when not in use. Scare them away. Put a fake predator like an owl near your car. Some use reflective tape or wind chimes too. Hang CDs. Hang old CDs from …

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how to temporarily fix a broken car window?

Fixing a broken car window

A broken car window can be a significant annoyance, especially if you’re far from a mechanic. But there are a few temporary fixes you can try. Cover the window with plastic sheeting or a garbage bag. Secure it in place with duct tape. Use clear nail polish to seal any small cracks or holes. Apply …

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How to Stop Aluminum Rims From Leaking Air?

How Do You Stop Aluminum Rims From Leaking

Most cars these days come fitted with aluminum rims. The option to fit steel rims is expensive. In addition, steel rims are heavier than aluminum ones. Therefore, people prefer the weight and cost-saving alternative: aluminum rims. However, aluminum rims aren’t as strong as steel ones. In most instances of your wheels leaking air, these rims …

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How Much Is Too Much Oil in a Car?

How Much Oil Overfill Is Too Much

Unless you have the experience, gauging the right amount to put in your car can be tricky. In most instances, when the engine oil light turns on, your next stop is the nearest auto shop. You then buy some oil, pop the hood and fill up the engine. You only realize you’re in trouble when …

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STA-BIL Storage – A Fuel Stabilizer Like No Other

What is STA-BIL Storage

Gasoline has a finite storage life. Untreated gas loses its effectiveness after a few months and can clog the fuel system’s internals. After six months, stored gasoline might coat the carburetor, necessitating cleaning to restart the engine. Applying a gasoline stabilizer to keep your engine for an extended period is critical. One of the best …

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Why Is My Antifreeze Boiling?

Why Is My Antifreeze Boiling

The car antifreeze systems depend on a close-up network of pipes to circulate antifreeze or coolant around the car’s engine. These pipes are placed in a conserved ring, allowing a consistent and seamless passage of the liquid to reach components such as the cylinder heads, engine block, and head gasket – ensuring the engine is …

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Can I Use Prestone Antifreeze In My Toyota

how to Use Prestone Antifreeze In My Toyota

Car manufacturers develop their coolant or have strict specifications on the type of coolant for their car engines. As one of the biggest car makers worldwide, Toyota is no different in Europe and Asia. Toyota uses an Organic Acid Technology(OAT) type of coolant/antifreeze. This antifreeze provides an unbeatable lifespan of up to 10 years of …

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Are Splash Guards Worth It?

Are Splash Guards Worth It

Driving during the snowy months of winter, on rainy days, or bad roads, in general, can be a nightmare. In times like these, your vehicle is vulnerable to the corrosive damage of snow and water. And what better way to protect your undercarriage from all the damage than splash guards? But the question at hand …

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Why Does My Car Smell Like Cat Pee?

Why Does My Car Smell Like Cat Pee

It’s one of those days – you’re already late to an important meeting, and to make matters worse, as soon as you get in the car you realize there’s a very distinct and unpleasant smell. Have you ever managed to track down the source of this mysterious aroma? It can be embarrassing, but it turns …

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