How to Remove a Seized Spark Plug in 5 Easy Steps

How To Remove A Seized Spark Plug

Sparks and gadgets may ignite excitement, but when it comes to spark plugs, a seizure can be discouraging. Refusing to release its grip on the cylinder head, a seized spark plug seems like the end of the road – and the end of your vehicle’s electrical system. But all hope is not lost! While the …

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How Hot Does a Muffler Get & How You Can Repair It?

How Hot Does a Muffler Get

Your car’s muffler can get as hot as 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. Under normal circumstances, mufflers rarely reach that temperature. Despite their design allowing for such extreme temperatures, constantly reaching those high temperatures could damage the muffler. Let us explain this. A muffler is a component in your car’s exhaust system that reduces the amount of …

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How Do You Remove Rusted Exhaust Bolts?

How Do You Remove Rusted Exhaust Bolts

If you’ve got a car that is a year or a few years old, then there may be traces of rust now present in between the car’s systems. Rust can cause severe damage to your vehicle. There’s no way to prevent the parts from rusting, but you can hold it off from rusting the other …

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Can I Use a Battery With Higher Cranking Amps?

Can I Use a Battery With Higher Cranking Amps

What do you do if your car battery dies in freezing weather and your hands are freezing too? With roadside assistance, you might be okay. But what if it’s the middle of nowhere and nobody can help you out. If you wonder, “Can I use a battery with higher cranking amps to avoid the situation?” …

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How Long Does it Take to Rebuild a Transmission? A Step-by-Step Guide

How Long Does It Take To Rebuild a Transmission

Let’s face it, car enthusiasts: transmissions are complex and delicate mechanisms, and sometimes they require repair. If you’ve ever found yourself asking, “How long does it take to rebuild a transmission?” you’re not alone! In this post, we will provide you with a detailed step-by-step guide on rebuilding a transmission, broken down into several stages …

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Can I Change the Oil Without Changing the Oil Filter?

Can I Change the Oil Without Changing the Oil Filter

Every car owner knows that they have to deal with constant oil changes every few months. It is what you have to do to get a smooth ride on the road. However, most people ignore or forget the filter change that comes with car maintenance. Now, is it possible to change your car oil without …

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Does Additech Really Work? Find Out Now!

Is Additech Worth It

Are you curious about Additech, the service which promises to make it easier than ever to fill up your car? People keep talking about how great it is, but how “easy and convenient” these services are is often a bit of a mystery. You could be forgiven for wondering whether it’s all just marketing hype …

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How To Make Spring Steel?

How Is Spring Steel Made

Spring steel is medium-carbon steel or high-carbon steel with a high yield strength and malleability. Thanks to its unique and beneficial features, spring steel has a variety of applications such as knives, piano wire, antennas, springs. If you’re a blacksmith and struggling to figure out how to make spring steel, don’t worry. This article will …

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Will Gas in Oil Harm Engine?

Will Gas in Oil Harm Engine

If you changed your oil lately, did it smell like gas afterward? Will gas in oil harm the engine? This is a rather common problem with gas engines. But you must address it as soon as you become aware of it. You’ll want to find out what caused this problem so you can deter it …

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