Can You Get a Carwash With a Cracked Windshield?

Cracks in your windshield can be risky, so address them ASAP! Many carwash services won’t help if your windshield is cracked. It could become worse during the carwash. This article will explain how to get a carwash with a cracked windshield.

Definition of a cracked windshield

A cracked windshield can range from small star-shaped chips to large fractures. These fractures may obstruct the driver’s vision, creating a dangerous situation. In addition, a broken windshield reduces the vehicle’s strength during an accident, increasing the risk of injury.

windshield cracks

It is essential to have the auto glass evaluated by a professional. Cleaning the area around the crack or chip should be avoided as it may cause more damage.

A carwash should be avoided if a cracked windshield requires repairs to pass inspection. A qualified glass repair technician should be consulted before any car wash. Even minor chips or scratches should not be taken lightly!

Types of windshield damage

Cracked windshields come in many forms. These include bull’s-eye, star, half moon, combination break, combination crack/chip, and crack and chip.

  • A Bull’s Eye is a circular crack caused by a stone. It has one impact point with three lobes.
  • Star has six or more rays from a central focal point.
  • Half Moon is a crescent-shaped crack from stones hitting a window.
  • Combination Break is a mix of bull’s eye and star shapes from one impact point.
  • Combination Crack/Chip has a large chip and cracks from stress. The damage can spread if not fixed.
  • A crack is from an object hitting a window. The damage can extend to a circumference and weaken the structure. It must be handled quickly for safety.

Impact of a Cracked Windshield

A cracked windshield can be a big issue for your car. It’s dangerous to have an obstructed view while driving, and it can affect other parts too. This article will highlight the risks you take with a cracked windshield. These include safety for yourself and your passengers and potential hazards you may face while driving.

  • Safety for yourself.
  • Safety for your passengers.
  • Potential hazards you may face while driving.

Safety concerns

A cracked windshield requires both safety and aesthetics to be taken into account. It could fail to protect passengers in a collision. Also, the crack size and impact area could lead to increased wind noise and reduced visibility.

Glass repair shops take safety seriously when it comes to repairing auto glass. They use an “assessment” process to review windshields before repair. This involves examining evidence of tearing, splitting, or web-like cracks. The surface condition and size of air pockets between the layers are also considered. This helps decide if glass replacement or other procedures are necessary for safe repair or replacement before getting car wash services.

Impact on the car value

A cracked windshield can hurt the worth of your car. It weakens the car’s build and can lessen its value. If someone wants to buy the vehicle, the crack could raise questions about past damage. Big shots, chips, and hazing will reduce the resale value drastically.

Before taking the car for a service such as an oil change or car wash, covering up the windshield damage with a tarp or blanket is essential. This way, it won’t become worse.

Impact on car wash services

A cracked windshield can change car wash services. Some car washes may refuse to wash a vehicle with a damaged window. Broken glass could damage paint, so many businesses don’t want to take the risk.

When it comes to a cracked windshield, replace it before attempting a wash. Handwashing may be unsafe, and an automatic system may be too strong.

If you find an establishment that will wash the car, be cautious. Have an experienced worker check it first. Use soft cloths or brushes when handwashing to avoid scratches. Don’t keep wet clothes on the panels for long, which will cause water spots.

Repairing a Cracked Windshield

A cracked windshield can be dangerous and make your car look bad. Repairing is vital to keeping your vehicle in good shape. But can you get a carwash with a cracked windshield?

Here are some things to think about when deciding if it’s safe:

DIY repair kits

A fracture in your car’s windshield may be fixed without replacing the whole thing! There are DIY repair kits available from auto parts stores and online. They provide a budget-friendly solution for minor chips and cracks. But, if the damage is over 12 inches, these kits may not help.

Reading the instructions carefully is critical to a good repair job. Prep the crack by removing debris using a razor blade. Then, add a few drops of alcohol or glass cleaner.

Inject the resin slowly, keeping the container level with the windshield. Please wait 24 hours before driving on it. Direct sunlight will work for 30 minutes. If you don’t get full adhesion, try steps 1-3 again. Then, drain off the extra product and let it cure another day.

Professional repair services

Professional repair services are available to help drivers fix a cracked windshield. In some cases, this is the best way to repair it with minimal risk of further damage. Specialized techniques are used to repair even large cracks.

The primary benefit of professional repair is that it increases the likelihood that the windshield can be restored. This is especially true with minor cracks or chips, as long as they are addressed quickly. Professional repair also comes with a guarantee. It can usually be completed in a short timeframe, depending on the severity of the damage.

Not all businesses offering professional repair services are legitimate, so research and assess competency before selecting a service provider. If the damage is too extensive, they may not be able to save your windshield. In this case, other options, such as replacement, may need to be pursued.

Alternatives to Car Washes

Getting a car wash can be tricky if you have a cracked windshield. The best option is to replace it. But, if that’s not possible, there are various alternatives. Here, we’ll look at the multiple options and their benefits and drawbacks:

  • Replacement – Benefits: a new windshield with no cracks or damage. Drawbacks: expensive.
  • Repair – Benefits: cheaper than replacement. Drawbacks: it may not be as effective as a replacement.
  • Sealing – Benefits: prevents further damage. Drawbacks: it may not be as effective as a replacement.

Waxing the car

Car waxing is a popular option for car washes. It’s easy, cost-effective, and gives your car an extra shine. It also helps protect it from the sun, rain, and dirt. Waxing can even stop minor scratches from appearing.

You can buy car wax from auto parts stores – paste or liquid. And you’ll need cloth to apply it. Don’t wax any cracked windshields or windows, though – it could cause more damage.

Using a pressure washer

Pressure washing is a great way to clean a car without a car wash. It is essential to use an appropriate pressure washer for this. A washer with an adjustable pressure nozzle and soap tank is ideal. Start at the lowest setting and work until you find the right level for your vehicle.

When pressure washing, stick to metal and plastic parts, like bumpers. Avoid shooting pressure water into window cracks or windshield chips – this could cause damage and increase the risk of a break.

Next, use detergent from the car-washing soap mixture. Don’t add too much soap; some separation should remain in the tank. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for optimal performance.

Finally, spray each area on the car slowly and in one direction, not in circles. Rinse quickly when finished to avoid water droplets drying onto the exterior.

Using a microfiber cloth

Microfiber cloth is the perfect way to clean a car with cracked windshields or other damage. It’s gentle and removes dirt and dust without causing extra harm. So, avoid frustrating carwashes and cracked glass!

To do this, get two buckets. Put water in one and warm soapy water and detergent in the other. Then, dip one microfiber cloth in the soapy solution to loosen dirt and grime. Rinse it off with a wet microfiber cloth from the plain water bucket. Dry the car with a clean, damp microfiber towel. That’s all you need! You can do this anywhere with access to water, soapy water, and microfiber clothes.


Are you exploring the good and foul of washing your car with a cracked windshield? Time to decide. Automated carwash? Risky. Professional carwash? Reliable and safe. The choice is yours!

Summary of the article

Can you get a carwash with a cracked windshield? This article looked at the various options to help solve this problem. Cost should be the primary factor when deciding what to do.

  • Repair kits and services can fix small cracks but may not be as safe as replacing the entire windshield.
  • The time needed will depend on the severity of the crack.
  • Shop around for quotes to save time and money.
  • Research before committing.
  • Ask questions about the process.
  • Make sure you understand the work that is being done.

Tips for maintaining a car’s exterior

Wax your car regularly to keep the paint job fresh and protect against rust. Check windshields for chips or cracks; even small ones can cause significant issues. Inspect windows, mirrors, headlights, tail lights, and other exterior parts. Replace or clean if you spot scratches or stains. Check tire pressure. Low pressure affects traction and handling, plus increases fuel consumption.

Clean doorjambs with car-specific products to avoid rust and make future cleaning easier. Follow these tips for a new-looking car in any climate!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a carwash with a cracked windshield?

No, it would be best not to get a car wash with a cracked windshield. The intense pressure and heat of the water can cause the crack to spread, leading to further damage.

How can I protect my cracked windshield?

To protect the integrity of a cracked windshield, you should cover it with clear packing tape or a UV-resistant window cling. It would be best to repair your windshield immediately to avoid further damage.

What should I do if my windshield cracks?

If your windshield cracks, you should contact a certified windshield repair technician as soon as possible to assess the damage and recommend a repair.