Can AutoZone Clear Engine Codes? – Detailed Explanation

You usually check in with your local auto parts store when your engine light appears on your dashboard. But the truth is most stores may read the codes for free but will not do so due to liability.

How, then, can you get your engine codes cleared? That is where AutoZone comes in.

Who Can I Clear My Check Engine Light?

When the check engine light appears on your car dashboard is an indicator that your car has a problem. This light is a function of the Onboard Diagnostics System (OBD2). When there is a fault in your vehicle, the system sends a message through the malfunction indicator lamp to inform you of this fault. It also stores the fault code generated to enable you to resolve the to Clear Check Engine Light

As the car owner, you can clear the check engine light from your dashboard if you know how. You can also resolve the fault using the OBD2 scan tool or visiting an auto shop.

Where Can I Clear My Engine Codes?

There are several kinds of engine codes and methods which you can use to clear each code. The first method is to drive your car and let the light go off by itself. While this method may work sometimes, it is unreliable, especially if the code reading on the dashboard indicates a severe issue. However, one upside to this method is that you do not require any tools to fix it. All you need to do is drive your car until the light goes off. How do you know if the code is not severe and only requires you to drive your vehicle until the light goes off? Easy. After a few visits to Autozone to clear codes, you build familiarity with these codes and tell which is what. In that case, you know when to use this method to get rid of your code.Clear Engine Codes

Another method used to clear codes is to turn the engine on and off three times in a row. Like the previous method, this method depends on experience, and you have to know what each code represents to know if this method will work or not. However, this method is safer because your vehicle is not in transit and only requires you to turn your engine on and off three times in a row. You can try this method by completing the on and off-cycle twice a row. Once you complete the process, you can wait a bit before turning on your engine to confirm if the light has disappeared. A good thing about this method is that you don’t require any tools to run the process.

A third method is to disconnect and reconnect the battery. To perform this task, you need a wrench to help you safely remove the battery terminals. While disconnecting the terminals, ensure they are not in contact with any metal. Please note that you must return each cable to the same point you removed it, and the negative line must go on to the negative terminus and vice versa. Placing the wires in the wrong terminals could lead to fires and other uncomfortable circumstances. After reconnecting the cables, be sure to tighten them properly with the aid of the wrench to avoid falling off.

The fourth method you could use to clear codes is an OBD code reader. The code reader tells you what each code represents. How do you reset your codes if all these methods don’t work? That’s where AutoZone comes into the conversation.

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Can Autozone Turn Off Your Check Engine Light?

Absolutely. Autozone places no exceptions on the way codes can be erased. Even if your vehicle fails to detect the exact code, AutoZone clears the code and stops the light/code on the engine from displaying.Check Engine Light

Keep in mind that AutoZone does not offer free engine diagnostics. The best way to prevent engine codes is to ensure your battery’s voltage falls within the needed range. Then start your alternator and check your battery before moving to the auto parts store. You can also use the earlier described methods to run diagnostics on your vehicle before visiting an auto parts store.

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Can AutoZone Clear Your Check Engine Codes?

Are you still wondering whether there are AutoZone locations that can dispose of your check engine light? If so, yes. However, remember that not all sites meet the liability guidelines and may only view the codes at no charge but may not turn off the check engine codes.

Can Auto Parts Stores Clear Codes?

Auto parts stores do not clear codes; in principle, they go through the codes on a machine and fix the problem. Fixing the problem is what clears the code. They check the engine codes one after the other on their devices and then provide instructions on the best way to remove such issues.

Does O’Reilly Clear Codes?

While O’Reilly may not explicitly clear codes, it helps you narrow your problem search by reading codes on your car for free. O’Reilly does this at several major chain parts stores, including AutoZone. If your vehicle does not indicate the particular code, these auto parts stores will help you understand what to do.

How Safe Is It To Clear Car Codes?

Clearing car codes are safe. It is advisable to clear the vehicle codes to ensure your computer remains clean. Removing the engine code is usually the last option after smog testing. It is important to note that you don’t need to erase the information to help solve your vehicle’s problem while clearing the engine codes. You need to visit a professional store like O’Reilly or AutoZone to get it done.

How Do You Clear Check Engine Lights Without Using A Scanner?

You must remove your negative battery cable to clear your check engine light without using a scanner. After removing the negative terminal, wait a few minutes to reset the check engine light without scanning. After this step, you will probably see an indicator telling you that there has been an issue with your diagnostic system.

Is It Possible To Clear A Check Engine Light Code?

Yes. You can fix vehicle check engine lights by switching the vehicle on and off. The light disappears after reboot because the system is refreshed. To carry out this process, turn on your key for one to two seconds and then turn it off for one to two seconds. Repeat this process three to four times, and your check engine light code will disappear.

Can You Get A Free Engine Diagnostic?

That depends on your location. You can locate your local auto parts store and ask if they offer free auto-scans. Generally, they are supposed to scan your vehicle, determine the problem, and tell you the possible problem(s).

Does AutoZone Carry Out Free OBD Scans?

Yes. The AutoZone Free Repair Finder Service utilizes the OBD reader to determine your vehicle’s reading. You don’t need to worry about the time. The process is not time-consuming, and the entire process takes about two minutes to complete.

Will My Car Work Better After The Check Engine Code Is Cleared?

Sure. If the issue is resolved, your vehicle should be in top form and ready to serve you better. These lights are there to tell you when an impending issue needs to be resolved. Once resolved, the lights disappear, assuring you that your vehicle is again in top form.

Should You Ignore Check Engine Lights When They Come On?

No. These lights are indicators of issues that need resolution. Instead of ignoring them, you can visit O’Reilly, AutoZone, or any other trusted local auto parts store to find out and, if possible, clear the issue.


AutoZone and O’Reilly are local auto parts stores that help to check engine lights and codes. Do not hesitate to use the self-diagnostic and resolution methods outlined above if your vehicle has issues. If the problem persists, you can visit any trusted local auto stores near you to get the issue fixed.

You don’t need to worry about the safety of the procedures carried out by these stores. Resolving these check engine codes and lights help your car to perform optimally.