The 10 Best Roll-Up Tonneau Covers For 2023 – Customer’s Choice

FACT: Roll-up style covers are the most popular type of tonneau covers available today. You’ll find thousands of them at the market.

This is both good and bad news for pickup truck owners.

GOOD because you have plenty of options to choose from. Bad because the extensive array can make it tricky to pick a cover to meet your specific needs and expectations genuinely.

So, how do you pick the best roll-up tonneau cover for your truck?

We’ve done the job for you!

Our research team dived into the market and analyzed 23 roll-up covers based on these factors: durability, weather resistance, ease of use, ease of truck bed access, and affordability.

We ended with 10 top-of-the-line roll-up covers that met our selection criteria for quality, reliability, and affordability.

Allow us to roll out these roll-up tonneau covers for you. Not sure you want a roll up?  See our full Tonneau Cover review here.

TruXedo 245901 TruXport Soft Roll-up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

TruXedo 245901 TruXport Soft Roll-up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

  • Fits 5.7ft. truck bed
  • Dual latching system
  • Hassle-free, fast installation
  • Manual tension control knob
  • Quality leather grain fabric construction
  • Made in the USA

What is a Roll-up tonneau cover?

As its name suggests, a roll-up tonneau cover refers to a truck cover that rolls up to the cab of your truck to grant you easy and full access to your pickup truck bed. You can drive with this cover rolled up for a fully open truck bed or fully closed to keep your cargo safe and lockout harsh elements.

Roll-up truck bed covers are available in two main options—soft and hardcovers.

The soft covers are usually made from vinyl fabric or canvas material. They’re affordably priced, durable, and do their job well.

The hardcovers, on the other hand, are made from plastic or lightweight metals, e.g., aluminum. They form a hard barrier over your truck bed, making them a better option for theft protection.

Either hard or soft, it’s easy to see the roll-up tonneau covers are the most popular of all the different tonneau cover styles known to truck owners.

Why are roll-ups so popular?

  • The installation process is a breeze. Roll-up tonneau covers are incredibly easy to install. The soft ones attach to your truck using velcro, straps, etc. and don’t require drilling.
  • Increased security. A roll-up cover will provide increased protection for your cargo and important items.
  • Weather protection. Soft and hardcovers are made from weatherproof materials to protect your truck bed from harsh weather conditions.
  • Improved aerodynamics. Covers improve aerodynamics which leads to fuel-saving efficiency. The cover makes the bed more aerodynamic—allowing air to move over the bed and not into it—which decreases air resistance. Better aerodynamics equals fuel savings.
  • It looks good! A roll-up cover can improve the aesthetics of your pickup truck bed. We can all agree that a truck bed is unsightly without. Adding a cover streamlines the look and makes it more aesthetically appealing.

10 Best Roll-up Tonneau Cover Reviews:

1. TruXedo 272201 TruXport Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Coverir?t=carg05b 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B00CGGXRX8

TruXedo 272201 TruXport Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Our top-rated roll-up tonneau cover reviews list starts with this TruXedo 272201 TruXport Soft Roll Up. This 100% American-made truck cover has been popular among truck owners for years.

The sleek-looking roll-up tonneau cover presents you with a list of impressive features at a cost that won’t make you break the bank.

It’s made for 8ft. long pickups and sits 1.5″ above your truck bed for a streamlined, distinctive look. It’s constructed using top-quality leather grain fabric, which helps keep your cargo secure and gives you peace of mind while driving. Plus, this material is 100% weatherproof to keep away harsh weather elements that can damage your truck bed.

With the dual paddle latches, easily accessible from both sides at the truck rear, fastening the cover to your bed is a breeze. A pre-set tension control also integrates into the dual latching system to keep this cover tight.

Pickup truck owners love that this tonneau cover is incredibly easy to install, with no drilling or special tools required. They also love this cover’s sleek and stylish looks and how it balances great features with a reasonable cost.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fits 8 feet truck beds
  • Soft roll-up truck bed cover
  • Made in the USA
  • Adjustable tension control
  • Dual latching system for extra security
  • Easy installation; no special tools are needed
  • Quality leather grain fabric
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty

2. TruXedo 245901 TruXport Soft Roll-up Truck Bed Tonneau Coverir?t=carg05b 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B002EOZFQ4

TruXedo 245901 TruXport Soft Roll-up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

TruXedo 245901 is a smaller version of its cousin above, designed to fit in 5.7 ft. truck beds perfectly. Like the above model, this soft cover adds a sleek appearance to your truck bed while keeping your cargo secure.

Also made in the USA, this roll-up cover is incredibly easy to install. It has simple clamp-on rails and headers that don’t require you to drill your truck bed or use any special tools to put the cover into place.

Once installed, this cover will sit 15 inches above your truck bed. The dual latch system accessible at both sides of the truck rear help securely fasten this cover to your truck.

Thanks to the manual tension control knob, you’ll have an easy time keeping this soft cover tight and taut.

Keep in mind this cover is also made from quality leather grain fabric, which offers excellent resistance to the harsh weather elements—keeping your valuables and truck bed safe.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fits 5.7ft. truck bed
  • Dual latching system
  • Hassle-free, fast installation
  • Manual tension control knob
  • Quality leather grain fabric construction
  • Made in the USA

3. Tyger TG-BC1D9014 Auto T1 Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Coverir?t=carg05b 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B01LXC2BOR

Tyger TG-BC1D9014 Auto T1 Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

If your truck model has a truck bed length of 6.4 feet, consider this Tyger TG-BC1D9014 roll-up soft cover. Priced at a fraction of most of the high-end covers, this tonneau cover is specially engineered to form a tight seal around your truck for maximum security and be weatherproof.

We are fascinated with the unique construction of this cover. It features a tear-resistant marine-grade vinyl top that locks out harsh weather elements. In addition, it features aircraft-grade aluminum crossbars, which offer excellent support when the cover is lying flat and easily roll up with the cover for full bed access.

We also like the latch lock plus adjustable tension system (on the end of your pickup side rails), which work together to keep the cover tight while securing your goods from elements/exposure.

Like the other roll-up tonneau covers, this Tyger model is straightforward to install into your track. It requires no drilling and provides clear installation instructions and hardware for a hassle-free setup.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fits 6.4 ft. truck beds
  • Easy, no-drilling installation
  • Made in the USA
  • Weatherproof marine-grade vinyl top
  • Adjustable tension system
  • Latch lock for maximum security

4. Tonno Pro LR-2020 Lo-Roll Black Roll-Up Truck Bed Tonneau Coverir?t=carg05b 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B007GIYO2Y

Tonno Pro LR-2020 Lo-Roll Black Roll-Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

This is it if you’re looking for the best roll-up tonneau cover for the money! Tonno Pro LR-2020 roll-up cover brings together quality, versatility, and affordability—making it the real deal for truck owners on a tight budget.

This soft roll-up tonneau cover is also installed in minutes and is designed to fit trucks with a bed length of 5.7 feet. No drilling is needed. The only thing you need is a ratchet and 17mm socket.

Once installed, this cover easily rolls up to your truck cab offering full access to your goods while providing security and exposure against wind and other weather conditions.

Despite the low cost, this tonneau cover has unmatched quality. It boasts tear-resistant double-sided vinyl, preventing harsh elements from getting into your truck bed while lasting a lifetime. It also features aircraft-grade aluminum components, including the tension system, which add to its overall durability.

The adjustable tension control helps you keep the cover tight for a secure and attractive look.

Bonus features: this tonneau cover comes with a list of 100% FREE goodies for your convenience. These include a detachable bed headlight, cove cleaner, tailgate seal to keep your bed watertight, and a pair of gloves.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fits 5.7 ft truck beds
  • Snap, hassle-free installation
  • Tear-proof double-sided vinyl
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum components
  • Adjustable tension control

5. MaxMate Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Coverir?t=carg05b 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B01LWOKZRLMaxMate Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

This roll-up tonneau cover is designed to fit truck beds with a length of 5.5 feet. It provides you with the features of high-end covers at a fraction of the cost of the top-end models.

The quality of this tonneau cover is also unparalleled. This soft roll-up cover is designed to last forever, from the dual-coated marine-grade vinyl top to heavy-duty aluminum side rails and clamps. The built-in horizontal sidebars offer support to the cover when lying flat. They also easily roll up with the cover to provide full bed access.

Unlike most of the covers in its price range, this cover seals on the sides with a secure Velcro strap. Add the functional latch lock system at the tailgate, and you have total assurance of the security of your cargo.

You don’t want your cover to drop inside the bed as you ride, right? The adjustable tension system on the side rails’ end will help you keep this cover tight and wrinkle-free.

The included instruction set and hardware help you get through the installation efficiently and quickly.

Highlighted Features:

  • The US-designed patented cover
  • Fits 5.5 ft. truck beds
  • Dual coated marine grade vinyl top
  • Velcro stripe side sealing
  • Secure latch lock system
  • Easy, no-drilling installation
  • No-hassle 10-year warranty

6. Lund 96893 Genesis Elite Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Coverir?t=carg05b 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B00BX8SNP2

Lund 96893 Genesis Elite Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Proudly made in the USA, this low-profile soft tonneau cover from Lund also made it to our list of top roll-up style covers. It’s made for trucks with a bed length of 6.4 feet—where it perfectly conforms to the truck edges to keep out moisture and protect your belongings.

The cover is made from 100% weatherproof Twill Weave fabric, which keeps water, mildew, mold, UV rays, dirt, and dust locked out of your truck bed. This material is maintenance-free; you just need to wash it with water and soap to keep it looking new.

The cover is also engineered for easy installation. You simply mount it to your truck bed and use the heavy-duty, adjustable clamps to hold it into place.

Note that it features multi-finned rubber seals, which are situated on both the front and rear rails to offer a weather-tight environment for your tools, cargo, and truck bed.

This cover is sure to form a tight fit around your truck bed with hassle-free tension control. The adjustable strap closure system keeps the cover tight and streamlined. And the lightly textured black matte finish gives your truck a more aesthetically pleasing look.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fits 6.4 ft truck beds
  • Low profile soft tonneau cover
  • The lightly textured matte-black finish
  • Patented latching system
  • Heavy-duty aluminum rails, bows
  • Easy, no-drill installation
  • Patented internal tension control
  • Hook and look fastening system

7. Gator ETX Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Coverir?t=carg05b 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B013USWIBW

Gator ETX Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Gator is a company based in the USA and one of the most respected brands in the tonneau cover industry for its quality and reliable products. So it’s no surprise this Gator ETX soft roll-up truck bed cover made our list.

Like all the other roll-up covers featured on this list, this cover keeps your belongings safe from the harsh elements and grants you full access to your truck bed when needed.

The benefits include the durable construction of industrial-grade leather-grain vinyl, which delivers a sleek and stylish appearance. It also presents you with an adjustable tension control which helps you keep the cover in a tight and taut condition—ensuring an even more streamlined look.

Since this cover has an inside mount design, it grants you full access to the stake pocket holes, which you can use with other accessories. The heavy-duty locking system provides security for your goods.

Installing this cover to your truck bed is the easiest part. You just clamp the rails on your truck without any form of drilling. Everything you need to install it is included in the box, including a simple step-by-step instruction guide.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made in the USA
  • Fits truck beds 5.8 ft. long
  • Easy and fast, no-drill install
  • Inside mount, low-profile design
  • Limited lifetime warranty

8. Tyger Auto TG-BC2C2059 T2 Roll-Up Truck Bed Tonneau Coverir?t=carg05b 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B012BVG3VU

Tyger Auto TG-BC2C2059 T2 Roll-Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

It’s Tyger again! While our previously discussed Tyger works with 6.4 feet truck beds, this one is designed for 6.5 feet truck beds. The cover mounts inside your bed rails with an ultra-low profile design to guard your cargo against harsh elements and theft.

This model has easy, no-drill installation similar to all the other covers we’ve discussed. It mounts to the inside of your truck bed rails, offering access to the stake holes for attaching various accessories such as tie downs, ladder racks, bedside rails, etc.

This Tyger comes with a marine-grade vinyl top that forms a water-right seal which keeps all your valuables safe from the extreme rays of sun, rain, snow, and hail.

It also features aircraft-grade aluminum crossbars that support the cover when it’s lying flat. The bars also easily roll-up with the cover to provide full truck bed access.

Don’t forget that this roll-up cover also seals at the side with a Velcro system. Add the latch lock system at the truck tailgate, and you have maximum security and functionality!

Highlighted Features:

  • Fits 6.5 feet long truck bed
  • US design patented tonneau cover
  • Weatherproof marine-grade vinyl top
  • Velcro strip side sealing
  • Adjustable tension system
  • Easy, no-drilling installation
  • Tyger limited lifetime warranty

9. North Mountain Soft Vinyl Roll-up Tonneau Coverir?t=carg05b 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B01N5I0N86

North Mountain Soft Vinyl Roll-up Tonneau Cover

If you’re in the market for the best roll-up tonneau cover for f150, this affordably priced soft vinyl tonneau cover from North Mountain makes a great choice.

Specifically, this tonneau cover will offer a custom fit for all Ford F-150 2015-2019 models with a truck bed measuring 5.6ft. long (style side style).

This cover is painless to install. It features an easy clamp-on design with all the necessary installation hardware and instructions. Note that this is a top mount design cover, meaning the cover sits on top of your truck bed rails. The benefit of this mounting style is minimal bed space intrusion and improved water runoff.

For the construction, this soft tonneau cover is made using marine-grade vinyl, which is durable and waterproof. In addition to that, it features strong aluminum cross bars. These bars easily roll up with the cover for full and instant access to the truck bed.

The patented latch system works closely with the tension system to keep this cover tight regardless of the climate.

The Velcro hook-and-loop system forms a dependable seal between the cover and rails to ensure extra security for your items.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made for a 5.6ft styleside bed
  • Double-sided marine-grade vinyl tarp
  • Heavy-duty aluminum frame/rails
  • Easy clamp-on installation
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty

10. Extang Express Tonno Roll-up Truck Bed Tonneau Coverir?t=carg05b 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B003B84PZO

Extang Express Tonno Roll-up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Our top-rated roll-up tonneau cover reviews list ends with Extang Express Tonno roll-up cover, another cool option for your Ford F150 pickup truck with a bed length of 6.6 feet.

Proudly made in the USA, this premium roll-up tonneau cover is engineered for speed and convenience. It comes with a set of revolutionary components which provide instant truck bed protection that installs in a matter of minutes. The heavy-duty aluminum rails come pre-drilled to ensure quick clamp placement (an Allen key is included for hassle-free clamping).

The tonneau comes with an all-weather tapered tarp design which helps repel water and debris for maximum protection of your valuables and the truck bed itself from various elements. The tapered edges can withstand a hot climate and strong UV rays.

This cover is a standout due to the automatic tension adjustment. This involves a self-adjusting system that ensures the roll-up cover stays tight in all climates. You only need to lock the rear rail and leave the tension system to do the rest.

Other notable features include low profile clamps, a unique side rail design that facilitates full truck bed usage, pre-positioned heavy-duty bows that roll with the cover for easy storage, and quick release levers and tail rails for instant cover removal.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fits 6.6ft truck beds
  • Pre-drilled rails for easy install
  • All-weather tapered tarp design
  • Low-profile clamp fastening design
  • Self-adjusting tension
  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty

Things To Look For Before Buying

As we mentioned earlier, the downside of the too many roll-up tonneau covers on the market today is that they can make it hard for you to choose the perfect one for your truck.

Below, we share some KEY factors to help you easily select the best roll-up bed cover for your truck.

Bed size

One of the most important things to look for when buying a roll-up tonneau cover is the size of your truck bed (mostly length). As you might have noted in our top roll-up covers list above, different manufacturers design their covers in various sizes to cater to the needs of different truck models.

Having this crucial info at hand will help you pick a cover that perfectly fits over your truck bed edges and the tailgate. A custom fit will ensure maximum protection of your items against weather and unwanted hands.


The main reason you’re looking for a tonneau cover is to protect your truck bed and secure your valuables, right?

In that case, you should ensure the roll-up cover you choose is made of durable materials, at least for the exterior surface.

Most manufacturers of soft covers utilize vinyl fabric which does a great job at locking out moisture and harsh weather elements. Consider the climate in your area before purchase.

Hardcovers may do a better job at protecting your belongings in the truck bed from theft. This is due mainly to the use of solid materials for the cover v. fabric materials. Consider your need for theft protection before selecting a cover.

Make sure you check what users say regarding the cover’s durability before you make your final selection.

Roll-up mechanism

Though most people ignore the retraction mechanism of a roll-up cover, it’s an important factor.

This is because the roll-up method directly determines the cover’s ease of operation, ease of truck bed access, and how much space it (the cover) takes up in your bed.

Most roll-up covers we’ve discussed above are made to tightly roll up to your truck cab, giving you full access to your truck bed.

The story is different for hard roll-up covers. They require some space for housing their metal panels. Some models have a remote control to facilitate easy, fast truck bed access.

Ease of installation

You’ll also need to ensure you pick a tonneau cover that’s easy to install. Otherwise, you might a lot of time and energy trying to figure out how to do it.

Soft roll-up tonneau covers are usually easier to install as they don’t require drilling. You just mount them, clamp them, and fasten them into place.

Hardcovers, on the other hand, might be a bit challenging to install since you’ll need to mount, align, and secure several pieces.

Go through the previous user reviews to see what previous users have to say regarding the ease of installation of the cover you want to buy.

A model with a user guide and installation tools will make the installation even easier.

Locking mechanism

We also advise you to look for a cover that comes with a reliable locking mechanism.

This will help offer you extra safety for your cargo against theft.

Various soft covers come with a Velcro side sealing mechanism, which is convenient but might not offer much protection against thieves.

Models with simple locks require a key to be opened. Still, others come with a lock that can’t be opened if the tailgate is up and locked.

Just make sure you get a cover that offers some extra security for your goods if you want some peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know I buy the perfect roll-up cover for my truck?

The MOST important thing to do before you go shopping for a roll-up cover is to obtain the length of your truck bed.

This information allows you to choose a cover designed for your specific truck model. This will provide a custom fit around your truck bed and offer increased protection against moisture, other weather conditions, and theft.

Check our buying guide above for additional factors to help pick the right cover for your truck.

2. How much should I spend on a roll-up truck bed cover?

As with any other vehicle investment purchase, the cost of a roll-up truck bed cover varies from model to model. The general price ranges from approx—$ 150 up to $1000 or more.

If you’re on a budget, you should confine yourself to models with prices within your range. These are usually the soft tonneau covers, most of which will do a good job at keeping elements out of your truck bed.

roll-up truck bed

You can get higher-quality soft covers from $300 to $1000 with extra security features such as locks. You can also find low-end hardcovers in this range with basic features.

$1000 or more is the realm of high-end hard roll-up tonneau covers. These offer advanced designs and the most impressive features —e.g., remote/electric controlled motors, spring-loaded retracting mechanism, and so on.

Let your budget work for you.

3. What are the best roll-up tonneau cover brands to buy from?

You can buy your roll-up tonneau cover from top brands: Tyger, Gator, Pace Edwards, TruXedo, and Lunda.

All these brands have one thing in common: they manufacture quality, reliable covers for various models of trucks.

They’ve also been around for years and have amassed a wealth of knowledge and expertise in developing highly dependable products.

4. Can I install a roll-up tonneau cover on my own?

If you have a softcover, it’s incredibly easy to install on your own, even if it’s your first time.

As you’ve seen in our top-rated covers above, installing a typical soft cover involves mounting it on your truck and clamping/fastening it into place. No drilling is required.

Manufacturers usually provide the necessary tools and clear instructions to make the installation easier.

The whole process should take you around 15-30 minutes.

For some hardcovers, it might be a bit tricky to install. This is because they have more complex designs and come with more parts that need to be installed.

5. Are roll-up tonneau covers waterproof?

Yes, tonneau covers are waterproof. They’re made using durable, weatherproof materials that prevent moisture, rain, snow, hail, etc., from getting into your cargo.

Final Verdict

A roll-up tonneau cover is the most popular tonneau cover style today. Truck owners all over the globe love it because it’s easy to install and use,  locks out weather elements, and offers you full truck bed access.

Not to forget that it’s also one of the most affordable types of tonneau covers.

Before shopping for the best roll-up tonneau cover, we suggest you obtain the size of your truck bed. When at the market, check the durability of the cover you want. Also, check its retraction mechanism and any extra features which contributes to the maximum security of your goods in the truck.

The ten top-rated roll-up tonneau covers we’ve rolled out in this article ticked all our boxes for durability, ease of installation and use, easy trunk access, and affordability.

Grab one of these covers today and keep your truck bed protected from harsh elements and thieves.