10 Best Motorcycle Tents For Camping – Reviews & Buying Guide 2022

For most motorbike enthusiasts, getting their stress out and escaping from the worries of the world would be going for a motorbike camping. To them, motorcycling and camping go hand in hand.

Can you think about camping without a tent? Absolutely no. Similarly, when you go for camping on your bike, you also need to consider getting a tent for your precious ride as well.

If you purchase the best motorcycle tent, you will not regret it later. But you will have a lot of reason to complain if you randomly pick one just because of how cool it looks.

Our top 10 motorcycle tent recommendations are based on different motorbike camping requirements that will surely cover yours as well.

Best Overall
The Bike Shield Standard (Medium) Motorcycle Tent

The Bike Shield Standard (Medium) Motorcycle Tent

  • Cross plate stabilizer and lock system
  • Sturdy galvanized frame
  • 100% waterproof and protection against UV rays
  • Ventilation windows

How Do You Camp on a Motorcycle?

Choosing the right motorbike camping gear can be quite daunting for the first-timers. You cannot bring everything you have in the house. All the necessary gears, along with some extra items, will make your camping experience pretty enjoyable.

The very first thing you need to pick is a piece of luggage. You have the option to choose hard or leather luggage. Hard luggage or side cases are lockable, but expensive option.

On the other hand, leather well-worn luggage looks very classy. If you go with this option, make sure the luggage is waterproof.

Another affordable option is the textile luggage. It’s waterproof and more travel-friendly than the other two.

The most crucial part is choosing the right motorcycle tent. If you want to protect your motorcycle from weather elements, you must get an expedition tent. Some of these tents also have space for three to four people to sleep inside it.

These tents are ideal for two people and with all their belongings. However, covering four people is somehow manageable if the number of luggage is low.

Family tents offer ample space but lack space for motorcycles. Similarly, backpacker tents don’t have dedicated space for bikes, but these tents are ideal for backpackers due to the lightweight and small design.

Pack your clothing depending on the season. If it’s hot, don’t forget to pack a swimsuit; a cool dip after a long ride will make you feel energetic and refreshing.

Consider packing a solar charger as well; it’s a great option to keep your smartphone and power banks charged throughout the day.

There are some compact camp stoves available in the local market that you can take to the campsite.

For collecting firewood and chopping trees, getting camping saw, or hatchet will make the work a lot easier.

Lastly, pack a basic first aid kit as well.

Top 10 Best Motorcycle Tent Reviews

Getting the right tent considering your bike size, the number of campers, and the season is crucial to have an enjoyable motorbike camping. Our top 10 recommendation for camping tents is as follows:

1. The Bike Shield Standard (Medium) Motorcycle Tent​ir?t=carg05b 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B00RN90EIE

The Bike Shield Standard (Medium) Motorcycle Tent

As far as camping is concerned, you cannot expect that there will be no storm, wind, or rain at the campsite. So, if the tent is too lightweight, it has a high chance of falling. To ensure you don’t face such a problem, The Bike Shield made their motorcycle tent that will stand securely regardless of the condition.

Inside the tent, the stabilizer cross plate will ensure that your bike is stable when it stands inside the tent. Besides, the all galvanized locking system further provides that the bike is safe and secure.

Its durable fabric got polyurethane coating from the inside and water repellency from the outside, which makes the tent 100% waterproof. Also, your tent will be well protected against harmful UV rays. So, whether it’s the rain or a gleaming day, you have no reason to worry regarding its protection against the weather.

Camping in humid areas might be a problem for your bike inside the tent. You can prevent the issue from happening as this tent has a ventilation window to keep inside of the tent dehumidified. That’s why it’s one of the best motorcycle camping tent on the market.

The tent is easy to assemble, and it takes only three seconds to cover up the entire bike, but it will take a significant amount of time at first to figure out. Its self-enclosing storage also makes the tent very convenient to use.

  • ​Cross plate stabilizer and lock system
  • ​Sturdy galvanized frame
  • ​100% waterproof and protection against UV rays
  • ​Ventilation windows
  • Weak locking system cause the metal bars to bent

2. Quictent Heavy-Duty Motorcycle Shelter Shed with TSA Code Lockir?t=carg05b 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B01IP64DBC

Quictent Heavy-Duty Motorcycle Shelter Shed with TSA Code Lock

This heavy-duty motorbike tent will keep your precious bike well protected from harmful Ultraviolet rays, rain, snow dust, and debris. These are the primary advantages that you will get from most motorbike tents. But, Quictent has a lot more to offer.

One of the main concerns during bike camping is the security of the bike. This tent comes with a TSA code lock ensuring enhanced safety. It is more convenient and secure than a typical locking system.

Moisture causes a very uncomfortable feeling regardless of the place you are in. To prevent moisture and humidity, the tent features roll-up tie flaps ventilation windows on its two sides.

The tent is made of 600D Oxford fabric which is PU coated from the inside, and it is 100% waterproof. You will get one of the highest water repellence processes with this one.

As far as the construction quality is concerned, it has a heavy-duty steel framework with 1mm thickness. Also, the frame has a black powder coat which enhances the beauty and overall durability as well.

You will get an Oxford carry bag with the tent which is very convenient to store the tent when not in use.

  • Sturdy 600D Oxford fabric with highest water repellency
  • ​Heavy-duty framework
  • ​Protection against UV rays
  • ​Ventilation to prevent moisture and humid
  • ​TSA code lock for security
  • ​Comes with an Oxford carry bag
  • Pros
  • ​Moisture drips on the bike
  • ​The locking system cannot assure safety

3. Harley-Davidson Dome Tent w/Vestibule Motorcycle Storageir?t=carg05b 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B001JSX0XG

Harley-Davidson Dome Tent w/Vestibule Motorcycle Storage

If you are looking for a motorbike tent that can accommodate a few people along with your bike, Harley-Davidson has a deal that goes with your requirement.

Setting up two different tents for you and your bike is time-consuming and expensive. When you sleep, a thief can easily steal the bike from the tent next to yours. To prevent this, you need a shelter for you and your bike as well.

Three people and one motorbike can easily take shelter under this dome tent. According to the manufacturer, it can give shelter up to four people. So, your bike will always be under your watch. Even if something unusual happens, you can at least take steps to defend it.

One of the significant issues of tents is humidity. Condition inside the canopy gets too moist and humid due to a lack of proper ventilation. This tent will not let happen such a thing to you. It features breathable mesh roof panels that work great for ventilation in moist areas and warm weather.

The front and rear doors are made with mesh to protect the inside from insects. You will get 14 aluminum tent stakes and carry bag with the package.

  • ​Enough space for a couple of people and a bike
  • ​Mesh roof panels for ventilation
  • ​Breathable tent
  • ​Protection against the insects
  • ​Reinforced floor
  • ​Not appropriate for using under heavy rain

4. Mophorn Motorcycle Shelter Shedir?t=carg05b 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B01MZHB22O

Mophorn Motorcycle Shelter Shed

This motorcycle shelter from Mophorn is made of 600D black Oxford material. As the material is sturdy enough, you will have protection from ultraviolet rays and rain to some extent. Also, there will be no dust and debris on your bike even if you leave it under the shed for a day.

Due to the climate, bike camping tents require to have well-constructed steel poles so that there is no rust issue. Thanks to this bike shelter tent, it has galvanized coated steel poles that are rust-resistant.

You can either fix the tent to the ground permanently or temporarily. The soft ground anchors allow you to use it in both ways. If you want the tent to be a permanent shed in your yard, you can use it quite comfortably.

The tent fits all standard bikes and some larger bikes as well. If your bike is a bit bigger than standard ones, still you will find the tent big enough to accommodate your beast.

  • ​UV sunlight protection
  • ​Both permanent and temporary usage
  • ​Sturdy Oxford 600D material
  • ​Hard-wearing
  • Not moisture proof

5. Happybuy Motorcycle Shelter Storageir?t=carg05b 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B01IOIQHXI

Happybuy Motorcycle Shelter Storage

Although this tent has the same 600D Oxford waterproof fabric as the previous one, it has PU adhesive stickers with the sewing process. This mean, the tent can bear pressure about 1200mm H2O/m. You will get protection against UV rays, and from the rain as well.

The shelter has a 22mm/1mm black powder-coated steel framework which is quite sturdy. You can also fix the tent to the concrete floor permanently. When a tent is set to the ground permanently, it becomes even stronger and firmer. And of course, you can use it for temporary usage as well.

Inside the tent, you can store a large size motorcycle. It will protect your precious companion from external elements such as dust, debris, rain, and UV rays.

Comparing to other tents, this one got a unique folding design which is easy to assemble. You will be able to open and close the folds effortlessly.

There is a mesh ventilation window system on two sides to keep the environment of the inside moist free.

  • ​600D waterproof and anti-UV fabric
  • ​Permanent or temporary fixture
  • ​Unique and easy folding design
  • ​Sturdy metal framework
  • ​Requires two or more people to put the tent altogether
  • ​Poor sewing quality

6. Happybuy Motorcycle Shelter Storage ir?t=carg05b 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B079HW4JLQ

Happybuy Motorcycle Shelter Storage

Another motorbike shelter on the list that is made of 600D Oxford waterproof material. Because of the durability of this material, you will find the best motorcycle tents are made of oxford fabric.

PU adhesive stickers with the sewing process allow it to bear rainfall pressure of 1200mm H2O/m. You will find the bike dry even if it rains throughout the night.

This hard-wearing tent is also able to protect your bike from the UV sunlight. So, even if it’s very scorching outside, your motorcycle will be well-protected from UV rays. There will be no melting on pipes, scratches on the body whatsoever.

The framework of the shed needs to also made of quality steel. Otherwise, the fabric will not be able to properly take care of your bike from dust, debris, wind, rain, etc. Thankfully, this tent has a black powder-coated steel framework of 22m/1m thickness. You can permanently fix the tent to the concrete floor as well.

The tent perfectly fits standard size motorbikes. If you own a cruiser, your Sportster will find enough space to rest comfortably inside the shelter.

  • 600D waterproof fabric
  • ​UV ray resistant
  • ​Usable as a permanent or temporary shelter
  • ​Sturdy steel frame
  • ​Requires at least two people to put it together

7. Motorcycle Shelter Cover Hidey Hood 90ir?t=carg05b 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B01M318ZAI

Motorcycle Shelter Cover Hidey Hood 90

You can tell by the appearance that this tent is quite different in shape compared to other tents that I have reviewed so far. The previous tents need to fold and unfold vertically, but this dome-shaped one needs to do horizontally.

Made with tough polyurethane coated 210D fabric, this tent can bear rainfall up to 1500mm.

The smooth curves allow the rain to run off the tent. It’s built this way. You will find multiple fixing points to make the tent even secure and waterproof.

For instant access, all you need to do is to lift it. Loop straps and toggles allow you to fold and fix it when not in use. You can pick the tent up in minutes and carry it wherever you go.

If you want to site the tent on soft ground, its seven pegging loops will help you with this regard.

Its durable, lightweight, and flexible fiberglass framework suits walls and fences of around 46 inches.

The most exciting part of the tent is, you can use it for versatile activities. Apart from using it as a motorbike cover, you can also use it for BBQs, mobility scooters, quad bikes, garden furniture and toys, lawnmowers, and more.

  • ​210D PU coated durable polyester fabric
  • ​Flexible fiberglass framework
  • ​Simple lift-up and drop-down system
  • ​Waterproof
  • ​Versatile usage
  • ​No proper instructions from the manufacturer

8. Vuz Moto 12-Foot Waterproof Motorcycle Tent with Space for Three Peopleir?t=carg05b 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07CC4P75W

Vuz Moto 12-Foot Waterproof Motorcycle Tent with Space for Three People

Looking for a tent that will cover your bike and work as a shelter for three people? This 12-inch motorcycle tent might be the best tent for motorcycle camping for you.

Due to the enormous space it offers, you can use the tent as a garage and bring all your biking gears and accessories to store under the tent securely. If there is anything wrong with the bike, you can work on it inside the tent.

With its two sturdy aluminum poles and stakes, you will find the tent quite swift and hassle less to set up. Although the tent measures 18 feet long when set up, still the tent is very convenient to pack and fits small spaces without any issue.

You will have four entryways for convenient access to the tent. Besides, the mesh panel on the doors protects against bugs and insects as well. If you are worried about the privacy issue of having multiple doorways, the tent takes care of your privacy too.

This tent is rated as a 3-season tent because of its ability to stand against heavy rainfall. No matter how hard it rains or storms outside, you will be well-protected by your bike. With its 10,000mm waterproofing feature, you will find the sleeping floor dry enough to get a comfortable sleep.

  • ​190T polyester fabric
  • ​B3 mesh for protection against insects
  • ​18ft long, big enough for three people and one motorbike
  • ​Four entrance
  • ​Superior waterproofing feature
  • ​3-season tent and protection against heavy rainfall
  • ​Stitches might become loose
  • ​Fitting 3 people will be uncomfortable

9. Speed-Way Shelter Standard/Sport Modelir?t=carg05b 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B074PBP5QY

Speed-Way Shelter Standard/Sport Model

If you live in a beach or an area surrounding mountains, it will give you endless scope to explore with your ride. But there will be a headache regarding storing and protecting your motorbike from the weather after a long trip. Keeping your bike dust free is a struggle if you don’t have access to an appropriate garage.

However, when you have your motorbike shelter, it takes all the worries away from you. Having a motorbike tent likes this, allows you to ride in, position the tire on the anchor plate, and swing the tent over your ride. It features a roll-top system that will enable you to access your bike immediately.

The manufacturer made this tent with 2500mm polyurethane coating fabric, which is UV ray protected and stands against rain without any compromise. This tent infects more waterproof than any other products on the list.

Other than protecting the bike from dust, debris; the shelter is weatherproof and can protect your bike from weather elements.

As far as the framework is concerned, it got a powder-coated steel square tube which feels quite sturdy. Its robust and durable construction ensures longevity. Also, the design with high functionality makes it very convenient to use.

When you have this tent for your bike, you no longer require to wait till the pipes cool down. Its weatherproof design and high functionality take care of your bike after you walk into your tent or house.

  • ​Solid and long-lasting construction
  • ​Weatherproof and UV protected
  • ​Interior light
  • ​Lockable M
  • ​Fully retractable
  • ​Easy setup process
  • ​Expensive
  • ​Requires dehumidifier for humid weather

10. Macticy Motorcycle Shelter Garage Tentir?t=carg05b 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B01IP64DBC

Macticy Motorcycle Shelter Garage Tent

The last tent is from Macticy, has a stainless-steel construction that ensures utmost durability. Its metal frame got a black powder coat finish that provides superior protection against rust.

Like the other best motorcycle tents on the list, this one is also made of 600D Oxford fabric. The fabric is well-known for its waterproofing feature as well as durability. Besides, your bike will get protection against the UV rays too.

Even if you set the tent up beside a beach, you will find your motorcycle without any dust, debris after you come back to it.

Convenient usability is very crucial for bike tents. You don’t want to spend too much time to set up and close it. Thankfully, this tent features a unique design that allows us to open and close it with minimal effort and time.

The tent is wear-resistant, weatherproof, and also suitable for non-motor vehicles, which make it one of the best tents for motorcycle camping in the list.

  • ​Durable stainless-steel metal frame
  • ​600D waterproof Oxford fabric
  • ​Unique, easy, and convenient folding design
  • ​UV protected
  • ​Instructions aren’t suitable

What to Look for Before Buying?

Whenever you are about to buy something, make sure you check all the necessary features those meets your demand. This is not an exception when you look for motorbike tents. The key things that you need to look for while buying a motorbike tent are as follows:


You need to consider the size of your motorbike first. The dimensions of your bike should go easily with the vestibule area of the tent. If both the factors match, the tent will fit the bike perfectly.

Bear in mind that, it’s not the bike that you are only going to place under the tent. There should be enough space for putting all your gear as well. Motorbike tents are lightweight and portable, so don’t expect a massive space from one. But the tent has to be large enough to cover everything you got, including the bike.

If you are someone who carries a few luggage while camping, then your belongings need to be stored without compromising the space of the bike.

However, if the tent doesn’t offer space for your luggage, you can place them on the bike seat.

If you prefer a family-size tent to accommodate multiple people with belongings with the bike. Know that no matter what the manufacturer claims, two people can sleep inside the tent comfortably with all the belongings.

Although you will be able to manage four people to sit and rest inside the tent, don’t attempt to sleep unless you want a very uncomfortable sleeping hour.

Weather Resistance

No one expects waking up in the middle of the night in a puddle of water. Make sure the tent you are getting is properly waterproof. It depends on the quality of the rainfly that goes over your tent. Go through the review section of the product and see if anyone is complaining about the waterproofing feature.

You can tell how good the waterproofing system of a tent is by its ability to take raindrop pressure. More than 1200mm H2O waterproof fabric will perform decently to protect the tent against light rain. 10,000mm H2O waterproof tents will provide superior protection against heavy rainfall.

Weather Resistance

The best motorcycle tents come with a waterproofing system that includes a bathtub floor which extends the sides of the tent for a few inches and collects the water droplets. This advance waterproofing system protects the tent from groundwater as well.

Water-resistance will also tell you how well a tent will stand against dust and debris. If a tent is good at waterproofing, that also means it has proper sealing and will be able to handle dust very well.

So, even if you camp in an area that has a little chance of rain, but it’s sandy, you need to consider water protecting factor also.

If you need to set up the tent under direct sunlight, make sure the tent has a UV protection feature.

As the weather is unpredictable, you cannot tell when a storm hits your campsite. To protect your bike from storms, the tent needs to be wind resistant. It will also make the inside warm and prevent the chilling wind from entering.


Ventilation is one of the essential features to look in motorbike tents for humid areas. If the humidity is mid to high, the inside of the tent will be moist and make you feel uncomfortable.

If the tent lacks proper ventilation, the moisture will have nowhere to go. Eventually, you will drip in sweat when you wake up in the morning. The internal environment will be very uncomfortable and intolerable.

Other than that, to keep the inside of the tent fresh, there must be a good airflow. If there are more than three people inside the tent, a well-ventilated tent will provide more oxygen and make a living under it more pleasant.

Therefore, be sure to look for a well-ventilation system to prevent an unbearable moist environment. Nylon and polyester fabric make the tent more breathable than others.


People try to get accessories for camping as lightweight as possible, which isn’t an exception with motorbike tents. You don’t want the tent to weigh much. Also, the shelter needs to be packed within minimal space as well. Therefore, both weight and portability need to take into consideration.

Most motorcycle tents are very convenient to carry. However, as far as the lightweight material is concerned, fiberglass is the lightest option out there.

However, if you prefer a fiberglass framework instead of aluminum, know that you have to compromise with the overall strength of the tent.

A few heavy tents come with lots of features. So, here you need to find the sweet spot between the weight and features while purchasing a tent.

Depending on how the cover will be transported, you can go with a heavier option. Make sure the weight doesn’t become a disappointment on your motorbike trip.


A biker drains a lot more than a car driver. After a long ride, all a biker wants is to lay back and relax. That’s why, most of the time, setting up a tent can be tiring and annoying for them.

Motorbike tourers don’t stay for too long in one place. So, they always have to set and close up the tent than typical car drivers. Tents that take minimal time to set up will be more convenient for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you store a tent?

You need to store your motorbike tent in a dry and cool place. Don’t pack it in a stuff sack; use an old pillowcase or a mesh bag instead.

Don’t store the tent in warm places such as an attic, car truck or basement. If damp storage is the only option you have, consider placing the tent in a container or sealed plastic bin.

2. How long does a motorbike tent last?

There is no straight forward answer to the question. It depends on usage and the quality of the material used in the tent. However, you can find suggestions from traveling blogs to increase the lifespan of your tent.

3. What are the benefits of using a motorbike tent?

A motorbike tent keeps the bike dry and safe from weather elements during adventures. Also, the tourers can place their belongings and gears inside the tent. Furthermore, a tent works as a garage as well.

4. How many people can fit inside a motorcycle tent?

If you consider purchasing a family size huge motorbike tent, you will be able to stay inside it with two people with all their belongings and gears. However, without luggage and gears, making sleeping arrangements for three to four people is manageable for such tents.

5. Would I need a motorbike tent with ventilation to make tours in non-humid areas?

For the regular flow of oxygen, you will need some level of ventilation regardless of the area you camp in.

Final Words

Having the best motorcycle tent will surely take your motor touring adventure to the next level. If you are constantly moving, make sure your tent can be set up and closed within very minimal time and effort.

Hopefully, your next motorbike adventure with a perfect tent will be more enjoyable than previous ones.

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