Best Motorcycle Seat Pad for Satisfying Long Rides [2022]

Are you looking for a comfortable seat pad for your motorcycle?

If you aren’t, you should because an uncomfortable seating arrangement may cause health issues to regular riders. It has become common for bikers to have severe pain in their buttocks, legs, back, and tailbone.

Now, this can be avoided either by buying a comfortable seat for the motorcycle – which is a bit expensive; or simply by buying a seat pad. The latter option is more economical and even serves better than the regular “Comfy” motorcycle seats in many cases.

That’s why we’ll review the best motorcycle seat pads out there.

Let’s begin.

Best Overall
MadDog GearComfort Ride Seat Protector by Coleman

MadDog GearComfort Ride Seat Protector by Coleman

  • Economy price tag
  • It can be used in various types of motorcycles
  • Easily attachable and removable
  • Comfortable contoured foam
  • Works as a seat protector

Is Seat Pad Comfortable?

A motorcycle seat-pad is a cushion attached to the top of the seat of a motorcycle. Seat pads are designed to increase the comfort of a biker by absorbing the shaking and reducing the pressure of a bike.

There are various kinds of seat pads available in the market. The comfortability of the seat pads varies depending on the design and the material with which they are made out of.

Some common materials used for making seat pad Sheepskin, Air Cushion, Gel, Foam, Wooden Beads, etc.

A comfortable seat is an important issue for all bikers, and when it comes to long riders, it becomes essential to ensure the comfiness of their buttocks.

These riders spend weeks riding their motorcycle, so any issues in the sitting zone cause a rapid yet severe problem on particular body parts.

Good quality seat-pads reduce the risk factors and give a soothing feeling to the rider’s body and provide energy for long rides.

Some of the best-selling seat pads present in the market are highly comfortable. We strongly encourage you to buy one of them if you consider becoming a long-rider motorcyclist.

Motorcycle Seat Pad Reviews

We are now going to talk about some of the finest motorcycle seat pads available in the market below:

1. MadDog GearComfort Ride Seat Protector by Colemanir?t=carg05b 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B006JMK7N8

MadDog GearComfort Ride Seat Protector by Coleman

Although it will be an exaggeration to say that this product by Coleman fits every bike, we can undoubtedly say that its adjustable straps allow it to fit nicely with a wide variety of motorcycles.

The inner part of this seat pad is made of thick foam, which allows the rider to have a soft cushion between his butt and the bike’s seat.

This contoured-shaped pad helps to evaporate wetness smoothly and keeps the seat dry. It also helps to allow better blood circulation in the buttock zone.

GearComfort works nicely as a strong seat cover and doesn’t allow the main seat of your bike to get hampered. So it works both as a cushion and also as a seat protector.

Compared with other seat pads, this product is quite low-cost, so you can just replace it anytime you think necessary. It is more economical to change a seat pad than to change the main seat of your motorcycle; what do you say?

It is very easy to attach and remove it using the three buckles of this pad. But you better recheck the straps before a long ride; sometimes, it gets loose and might cause discomfort.

  • ​Economy price tag
  • ​It can be used in various types of motorcycles
  • ​Easily attachable and removable
  • ​Comfortable contoured foam
  • ​Works as a seat protector
  • ​Moves during riding if the straps are not buckled up tightly
  • ​It’s more likely a seat cover, not a fully functional seat pad
  • ​Not just the perfect fit for any bike

2. AIRHAWK Motorcycle Seat Cushion Cruiser, Mediumir?t=carg05b 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B0045WBVUM

AIRHAWK Motorcycle Seat Cushion Cruiser, Medium

Many consider this product by AIRHAWK as the best motorcycle seat pad for long rides. AIRHAWK confidently and proudly claims that using their seat pads will double your sit time.

Their patented Air Cell Technology is used in this particular seat pad, which helps prevent the rider’s pressure injuries. It also ensures long-term comfort and safety of the rider’s buttock area.

The top of this pad is covered with stretchable fabric; on the bottom are non-skid materials for stabilizing its position.

Also, the breathable open-mesh side panels help to keep you cool by promoting air ventilation and reducing heat buildup. This tapered-shaped seat cushion fits well with Suzuki SV, Honda Hornet, Triumph Tiger, and many other well-reputed bikes.

The multi-cell design of this cushion not only increases comfort but also absorbs the vibration of the bike. It is designed in such a way that it reduces pressure points on the prostate, scrotum, and tailbone.

And the inflating system of this cushion is very simple; one can easily blow it with his mouth, and nothing else is required. When you are not using it, just blow away the air and keep it anywhere because it will take up a very small space.

Despite all the positivity, one of the frequent complaints against this wonderful product is regarding some fault in its valve. Many have complained that it gets punctured over time if the valve doesn’t work properly.

  • ​Well-known Brand
  • ​A repair kit is provided with it
  • ​Comfortable Air cushion
  • ​The inflatable seat is easy to store
  • ​Distributes weight quite evenly
  • ​Mesh panel keeps your buttock area cool
  • ​A bit expensive
  • ​It might get leaked if the valve doesn’t work properly
  • ​Attaching the straps to some bikes can be complicated.

3. Airhawk – R-REVB Cruiser R LargeMotorcycle Seat Cushion ir?t=carg05b 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B013RGDGQ8

Airhawk - R-REVB Cruiser R Large Motorcycle Seat Cushion

This product is another masterpiece made by the reputed AIRHAWK. They have used their patented air cell technology in this luxury seat cushion, which ensures long yet comfortable and enjoyable rides without any pain by preventing pressure injuries.

Long riders adore air cell technology for its stress-relieving pressure point support system, which reduces pressure points on the scrotum, posture, and tailbone area and ensures cozy long rides.

R-Verb Cruiser R is made of heavy-duty polyurethane, and the cover is made of mesh cloth  – which is very breathable.

It has three layers of knit polyester, which allows the air to circulate easily. Thus it has a very good ventilation and perspiration system.

The ergonomic design of this seat pad is also a great feature. The overall design of this product allows the rider to have better blood circulation throughout his body.

As we have stated earlier, this pad ensures the comfort needed for long rides by dealing with the numbness, discomfort, and pain of long rides.

Considering all the features, functionality, and design of this product, you’ll be bound to say that this is indeed the best motorcycle seat pad for long rides.

  • ​Reputed Brand
  • ​Inflatable pad
  • ​Breathable mesh cover
  • ​Easy installation system
  • ​Supports pressure points
  • ​Promotes better blood circulation
  • ​Double your seat time
  • ​Expensive
  • ​Vulnerable elastic straps

4. ButtyBuddy OS2018 Black Over The Seat Mounting Seatir?t=carg05b 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B00CPKV8JU

ButtyBuddy OS2018 Black Over The Seat Mounting Seat

The name may sound weird, but the ButtyBuddy is a butty buddy. This patented seat allows motorcycle passengers to ride all day and long without facing discomfort or cramp on the buttock and tailbone areas. It gives a wider space for the passenger to sit relaxed.

Usually, the back seat or the passenger seat is narrower than the rider seat, which causes discomfort to the passenger.

Not every company thinks or cares much about the comforts of the passengers. Keeping this in mind, ButtyBuddy came out with this uniquely designed pad.

ButtyBuddy is almost 11 inches wide, which makes it one of the widest seats present on the market. It has a distinct 3-piece portable snap-together design.

This thing is easy to attach and detach. They provide some tools required to install it and also a tote bag for storing them.

The ergonomic shape of this product minimizes pressure on the tailbone of the passenger, allowing them to have a comfortable ride. The well-ventilated cover keeps the passenger’s butt cool. It is designed so that it fits nicely in most regular motorcycles.

There are two types of ButtyBuddy seat pads available in the market; these two designs vary only by mounting design.

  • ​Very comfortable
  • ​Easily attachable and detachable
  • ​Portable
  • ​Universal fit
  • ​Comes with tools and a tote bag
  • ​A bit expensive
  • ​The height of the seat raises by a few inches

5. Airhawk Cruiser Pillion Cushionir?t=carg05b 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B003RF8VEC

Airhawk Cruiser Pillion Cushion

Airhawk strikes again! This is another great seat pad by this company, though it is not made for the bike rider in the comfort of the passenger’s butt!

They, as usual, used their famous and patented air cell technology in this cushion to prevent pressure injuries. It also assures the comfort and safety of the passenger.

Their scientifically proven design evenly distributes the weight and pressure of the passenger over the whole seating area. Almost automatically adjust the size of the passenger.

It lowers the chance of pain and aches by reducing the hot spots that cause them.

The air cells with which the cushion is made allow air to transfer smoothly throughout the whole inner chamber of the pad and thus distribute even weight over the entire seating area. It also promotes proper blood circulation.

Open-mesh side panels keep the seating place cool by promoting enough air ventilation and reducing heat buildup in that zone. The cover is made of breathable polyester, which also helps reduce the heat of this place.

It indistinctly raises passenger height only a bit. Cruiser straps are provided with cushion to ensure safety.

The bottom of the pad has non-skid amenities, which help the seat to fit and attach firmly. It will not hamper the existing seat by scratching or disfiguring.

The multi-cell design of this seat also absorbs the bike’s vibration, allowing the passenger to sit more comfortably.

  • ​Air cell technology for the passenger
  • ​Safe
  • ​It fits nicely with many types of bike
  • ​Valve system for adjusting the firmness
  • ​Comfortable
  • ​Expensive compared with other seat pads
  • ​Vulnerable to air leakage

6. Air Motorcycle Seat Cushion Pressure Relief Pad Large ir?t=carg05b 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B071FR4JHR

Air Motorcycle Seat Cushion Pressure Relief Pad Large

This cushion made by Air Seat innovations is an air pressure relief seat pad for bikers. Very durable, made from neoprene rubber, which is more durable than the polyurethane plastics used in the other seat pads.

Its name says it all, the pressure relief pad it is. This thing provides pressure relief and absorbs shock smoothly, thus ensuring the comfiness of the rider’s butt.

Air Pocket Technology and Ergonomic design are used in the cushion to ensure and increase comfort.

The overall design helps to relieve pressure on the prostrate area, scrotum, and tailbone – which the long riders face regularly. The cover of this pad is breathable and has a great air circulation system, so it doesn’t become all sweaty.

It has an Inflatable cushion; due to its valve system, it is easily inflatable. You can adjust the air cells while sitting on the pad and easily adjust your seat pad’s height.

The seat must be removed to attach the two Velcro straps beneath it. It is a perfect fit for many motorcycles, especially large cruisers and adventure-touring bikes, with fall seats, touring models, side-by-side, and UTVs.

Some bikers complain that it loses the ability to hold air after long-term use.

  • ​Works as a shock absorber
  • ​Made of Durable neoprene rubber
  • ​Ergonomic design
  • ​Air Pocket Technology
  • ​Perfect fit for many types of motorcycles
  • ​The installation system is problematic to some bikers
  • ​After long-term use, it loses the ability to hold air

7. Airhawk Dual Sport Motorcycle Air Cushion Pad 11″ x 11″ FA-DUALSPORTir?t=carg05b 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B01A41OS84

Airhawk Dual Sport Motorcycle Air Cushion Pad 11

We have previously talked about some of the products made by Airhawk, but this one is unique. It is specially designed for sportbikes.

Sportbikes usually have a narrowed front seat; to match this profile, the Airhawk DS Motorcycle pad is also designed to fit perfectly on most bikes.

This Air pad is made of durable polyurethane, with AirHawk patented Air Cell Technology. It is proven to be better for the rider than gel or foam.

The cover is made of breathable spacer mesh, which allows air to flow through the rider’s seat. It keeps the rider comfortable even if he sits for long periods.

The overall design promotes improved circulation throughout your body, which is very important for the heart and other body parts.

If you use it for some time, you will feel less pressure on your back, hips, neck, and joints. It eliminates numbness and painful pressure points.

It is cleverly designed to minimize unwanted pressure on the front leg area; the front of this pad is narrowed down. The non-skid bottom ensures the stability of the seat.

You can adjust the seat pad by inflating it simply by blowing with your mouth. Take time to fiddle with air pressure until you find your comfort zone. Installation of the pad becomes easier if your seat comes off easily.

  • ​Renowned Brand
  • ​Easy installation
  • ​Protects hotspots and bumps
  • ​Breathable spacer mesh
  • ​Shock absorber
  • ​Easy to store when not using
  • ​Vulnerable to leakage
  • ​High price
  • ​Some find the straps tricky to attach

8. Air Motorcycle Seat Cushion Pressure Relief Pad For Passenger Rear Back Rider – Pillion Coveir?t=carg05b 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B071W9B43G

Air Motorcycle Seat Cushion Pressure Relief Pad For Passenger Rear Back Rider - Pillion Cove

This seat cushion made by Air Seat Innovations is another great option for passengers. It is an air-based cushion made using durable neoprene material. This seat pad is extremely comfortable for long rides.

It is very easy to inflate. You can simply blow it through the valve using your mouth. Also, you can adjust it any time.

The price is also quite low if you compare it with the other products with similar features you will find in the market.

Although it is basically for the passenger seat, some bikers also use it on their rider seat and find it quite convenient and comfortable.

So we can say this cushion can be used for passenger and rider seats. The cushion is easily attachable with the help of straps attached to it.

The mesh fabric on the cover helps keep the seating area dry and clean. This seat pad also works as a shock absorber by reducing the vibrations and bumps of the bike while riding. It also relieves pressure points, making the rider feel comfortable during long rides.

Some bikers have complained that the seat often gets unhooked, especially on long rides. This is a serious concern; the manufacturers should look into this problem.

  • ​Made from durable neoprene
  • ​Easy installation
  • ​Easy Inflation
  • ​Mesh fabric
  • ​Shock absorber
  • ​Relieves pressure points Increases comfort
  • ​Might get leaked
  • ​Not waterproof
  • ​Might get unhooked during heavy use

9. SKWOOSH Classic Saddle Motorcycle Gel Seat Cushion ir?t=carg05b 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B076PQT1LH

SKWOOSH Classic Saddle Motorcycle Gel Seat Cushion

This is the first product we will discuss in this article that has a gel-based cushion. Skwoosh made this classic saddle-style seat pad using gel cushioning inside, providing comfort and relieving the rider’s pressure points. Many consider it to be the best motorcycle seat cushion of all.

Another great feature of this seat pad is its breathable and durable AirFlo mesh fabric, which is used on the cover to encourage airflow and keep the rider cool. Mesh fabric also wicks away moisture and keeps the cushion dry easily.

Unlike air-based cushions, this gel-based seat pad doesn’t increase the seat’s height. It also maintains the ergonomic design of any seat and doesn’t affect the riding position of the rider.

The gel pad is a remedy for riders with severe pain in the tailbone and surrounding area. The air channel design directs airflow just where it is required. This keeps the seating zone dry and tidy.

The cushion is easily installable; it only takes two sample snap straps to buckle the whole thing up. It doesn’t require any maintenance whatsoever, but be careful of rain because it doesn’t have a waterproof facility.

The bottom side of the pad has a non-slip feature, which helps the cushion to stay steady on the seat. The overall design of this cushion is lightweight, solid, and very useful.

  • ​Gel-based cushion
  • ​Economical price
  • ​Relieves pressure points
  • ​Doesn’t change the height of the seat
  • ​Easily attachable Can be easily folded
  • ​Not waterproof
  • ​Straps need to be longer

10. CONFORMAX “TOPPER EXCEL” ULTRA-FLEX Motorcycle Gel Seat Cushion- AIRMAX Small (15x12x6)ir?t=carg05b 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B01BO5TBKO


This USA-made cushion is a smaller version of its product line. It is quite popular amongst bikers who have touring bikes or cruisers because this cushion provides luxurious comfort, particularly to their seats.

The Gel-on-foam technology used in this cushion is a top-notch one, half-inch gel on top of another half-inch foam provides the benefit of both the ingredients and makes the pad even more comfortable.

The technology helps to ease the pressure riders face under their butt and thigh areas.

The shock-absorbing capability of this cushion allows the rider to ride smoothly without facing serious aches on the hip and tailbone zone.

An excellent ventilation system works between the rider and the cushion to keep the area cool and comfortable for longer rides.

Moreover, this product’s grippy bottom helps keep the pad stable and firm. It is very easily attachable and only needs to buckle up two straps.

This seat pad is also very slim, only around one inch thick, so it doesn’t add much height to the seat.

The price is also very fair and affordable, much less than similar products you will find in the market. There are only a few complaints against this wonderful product; some riders have stated that it sometimes pushes them forward on the seat.

  • ​Not very thick
  • ​Cheaper compared to similar products
  • ​Non-slip and grippy bottom
  • ​Reduces pressure on the buttock area
  • ​Sometimes pushes the riders forward on their seat
  • ​Gets seriously hot in the sun

What to Look for Before Buying?

Considering the below-mentioned factors before purchasing the seat pad will help you make the right pick.


Some materials may be good for you, while others are – I won’t say bad, let’s say “less good”; it depends on the specific problem or discomfort you face in long rides.

Sheepskin, Air Cushion, and Gel are some of the coon materials used in pads. All of them have some positive and negative aspects. Here we will talk about them.


They were a bit expensive, but it deserves value.

These pads absorb sweat instantly and release them into the air in less time. They also keep the buttock warm in winter and cold in summer.

They are also proven to be very good for the body’s blood circulation and immune system.

Air Cushion

Air Cushion helps to evenly distribute the pressure when a rider sits on them, which helps to diminish the uncomfortable pressure concentration and thus blocks the numbness in the buttock area a rider might have faced.

Due to their two-dimensional airflow system, air cushions keep the seat pad dry and make them cool faster.

They also work as shock absorbers by reducing the road shocks and vibration of the bike.


As we know, gel pads were invented to protect patients from bedsores and wheelchair-sore. This same concept of cushioning is used in the gel pad for motorcycles.

These pads are created to evenly distribute the rider’s body pressure and thus stimulate consistent blood flow.

Gel pads help reduce cramps and numbness of the buttock and feet by alleviating pressure points, so they are an excellent choice for bikers with bruised body parts.


The price of the pad is another important issue. Just because you have a good budget doesn’t mean you will buy a good seat pad for your own. Wanna know why?

Some pads are costly but don’t meet all the requirements; on the other hand, some low-cost pads have astonishingly great features and are comfy.

So you need to do good research on the item before buying; just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it is worthless, and vice versa.


Different motorcycles have different riding positions. Depending on the design, the pressure points also vary. Some designs make the rider put more weight pressure on the leg area, some designs on the arms, and some on the buttock area.

Your body structure and weight are also a factor. People sit differently according to their size and weight, which changes the posture of every single person while sitting on a seat pad.

Size & Shape

The size and shape of the seat pad need to be aligned with the seat of your motorcycle. You may find something convenient in a seat pad, but it might not fit well on your seat.

So be assured of the size of both of them before ordering online. The seat pad needs to be perfectly attached to the seat; otherwise, it may cause severe accidents.

Also, keep in mind the size of your buttock area because if you have a large bum, you’ll not find every quality-seat pad comfortable, even though they might be very popular or butt-friendly. So yeah, mind your ass before buying one!

Climate & Journey Length

Most riders love to take long rides during summertime, but depending on the country and climate, summer differs a lot. If you are in a humid or tropical place, choose seat pads with a quick-dry feature so that the sitting area dries the sweat smoothly.

Also, if you are a fan of long trips, then take some time to research before buying your pads. What might be an excellent option for a normal rider might cause you to face difficulty after your exceptionally long rides. So the length of the journey matters.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I make my motorcycle seat more comfortable?

Buy or custom make a new seat, or simply attach a seat pad.

2. Is there any way to higher the seat of my motorcycle?

Yes, attaching a seat pad will do the work.

3. Why can’t I buy just any seat pad I want? Aren’t they all the same?

No, they all have different features.

4. Aren’t motorcycle seat pads waterproof?

Not all of them have this facility.

5. Which material is best for my seat pad?

It depends; if you have problems with circulation, try sheepskin or wooden beads; air cushions and gel pads are good for reducing numbness in the buttock.

6. What if I don’t use a seat pad?

It’s your choice!

7. Is it necessary to have a seat pad for long rides?

If you already have a comfortable seat, then not necessary.

8. Why don’t motorcycle manufacturers attach a comfortable seat on the bike in the first place? 

The combination of the seat differs depending on the price tag of the motorcycle and also on the posture and physique of the rider.


If you are a long-rider or thinking of becoming one, the comfort of the seating area is crucial. If you don’t have a comfortable seat, simply choose any seat pad from the motorcycle seat pad reviews we have provided above.

Nevertheless, I hope our guide has helped you find the best motorcycle seat pad for long rides.

I wish you all the best for your next trip!

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