10 Best Motorcycle Ramp Reviews 2022 – Buying Guide

Motorcycles are a mode of transportation for many people. There are times when you need to carry these vehicles with you. It could be when it needs to be repaired after some damage or simply because you want your new bike to be transported right at your door.

To do all of that, you would need a ramp to close the distance between the truck and the ground. Mind you; ramps made up of bad quality materials would have disastrous results if it breaks with the motorbike or the rider on it.

Lucky for you, we are bringing to you the best motorcycle ramps found in the market with all its benefits and flaws.

Let’s start.

Best Overall
Titan Ramp 7.5ft Aluminum Plate

Titan Ramp 7.5ft Aluminum Plate

  • Featherweight compared to most ramps
  • Able to withstand a tremendous amount of weight
  • More safety is ensured with the rubber fingers and metal straps
  • Round surface allows a cleaner ascend
  • Suitable for all vehicles

Safety Tips

One thing you can never compromise with is you and the safety of your vehicle, this should be your top priority. Here are a few tips that you need to follow to ensure that your safety remains intact:

Check the Handbrake 

You have to ensure that the handbrake of the truck in which you are loading in your motorbike is engaged. Don’t check it once, but twice. You wouldn’t want the truck to move from its position while the bike is on the ramp.

Find a Proper Area for Loading 

Don’t park your pickup in a crowded place where there a lot of pedestrians walking by. Choose a spot where there is an area with a downward slope. This way, the bike is easily stationed inside the truck without having to put a ton of effort.

Position Everything Into Place Tightly 

Never consider placing your ramp without securing it tightly before use. You may think that it will stay in position if you station one side to the floor and the other side to the gate of the truck.

But, your motorbike is quite heavy and as it is set on top of the ramp, it will move out of place. Hence, the bike would fall and get damaged.

Use a Helping Hand 

The weight of a bike is quite heavy and loading it up in a pickup can be quite tough and that too alone. For people who haven’t done it, it’s always better to take help from another person. This ensures that you don’t topple over with your bike from the ramp.

10 Best Motorcycle Ramp Reviews

With all the products coming out now and then, it can get quite tough to choose exactly one from the huge number of options. Let us narrow it down for you and tell you about 10 of the best ramps you could find in stores.  

1. Titan Ramp 7.5ft Aluminum Plate

Titan Ramp 7.5ft Aluminum Plate

Titan is a well-reputed company and has come out with a few exceptional ramps these past few years; one of them being the Titan Ramp 7.5 feet. This should be right up your ally as it’s among the best and probably would be a loss if you decide to skip on this one.

You may ask why is it the best. Well, for starters, the ramp is capable of supporting a staggering 1500 pounds or 680 kilograms. So pretty much all your bikes and ATVs are covered.

Due to the aluminum used to make the ramp, it is very sturdy yet is just 33 pounds in weight, making it more user-friendly. Then the 7.5 feet reach it a better chance to latch onto truck or trailers.

Also, the strong metal straps included during purchase, allow it a better grip on the trucks and trailers you want to load your vehicle onto. Your heavy vehicle tends to topple over, and the ramp with its metal straps which can withstand high tension provides more balance and a safer loading process.

That’s not all; the manufacturers have designed the ramp to optimize the loading process. The ramp has a round surface at the bottom ends, allowing cleaner climb.

Then apart from it being sturdy and everything else it is also portable. It can be folded into two more pieces, and the fact that it is so light makes it very portable.

Well, having so many features, it was a given that the price of the product might be a bit hefty. But, after all the advantages it provides, it is a straightforward pick.

  • ​Featherweight compared to most ramps
  • ​Able to withstand a tremendous amount of weight
  • ​More safety is ensured with the rubber fingers and metal straps
  • ​Round surface allows a cleaner ascend
  • ​Suitable for all vehicles
  • The nuts and screws might not be of a good quality

2. Highland (1120500) 69″ Aluminum Straight Loading Rampir?t=carg05b 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B001IGBIAG

Highland (1120500) 69

There are times when you don’t find a helping hand to load your bike into a pickup. In these difficult situations, all you need is a ramp that is sturdy enough. Look no more as you have come across one of the best motorcycle ramps for a pickup truck in the market.

Weighing only 7.3 kilograms, the aluminum ramp was made by manufacturers to provide the best.

First of all, the ramp is super light yet is strong enough to withstand a total weight of 1250 pounds, making it sturdy yet very easy to move. Also, being impervious to rust and corrosion ensures a long-lasting and strong life for the ramp.

Moreover, the length is a significant factor, and this ramp has your back in that area as well. By being 69-inches in length and 13-inches in width, the ramp is more than enough for you to attach it to your truck.

The serrated bars and the vaulted shape enable maximum friction, and the smooth ends prevent any bumping between the bike and the truck from happening.

This ramp also has an elastic strap used to latch onto the bed of the truck. The elastic or rubber straps allow the ramp to be pivoted at adjustable ranges.

Well, the manufacturers have given most of their efforts in making the ramp trustworthy. The brand makes heavy-duty tools such as cargo loading ramps, bungee ropes, etc. And, the best part is all these amazing features come at a meager price. So, what are you waiting for?

  • ​Very light yet very strong allowing it to be very convenient for use
  • ​Impervious to rust or corrosion
  • ​Serrated surface enables the bike to be loaded easily
  • ​Weak straps making the platform a little unstable

3. Yaheetech 7.5 Aluminum Rampsir?t=carg05b 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B01NB1NJHI

Yaheetech 7.5 Aluminum Ramps

Are you in search of something light, strong, and durable enough to support your heavy vehicles? Then you have come to the right spot. This ramp is filled with features that make this product the people’s choice.

The ramp was build to support heavy vehicles such as ATVs, 4-wheeler, or lawnmowers.

Apart from the ramp being only 30.6 pounds, it holds the capability to support a weight of 1500 pounds or 680 kilograms which means that the ramp has the potential to support any off-road vehicle. So, your bike will not be a problem with this.

When unfolded the ramp is 89.3-inches in length and-11.6 inches in width which gives it a higher reach. And, apart from the reach, there are soft rubber tips on the end of the ramp making the loading much softer for your vehicle.

Also, the serrated and arched surface allows more friction making the climb much easier and smoother.

There are also metal contraptions that are made to latch firmly to the truck’s or trailer’s bed, and these also provide the balance the vehicles need during their climbs. All the required elements are provided during purchase; hence, no need to purchase them.

Since we already mentioned about its foldability, you can already guess that portability is also one of its many features.

So many features, so it having a steep price is fair enough. Quality is always over quantity for us.

  • ​The rubber on the tips and the serrated surface ensures smooth climb
  • ​It can be used for a different car
  • ​The plate top style ensures friction in any weather
  • ​Friction is reduced due to the serrated surface
  • ​The serrated pattern allows a firmer grip and can be sharp

4. Yutrax 70-inch Tri-Fold ir?t=carg05b 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B0085HD6GU

Yutrax 70-inch Tri-Fold

Yutrax never fails to make its customers happy with its premium quality lineup of products. There is absolutely no difference in this case when it comes to their tri-fold ramp.

The 69-inches long and 50-inches wide ramp was built entirely to provide the rider some help while climbing. If you are looking for something that has maximized stability and is transport-friendly, then this product is probably going to entice you into buying it.

This item that has a dimension of 69-inches X 50-inches (length X) width ensures you maximized work unlike any other typical ramp and it also provides durability and high stability. An increase in the width gives a broader surface for vehicles to ascend, increasing the balance of a climbing vehicle significantly.

Also, all the nuts and screws are connected and welded with high precision. This added attribute increases the ramps capability to support heavyweight. By heavyweight, we mean 1250 pounds to 1600 pounds depending on the brand of screws used.

Now let’s talk about the affordability of this item. So, the price of the product is towards the higher end of the spectrum, but so many features should allow it to have such a great value. In our opinion, this is worth your cash.

  • ​Numerous lengths are available
  • ​Hinges, corners and the attached components are welded with high precision
  • ​Smooth and vaulted exterior allows maximum friction, enabling an easy climb
  • ​Manufactured with the intent to make it portable yet durable and tough
  • No contraption or tool to attach the ramp to any surface

5. Lund 602004 Bi-Foldir?t=carg05b 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B000A7BMKK

Lund 602004 Bi-Fold

Are you facing issues with choosing the perfect ramp that will load your heavy machinery onto your pickup truck? We have just the right product for you; the Luna 602004 Bi-Fold

The 69-inches in length and-30 inches in width ramp, is made up of aluminum like most ramps. So, this ramp is very easy to handle and is capable of withstanding huge weights of about 1500 pounds.

Also, the 69-inches allows the ramp to latch onto the trucks more easily. The holes on the surface of the ramp create more friction for the tires, which in turn makes the climb less difficult.

Weighing about 30 pounds each and the fact that they can be folded allows you to keep it anywhere and use it whenever needed. Furthermore, being impervious to rust and corrosion takes the ramp a step close to invincibility. These facts make the ramp highly durable and easily portable.

The holes on the ramp can scratch the surface. To prevent this, manufacturers have added rubber tips to the ends. Now your vehicle can easily be unloaded without any damage to the truck or the vehicle.

Nylon straps that are provided with the ramps are used to latch on to the truck. This increases the stability of the ramp.

So many attributes make this product a favorite to many. Now the people’s choice doesn’t come at a very low price.  The ramp is a one-time investment and has so many advantages and only a few cons. So, do you not think it is worth your bucks?

  • ​High durability and long-lasting
  • ​Impervious to rust and corrosion
  • ​Feathery but sturdy and tough
  • ​Was designed to be folded and transported
  • ​Not very strong in keeping the ramp in place

6. Pit Posse Folding Loading Rampir?t=carg05b 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B0091VDZVA

Pit Posse Folding Loading Ramp

You can now keep both your ramp and motorbike in the back of your pickup without having to worry about them ending up damaging one another. The Pit Posse’s compact size and foldable feature allow it to be one of the best motorcycle ramps in the case of portability.

Since we are talking about the product’s foldability, you should know the company’s main focus was on how to make the item be carried around more easily.

So, they installed and welded plenty of ramp joints, crossbars, and hinges. You can unfold and fold it as many times you want; there’s almost no possibility of it malfunctioning.

Another useful feature of this item is that it has a sturdy aluminum built which is resistant to harsh weather, rust, and its durability is unmatched.

The weight of the ramp totals up to 16 pounds which is not at all heavy, so moving around with it is not a problem. If you fold the product up, it won’t be more than 46-inches.

Furthermore, the weight capacity of this elevating item is roughly 750 pounds which may not be a lot for those with bigger and heavier motorbikes. But it is ideal for people who want to load up dirt bikes and two-wheeled sport vehicles.

Nevertheless, you can attach the ramp to almost any trucks and vans. Safety is ensured because of the tie straps stopping the ramp from moving when loading is being done.

  • ​Compact so easily stored
  • ​Size allows it to prevent coming in contact with the ramp in the storage
  • ​Lightweight so portable
  • ​Can be used with almost any vans
  • ​Cannot take a load more than 750 pounds

7. Clevr 7.5′ Pair of Folding Arched Aluminum Rampsir?t=carg05b 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B01LYVRD4H

Clevr 7.5' Pair of Folding Arched Aluminum Ramps

These days the Clevr’s folding arched ramps are in the spotlight because of its high functionality. Day by day, it is becoming more popular, especially among those who quite often load ATV, small vehicles with four wheels and lawnmowers.

With the purchase, you will not get one but two ramps. You can put use to one when you are planning to carry a two-wheeler bike and two if you want to transport an ATV.

Since it is made up of the metal aluminum of premium quality, the item is not very heavy but still has an adequate amount of weight capacity. Even this ramp itself weights not more than 32 pounds, but it has the capability of withstanding the force exerted by vehicles up to 1,500 pounds.

This product lets vehicles with tiny tires to climb without hesitation because of the plate top design it has got.  Furthermore, due to the arched design of the item, maximum support is ensured, so every lift is exceptionally smooth.

Secure your tailgates now with the two safety straps provided with the purchase. If you can tightly tie up these straps at the tailgate, your ramp won’t budge from its position and stay put. So, loading and unloading the vehicles would become much more convenient and safe as vehicles falling off is averted.

If you are frowning upon leaving behind lots of scratches at the back of your van or truck, then don’t. This is because both of the ramps have rubber tips that do not allow such incidents to occur.

  • ​Two ramps to accommodate small four-wheelers, ATV, etc
  • ​Rubber tips prevent scratches behind the pickup
  • ​Has a big weight capacity of 1,500 pounds
  • ​Comes with two safety straps for added security
  • ​The joints need to be tightly bolted time and again as it becomes loose

8. Black Widow AFL-9012ir?t=carg05b 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B002MXUCXS

Black Widow AFL-9012

Having trouble getting your motorcycle or UTVs on your truck? Do you fear that your vehicle will topple off during the inclined climb? Or the ramp will crumple due to its weight? Then you can now be happy as the Black Widow Afl-9012 is here to make your day better.

The ramp was built from a durable yet featherweight material called aluminum, weighing only 750 pounds or 340 kilograms. Manufacturers have ensured high durability and capability to withstand immense stress allows it to be usable for most four and two-wheelers. Also, it is 89-inches in length and 42-inches in width.

Apart from its ability to be used for most vehicles, it is also manufactured with the intent of being portable. The ramp’s hinges allow it to be tucked into half of its initial length and can be taken anywhere according to your convenience. All of these make it the product to go for, but that is not all.

The sturdy metal bars have gaps that provide maximum grip, including attenuating bottom ends, optimizes the loading and unloading process and ensures the safety of your vehicle.

It also includes a rubber contraption used to grip the surface on which the ramp is put on increasing the balance during loading and can be adjusted according to your needs.

The ramp has so many features, yet the price-tag is relatively cheap, which makes this the ideal product for you and most of the riders out there.

  • ​Aluminum built and is durable yet lightweight allowing optimized loading
  • ​Each metal bars have a gap in between them ensuring higher traction
  • ​4-inches of rubber on the bottom prevent scratches
  • ​Can be folded sideways
  • The straps cannot be tightened, hence, lacks in providing balance

9. Titan Ramp New10ft Aluminum Loading Rampir?t=carg05b 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B00P9WLADK

Titan Ramp New10ft Aluminum Loading Ramp

If you want to purchase a ramp that is reliable, durable and is a one-time investment, then you might want to take a quick peek at this item. You already know that we cannot praise the company Titan enough for coming out with top-notch quality items every once in a while, this product is one of them.

The ramp is a perfect balance of looks and is capable of carrying most bikes. 94-inches length, the ramp allows a long reach with a steady enough steepness to cause no problems during the loading.

To avoid any bumps, the manufacturers have rounded the surface, ensuring a smooth climb including crossbars which was designed with gaps in between them. The gaps provide higher traction, greatly minimizing any problem during a climb.

It comes in color black and has a premium and sleek look to it. Even though the exterior look doesn’t necessarily have to be pleasing to the eye, but if you are getting it with all the fantastic features, it won’t hurt.

The material used for this ramp is aluminum. This metal is tough yet very light, giving the ramp the same characteristics. Apart from being strong and durable, this is also extremely portable. The ramp which can be folded into two parts is very convenient for you.

Unlike most ramps, balance and stability were given a lot of consideration for this ramp. Massive things like ATVs or bikes tend to topple over due to our friend’s gravity. But the ramp’s metal contraption prevents this. It grips onto the truck and allows your vehicle to be loaded without being hindered by anything.

Toughness, looks, durability and anything you name, the ramp has it. Hence, the ramp is a little expensive, but this is a good investment as it will be long-lasting and will always provide service to you.

  • ​Made from aluminum makes perfectly black colored ramp sturdy yet light
  • ​The round surface was given to the ramp to prevent any accidents with the truck
  • ​Has a high capability to carry weights
  • ​Can be folded into two parts making it portable
  • ​The surface was designed to increase traction
  • ​The straps aren’t of good quality making it weak on the balance area

10. Reese Explore 7454000 80″ Steel Centerfold Loading Rampir?t=carg05b 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B072JWDNTS

Reese Explore 7454000 80

A ramp with a new revolutionary design and features has been introduced to the market. Care to check it out? We assure you that you will surely like what you see.

We say this because unlike conventional ramps, this one wasn’t made from aluminum. Also, steel was material chosen for this ramp. Galvanizing is first done to the steel and then is used. The material gives the ramp an exponential boost in strength compared to its other metal ramp relatives.

This item is 11-inches in width and 80-inches and, being able to withstand almost 800 pounds. Seems less compared to its aluminum brothers and sisters? But in reality, it is more than enough to withstand your bike or off-road vehicle.

Now we shall discuss the surface of the ramp. Firstly, the ramp has holes on the exterior. These holes allow the tires from vehicles to grip onto them and increases the friction, hence, increasing the ease with which it climbs the ramp.

The most revolutionizing trait hasn’t even been brought to light yet. Unlike most ramps, this one has hinges in the middle, allowing it to be detached from the center.

This has two main advantages. Firstly, you have to buy one, and the other one comes along with it and then secondly, allows a more convenient method of storage.

It has only one similarity with its aluminum cousins, and that is its straps. It uses straps which ensures a firm grip on the truck like most ramps.

Now you know that it is one of a kind, so it being expensive or higher then the normal is easily expected, but it is reasonably cheap. So now does it finally seem like you found what you were looking for?

  • ​Heavy unlike most ramps
  • ​Different material, steel, was used in its manufacture
  • ​Drilled holes ensure higher friction and enable more efficient climb
  • ​Handles which allows easier movement
  • ​Can bend and be detached
  • ​Weak straps which might make the whole ramp unstable

What Makes a Perfect Motorcycle Ramp?

This question may have popped into your mind while reading the article. Well, the answer to that lies within yourself as it’s based on your needs. But we are going to provide you a basic outline of what would be the perfect ramp for you.

Type of Ramp Surfaces

Ideally, there are three kinds of motorbike surfaces; serrated, ladder rung, and stable.

The serrated ones have tiny teeth-like structures all over it. You can quickly and quite effortlessly load your bike in the pickup because of the small points biting on the tires.

Solid surfaces look great and are pretty smooth. If it’s smoother than the usual, the rider may face difficulties to get on.

Lastly, ladder rung ones have small holes all over its body. Overall, the material needed for manufacturing the product is lessened. So, the weight of the ramp is reduced too. But holes that are too big can cause one’s feet always to tumble.

In our opinion, a serrated one would be ideal for people who are to new to this. But be sure to keep a watch while climbing this type of ramp as there is a chance of people getting wounded because of the tiny teeth on the surface.

The Weight Capacity of the Ramp 

This has to be one of the most important aspects of a ramp. The perfect item would be something that has a higher weight capacity than the weight of your bike with a big gap.

The Weight Capacity of the motorcycle Ramp

You cannot just go around buying any ramp from the market without knowing the weight of your motorbike. If it is beyond the capacity, then the product will be useless as it won’t be able told hold the force exerted by the bike.

Check the capacity online and match it with the weight of your bike. If you want to know the measurements and scale of your vehicle, visit a local repair store.

Manufacturing Material 

To construct this type of product, it’s better to use something which is lightweight yet can carry a lot of weight.

Aluminum is just the right candidate for the job. A ramp made up of this material enables heavyweight motorbikes to be loaded into the truck very easily. Also, the lightweight allows it to be extremely portable.

One other thing you should have in a ramp are joints that are foldable laterally. You have the option of getting ones that can be folded from the edge of the truck down to the floor. The former is more preferable as it can be used for many years as the bolts are replaceable.

Storing the Ramp

It is quite apparent that you won’t keep this product tucked back in the storage room if your house. You either place on the floor or the pickup or fold it up and place it somewhere away from your bike. If both of these come in contact, then there is a chance that they’ll get damaged.

So, be sure to choose out a ramp that would be capable of making room for a motorbike in such a way that both of them don’t come in contact.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it not possible for a single person to load a bike in a truck with the help of a ramp?

Of course, it is possible. But it is advised to avoid such a situation because of safety purposes. If you can find help nearby, take it. When you find yourself alone in such a case, secure the ratchet strap in place, and you’ll be safe.

2. What is the proper length of a motorbike ramp?

You can’t use just any ramp in the case of your bike. Pick out a ramp that has the perfect angle per the weight of the vehicle. In most cases, a length of 6 feet does the job. Anything shorter than that could result in difficulty to load the vehicle in the pickup.

3. Can other vehicles such as cycles or scooters be loaded using a ramp?

Anything within the capacity of weight can be quickly loaded into a truck.

4. What other installation can be fitted in the ramp for safety?

A system known as Alumi-lock can be installed additionally for increasing safety.  With this, you would be able to hook the elevation tightly by a channel.

5. Can a standard wood ramp be used instead of all the ones mentioned above?

No, because you’d be tampering with your safety as you don’t know the weight capacity of the item.

Final Words

Please, do not look for alternatives for ramps. You wouldn’t not only be causing damage to your bike but could get injured yourself.

We have presented to you a few of the best motorcycle ramps that can be found in stores; you need to make your pick. Our pick would be the Black Widow for its sturdy aluminum structure and portability at such an affordable price.

Are you a real biker if you don’t have a proper ramp? That’s the question you need to ask yourself.

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